Life Humor – Love And Sense

I feel like we ladies think we make sense most of the time. . .because we DO in our own scheme of things. But I’m not sure it’s the same frequency as the rest of the planet at times. 

My husband might agree… In fact, this scene from The Wolf of Wall Street is a prime example of how we explain without adding in all the details we already know. If the receiving party is either A.) not a woman or B.) fully up to speed on what’s going on and doesn’t need the details, then they aren’t going to have any idea what you are talking about. Somehow, though. . .I still leave things out. 


Because that’s my wavelength! It makes so much sense to me that the non-essential (on my planet, you understand) gets omitted. Just. Like. That.

Fitness Humor – More On The Sports Bra

I think I have this thought several times a week.

No. No…  I definitely do.  


Who needs bands when you can struggle (it’s real!) with your fitness apparel!?

Martial Arts Humor – The Jiu-Jitsu Man Bun, By Tyson Gay

Love that this super black belt, Tyson Gay, posted how you keep your long locks from getting totally yanked to oblivion on the mats!  (I have, myself, heard the telltale *RIP!* only to see my strands – MANY – laying there helplessly!)

That said, his hair is incredibly fine, so if yours is fuller…it may not stay so nicely!  


Fortunately it didn’t get yanked when this was taken! 🙂

I’ve tried all sorts of bun permutations.  They’ve all come out, or needed to be redone.  Still, that’s kind of par for the course when you Jiu-Jitsu and have layered hair…  

#longhairproblems #jiujitsuhair #chokefast


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Ladies Who Lift

I know there are a lot of ladies out there who are afraid to lift – not only heavy, but at all.  I’ve spoken on the topic before, but I do always like to remind. . .

I know many strong women – athletic, workhorse types, who aren’t afraid to get on the mat, crush, and sweat it out.  It isn’t for everyone at all, nor does it have to be.  Some of them are tough chicks, make no mistake…  But there are a lot of us women.  We love being active, but we also LOVE being women.  

While we aren’t necessarily “girly girl” or frilly, there is never ANY question that we are feminine – in look, attitude, or anything else.  We aren’t lumbering oafs, and we do dress up nicely! 😉

I took this photo the other day while working on my “guns” (biceps! 🙂 ) I love feeling physically strong, and pushing myself to the limit… But I ALSO love that I can sport my sparkles – to the gym, the dojo, and on the mats and BJJ.  


So the point is…

Strong IS beautiful. . .

You don’t have to sacrifice your femininity by any stretch, or worry that others perceive you that way.

And. . .it is TOTALLY okay to don pastel pink nails and kill it on the leg press!

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Ladies and Lifting

Everyone has their preferences and tastes…there is NOTHING...absolutely ZERO…wrong with that!  What I will say, however,  is that if you can’t be positive, maybe try not saying anything at all?  You know, just like mum said!

I have seen countless fitness posts on Facebook where people comment quite positively – most of what goes by (at least in my feed!) is rose-colored.  But I see that there are some comments mixed in there leaning to the negative, particularly where one’s figure is concerned.

Why is that?

Now I’m not sure why someone NOT into fitness or lifting or exercise would even frequent a fitness-type page – I can’t imagine why a person would take the time if that wasn’t his or her lifestyle, goal, or…well, INTEREST.  So I’m baffled by the “ugh, that’s too much”s…and the “you look like a man”s…  


Folks in that industry, or simply with that lifestyle are on the spot when it comes to having the “outer” dissected – and you know what? They work HARD to be in peak physical condition.  So hard, that the average person won’t get there without a serious routine.  So let’s give them a break!  If it isn’t your thing…no worries! But keep it silent – there’s no need to offer words of discouragement, or voice your opinion when it is only intended to hurt.  

And while we are on the topic…ladies CAN lift.  

Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 8.49.29 PM

Ladies can be GORGEOUS and lift.   

Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 8.47.17 PM

Not ALL ladies will look the same when they lift! 

We are all composed differently, do different activities, eat differently…

So maybe you see a super chiseled physique and it isn’t your “thing.”  That’s OKAY!  It’s not your goal and no one says you will end up that way if you want to lift!  If you have the desire to get to the gym and do so, there are plenty of ways to do so without bulking or looking “less feminine.”

Many of the figure competitors (who, in my book, are UH-MAZING…and still look quite feminine to me) are striving for something very specific.  They take a comprehensive approach…not just in the gym, but very much OUTSIDE of it – nutrition, sleep and so on.  (Bodybuilding is a whole OTHER category as well, as is fitness, and bikini…) So even if you do lift, you may not be eating optimally for competition, let’s say.  Again, totally OKAY!  All that means is that you aren’t going to whittle your figure into something you aren’t proud of, or happy with.

Everyone’s goals are different.  Look at Marilyn Monroe – never was there more a “woman”!!! She was curvy, sexy, beautiful…a total bombshell and knockout.  So seeing photos of HER lifting ought to give some comfort.  She looks pretty darn drop-dead to ME (and to most of the planet) and she was lifting plenty!

Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 8.51.27 PM

Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 8.49.39 PM

Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 8.49.00 PM

So don’t be discouraged…whether because you see something that isn’t the ideal shape YOU are looking for, or you think you will end up a certain way.

And don’t be discouraging!  We all have different standards and ideals of beauty, and that’s the wonderful thing about diversity!  Let’s stay positive, and if we can’t, be silent.  Ladies of all kinds can, and DO lift…and they are all fabulous in my book.  

Let’s stay supportive and remember that we all have different goals…and there is nothing…absolutely ZERO…wrong with that!

The BEAUTY of Female Athletes (Thank you, Bobbi Brown!)

I didn’t grow up wanting a pony, to be in pink dresses, or to be supermodel-waif-thin.  

I wanted to beat the pants off the boys in sprints at school.  

I wanted to jump like Brian Boitano when I was on the ice.  

I wanted muscles, not just curves…  

I wanted to be an athlete…  And I became one.

I was always staggered at the seemingly vast disconnect between “pretty” and “athletic,” though, as if they couldn’t be in the same sentence. I can assure you that my days as a ballerina were intense – blood, sweat and tears were part of the game…but it was, without question, BEAUTIFUL.

Being on the ice was like having a pair of wings… It was hard work.  Early mornings, late nights, seven days a week.  Falling from a triple jump HURTS.  Skating in 1 degree because we trained outdoors wasn’t always peachy… But it was BEAUTIFUL.  

Training hard at the gym, or dojo, or dojang isn’t EVER glamorous – there’s contusions, muscle and ligament tears, crying, laughing, bleeding, DOMS, bad days… I have one reconstructed knee, and one that’s still severed – the former changed my Life and my athletic career.  But I FEEL…

B E A U T I F U L.

Strength, courage, muscle, passion, confidence, perseverance, hard work... 

To me, those are things that DEFINE “pretty.”   

So when I saw that Bobbi Brown is working with female pro athletes, I LIT UP!  She has turned to these uber-accomplished ladies to put the proof in the pudding for her “Long Wear,” sweat proof line.  (Had this come out when I was still in Ballroom, make no mistake, I’d have made a bee line for a Bobbi counter! – hot lights LoOoOoVE to melt makeup.  And when you are dancing with every fast twitch fiber you’ve got…there WILL be sweat on your brow!)

I’ve never been one to moan about glass ceilings or sticky floors – in my mind I just DID IT.  

I did what I wanted to do, or I sure as hell tried.  I never felt like I “couldn’t” because someone else said I couldn’t.  Usually, that just gave me more fodder for my fire.

These girls rock:

Julia Mancuso – Alpine Ski Racer

Hannah Teeter – Olympic and X Games Medalist and Snowboarder 

Kelia Moniz – Pro Surfer

Roberta Mancino – Base Jumper and Shark Diver

THANK YOU, Bobbi Brown, for embracing the power and strength…and BEAUTY…of the female athletes out there. Inspiring, and appreciated.