Writing With Movement

I’ve ¬†not heard of this gentleman, Christopher Poindexter, but his words remind me so much of being on the ice, or in a ballroom.

To dance or figure skate is – to me – like transcending spoken language, and speaking with the fluency (and vocabulary) of all the ages. It is as though I have the freedom to fly, though I haven’t (visible) wings with which to do so. And yet…it feels nigh impossible to share that “feeling” with those who haven’t felt it too.

As an Empath, I often question whether verbal language contains enough “words’ to capture emotion – for me, it falls short at times. Frequently, even…

One cannot capture the true and undiluted essence of flying with a pen (though if anyone would desire the ability to articulate such feelings accurately, I. . .and possibly Mr. Poindexter. . .would.)

I suppose that means we just have to be willing to fly, lest we not know the feeling of a movement that can – truly – set us free.


A Mighty Flame. . .

Even in utter darkness…should an hour so shrouded in Stygian shade come to pass…there is hope.

One need only – as the illustrious poet once said – a tiny spark. For the smallest flicker is all one needs to unleash his mighty flame. . .


Halloween Humor – Conjuring

There might be some of conjuring going on during Samhain…veil is at its thinnest, after all. ¬†But I *hope* it’s of the POSITIVE kind…not so much in the way of welcoming demons (modern life has plenty of its own!)

If, on the other hand, one meant to call forth darker entities, only to whip up¬†happy little lemons¬†(because the cursive was too hard to read!)…well then…I’m okay with that! ¬†

Nothing wrong with a little sweet-tart, on Halloween or any other day!


Gothiness – Can I Live Here?!

I didn’t care for the acting in Sleepy Hollow – I have to get that out of the way. ¬†But I don’t watch¬†Tim Burton¬†movies for the acting. ¬†His¬†decadently dreary visuals simply light my heart aglow, especially when they lean Autumnal (to my gothic heart, it seems his lenses are so seasonally tinted – perpetually, much to my joy!) ¬†


His eerie, throw-back town, cloaked in lowly fog and Samhain-style¬†mise-en-scene is so my speed it’s ridiculous. ¬†The average human being, I daresay, seems to possess such desires as going to the beach, baking beneath a blindingly hot ball of fire. . . They like pop stars and malls and large gatherings of people… ¬†And there I sit – and always HAVE sat – with a heart yearning for the deep. ¬†For the drumming of the earth, the black of the night, the impossibly-incandescent burn of the moon and stars.


I’m scarcely morbid, and¬†find myself often mistaken for¬†a social butterfly. ¬†No. ¬†Nooo. ¬†I’m more like the little black bat flitting around at Dusk. ¬†The Morticia in the corner, carefully contemplating, and reveling in the shadows. While not so evident at this stage in my life, at least I’m not accused of loving pink – ah yes, at least that is obvious enough!


Tim Burton’s quirky characters, singularly macabre and always intriguing, enchanted me from the get-go – Each one more peculiar than the next, and ever¬†placed in¬†spectacularly vampish settings.

I don’t want to live in a City, my feet falling on hard concrete and my gaze stifled by towering man-made constructions. ¬†I don’t need to be in the center of things, encompassed by busy streets and bustling storefronts. ¬†Sure, I enjoy not being completely isolated – it’s nice to have some manner of life around! ¬†But I’d much prefer those ghostly streets, with their spectral, smokey vapor and stormy skies… A ¬†few lit Jack-O-Lanterns would be enough to brighten the mood for me. . .


Strange Jewels

FB Elizabeth Gilbert Jewels Within Us

I think a lot of people feel that they need someone to push them to work harder, but the reality is, they have so much strength inside already.  I love the Elizabeth Gilbert quotation about the Universe burying strange jewels within us Рin my own mind, it serves as a reminder that each of us harbors precious, priceless gifts deep inside.  We are capable of anything put our minds to.  We are incredible. . .and beautiful. . .and divine.

Some days we feel down, exhausted, like we aren’t doing enough…

Others,¬†we guilt ourselves for taking a break, eating something less healthy when we are usually so good…

We give ourselves a hard time and allow a self-dialogue that’s negative, hurtful, unsupportive.

But if¬†we take a moment to breathe…to step back and see the larger picture, we will find¬†that we are really pretty remarkable.

We manage to work hard, stay dedicated to our families, keep moving even when we aren’t feeling our best. ¬†We find ways to be there for others when they need support or a helping hand. ¬†We balance exercise with deadlines and lovers and friends… We do quite a LOT, actually…and we often keep a smile on while doing it!

No human being is perfect, but that’s the beauty in it – we all have something special. ¬†We all harbor these multi-faceted, flowing jewels of grace¬†and wisdom and goodness within us that sometimes gets buried in the dust of day to day drudgery and stress. ¬†

But those parts of us are ALWAYS there – like fractures of starlight all our own, to take with us through Life. They are infinite, and utterly extraordinary.

YOU are extraordinary…

Humor – “Welcome To Life”

I saw this a long time ago but it¬†recently cropped up again…and I laughed, but with a¬†shadow over my heart at the same time.

Much that there are areas in which I’m sure we all wish things could improve, most of us are a lot better off than we may remember at a given moment…


There are definitely days that instead of dealing with people who simply DON’T think…I’d rather try to dodge flying bats or killer whales. I’m sure bugs and penguins across the globe are not only cringing at my words, but that they might actually sit me down and say “gratitude is a beautiful thing. ¬†HAVE MORE, human.”

I can’t say they’d be wrong.

Humor – The Non-Girly Girl

When I saw this photo (the little girl below), I essentially went into hysterics (laughing, that is.) ¬†I didn’t watch a ton of television as a child but you can be sure that when I did, the shows were of the ilk of:

  • Thundercats¬†(cat-like aliens, because why would extraterrestrials¬†want human reflexes?!)
  • He-Man¬†(muscles and [magical!] swords?! ¬†HELL YES!)
  • Voltron¬†(your goddamn right I was jealous of their lion robots!)
  • Transformers¬†(ginormous robots who can morph into an¬†incredibly rad getaway vehicle?¬†Anyone want to race?!)¬†
My favorite two colors AND animal? I was a happy little girl when this came on!)

My favorite two colors AND animal? I was a happy little girl when this came on!)

I couldn’t possibly be bothered with the likes of She-Ra. ¬†Initially, I admit, I kind of liked her. ¬†I liked that a woman was in the badass role, but that’s basically because I wanted to be her. ¬†I kind of dug the nod to Ancient Rome / Greece with that ensemble too – how very Pagan of her! ¬†Plus. . .sorceress, hello!? ¬†My older brother was fonder of the guys so…whatever…I took one for the team and decided I could be Conan or some other ass-kicking character, nevermind they were male. ¬†Goals.

I let the figure-skating-judge-boots and furry speedo slide - he had a magical sword and the man could lift. Aspirations!

I let the figure-skating-judge-boots and furry speedo slide – he had a magical sword and the man could lift. Aspirations!

My lean towards general badassery, gothiness, vampishness, and Martial Arts was there from brith – I wore colors, but that’s because I wasn’t old enough to know better…OR to purchase my own. ¬†I went to girly birthday parties, but that’s because A.) it was important to socialize (I’d rather have been Wednesday Addams but the school moms didn’t seem to acquiesce) and B.) No one I knew was having a Halloween bash regardless of timing. ¬†Sad, if you ask me.¬†¬†

Screen Shot 2016-08-19 at 7.07.37 PM

My, what big teeth you have…

My inspiration came from the people / creatures / robots who could handle their own, even when the world was being besieged by evil, plotting mummies or mechanical demons from space – who cared that they¬†were fictional, this once five-year old¬†saw a fearlessly laying down of the law! ¬†(Let’s not forget their were witches too – bestill my heart.)¬†

If I could have worn this suit to class, I’m sure I would have – Middle School rules be damned, I think an exception could have been made. ¬†“Excuse me, Mr. Principle guy..??”

Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 8.58.48 AM

I wonder if the suit¬†comes with functional weapons… ¬†Sparkles? ¬†Yeah, absolutely. ¬†But had I donned this hefty getup back in the day? ¬†I’d have backed that¬†glitz up!

For more of my shenanigans

Gothiness – In Love With Halloween

It¬†is¬†my favorite day, Halloween. I’ve said it¬†more than¬†Scheherazade¬†(though admittedly not with my life – nor¬†freedom – hanging in the balance.) ¬†Still, the ardent affections¬†burrowed deep enough within my heart¬†to remain all this time later. ¬†Halloween in the Northeast in particular is divine –¬†The fragrances¬†in the air intoxicate, the colors seduce, the sounds enchant the¬†ears – there is no aspect of it – neither linearly, nor in the peripheral – that does not send me reeling. ¬†

For many years I wrote an annual Halloween “poem” of sorts – my¬†boss at the time anticipated it harkening the 31st with such eagerness that I would be asked in advance when the e-mail was coming…nevermind that looming Shoe Show deadline! I’d have a new “story” each year – sometimes¬†reflections on a trip I’d taken that reminded me of the season, or the general atmosphere itself, and the command upon my senses.¬†

I love Hallow’s Eve so much that as a child I was certain it would be the only day on which I’d be married¬†– no matter the calendar year may not oblige with a Hallowed¬†Saturday… To me, there was nothing better than the idea of saying “I do” when¬†I felt most in my element.¬†

For a while there – and, at this juncture, I will spare the novel – I settled on being solo. ¬†Independence always suited me – I like my space, and neither have I necessarily wanted to be beholden to anyone, nor anyone¬†to me. ¬†But in 2015, the stars aligned in such a way¬†as to change my journey forever.¬† I knew that moment – even before we spoke a word to one another – that I would rather live my Life with him in it. ¬†I am both humbled and thankful those celestial orbs adhered to their¬†errand so devoutly¬†(lest love have traversed my path only but for a moment…or missed it entirely.) ¬†

Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 4.43.56 PM

There are countless reasons that I¬†love, but one – no small detail – is that I am accepted and loved for precisely¬†who I am. ¬†That odd amalgamation of goth and glitter…the¬†vampishness, vulnerabilities, empathetic heart, and unconventional¬†predilections towards all things Ninja…¬†

When I said I wanted to be married on Halloween, I was not only not met with resistance but was asked “on which day does it fall?” ¬†This year…a Monday, sad to say. ¬†But the Saturday before? ¬†Ahhh…

As anyone planning a wedding can attest to, venues book terribly far out. ¬†With about seven months (a hair less), and a contract out on the day I desired, I am convinced the stars – once again – conspired¬†in our favor. ¬†When I was told the day was ours he said “I thought you might have fallen over when you heard him say we could have the 29th!” ¬†I nearly did.¬†

Not everyone has the luxury of having the date they *may so desperately* want.  And though I am certain two hearts are in true love to be committing in marriage, not everyone is quite so open-minded.  I feel blessed beyond words that I am in a partnership where I Рand all my curious conventions (and two black cats!) Рare embraced fully.  No two human beings boast edges as smooth as puzzle pieces Рwhat matters, though, is that there is respect, support, and love in spite of our eccentricities (and less than lovely moments.)  

I recognize that Halloween isn’t necessarily the most traditional,¬†nuptially-flavored¬†day…but it was the one I had my heart set on. That I could choose it – indeed as a celebratory time for each year going forward – is a¬†special gift in my mind.

For as long as I can recall, my go-to phrase (and story-end sentiment) was “haunt like you meant it.” Well…while you are at it, love like you mean it too – because it is on that precipice where the most profound things occur, and when you suddenly realize just how OKAY it is to be you.¬†