Don’t Quit

Quitting is actually one of the easier options…and there’s no question we’ve all been on the verge at times. Maybe it’s at school, maybe it’s in our sport, maybe it’s the work we do every day. . . The struggle is a real one, and it can consume every aspect of our being.

But if we push through – insurmountable that may seem at times – often we find a miracle at the end of the tunnel. . . Not only a light, but a full-on, now-I-know-why-I-had-to-experience-that miracle.

Magic is as much a part of life as breathing air is to all living things – it is within our grasp, and within our own power to manifest it.

Don’t lose hope, even on the darkest day, because…much as the sun rises each day…a miracle is ready to unfold. . .

John Greenleaf Whittier





Rest Days

Some days, we just need a little extra self-love and rest. As an active person, sitting around makes me nuts (and ugly!) but if I don’t listen to my body, things will get

We all need to tune in to what our bodies are saying, and to give ourselves the rest we might need from time to time. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve needed more of it…and that’s okay!

It’s important not to beat ourselves up for wanting or needing the respite – as a dear friend once said to me “once I’ve made the choice to rest on a given day, I embrace it and let go of the guilt.” It’s easy to feel like we are doing something wrong but as she – and ancient wisdom (or Gandalf if you’re a Tolkien fan!) points out – we only have the time given to us. To accept and appreciate our decision means we are free to enjoy the present, allowing our body and mind to get what it so richly deserves.

A Mighty Flame. . .

Even in utter darkness…should an hour so shrouded in Stygian shade come to pass…there is hope.

One need only – as the illustrious poet once said – a tiny spark. For the smallest flicker is all one needs to unleash his mighty flame. . .


Martial Arts Wisdom – Revenge and Anger

In Martial Arts we say we hope we never have to use what we learn – the idea isn’t about trying to prove something, nor to assert any kind of feigned dominance.

Along those lines, we are taught that ideas like “revenge” and “anger” serve only as injurious deviations from our true paths.  The Universe finds a way to right things without the heavier, shall we say, karmic repercussions of going down that road.

To seek revenge or harbor ill will is, as Buddha says, holding the proverbial hot coals and assuming both that they will burn another…and also that we are impervious.

The truth is the reverse – to seek such things is to diminish our own self-worth. It is a disservice to ourselves as willfully negative actions and thoughts hinder the flow of “good” that has the potential to continually manifest in our lives.  It is far wiser to let go of resentment, and to be as the Martial Artist aspires to be – free of the burdens that come with animosity and bad blood. 

It isn’t always an easy pursuit, but it is a noble one and worth the aspiration. Neither human being nor circumstance has the right to turn us from the higher road.


A Wise Man. . .

There are a thousand reasons why this idea should be prized. . .

Words have power and sometimes it is better to remain silent, lest ignorance, impatience, anger, or inability to understand cause more harm than good. 

Sounds easy. . .but. . .it isn’t.  It’s a life-long pursuit to manage the gift of language we’ve been given.  Sometimes nothing feels better than sharing, commenting, responding, speaking. . . But a lot of times silence is a wiser, if not kinder, response.

While I am a long way from mastering the skill, it’s a good reminder that there’s a time and a place to use the gift of speech. Before engaging, thinking is often a great idea.

Be A Good One

Most of the time it’s hard to tell whether the “celebrity” in question actually uttered the words in the quotation attributed to them. . .but I don’t put it past Abe to have said something so concise, and so wise.

It doesn’t matter what it is you do – whether you work, you don’t work, you help others, you’re studying in school, or taking out the trash. . .you should ALWAYS do that thing to the best of your ability. 

Taking it a step further, I also believe a person should do it to the best of his or her ability no matter whether others can see them doing it – because in the scheme of things, the Universe doesn’t really care if you have an audience beyond yourself, and it.



Magical Food For Thought

So many wonderful, wise gems in the seemingly outlandish Alice In Wonderland!  

There is quite a lot of truth to this, and to so many sneaky little points in a story presented (merely on the colorful surface, of course) as impossible. . . 

Naysayers abound, and yet the search for (and indulgence in) magical elixirs seems as feverish as ever.  In fact, I dare say it takes on more and more urgency by the generation. . . . . 

No.  I’m afraid while magic of a sort most certainly exists. . .good old fashion work must be put in.  Even – as a start – with one’s intentions!

The Death Of Gossip

This quotation actually had me laughing…

I was never involved in gossip as a kid – I was so preoccupied with sports that I had few friends, and even less time to spend with the ones I did have.  I was somewhat awkward and marched to (well, skated or danced to) my own drum.  I didn’t get involved in gossip because I wasn’t really privy to it – the popular girls always seemed to have something incredibly interesting to discuss but…I wasn’t included in their activities (including small, whispered gatherings in halls between class.)  I was the last to hear who was dating whom, or what all.  And that was fine – I honestly didn’t care about it to begin with.  For me, it was all about ice time, food, and homework!

So fortunately I wasn’t listening to the goings on then…  And I didn’t when I started working just out of college either.  I was, literally, OBLIVIOUS!  I would mind my business, do my work, and laugh along the way.  Once in a blue moon I’d be utterly taken aback, frankly to the surprise of others, regarding “something about someone” – I wasn’t in the loop so often things would shock me, while others would say “uh…hello! Where have YOU been?!”

Um….under a rock, apparently.  And I LIKE IT THERE!

The last year or two I was exposed to FAR too much gossip for my taste (any is too much, so a LOT is flat-out ugly!)  It was unpleasant on so many levels, and I still can’t really figure it out – I don’t have the innate desire to discuss others’ whereabouts of goings on, unless it revolves around immediate family.  In fact, I got really exhausted when accused of gossiping – at nearly 37 I am still the LAST person to know anything!! Why?  I don’t gossip!  I will literally start humming like a five year-old with fingers in my ears.  I don’t want to hear it.  Listening to that stuff is usually pretty toxic, often peppered with falsities, and just bad news.  I like living in a positive state, around positive, supportive people so all that stuff is just not for moi.

So I personally LOVE this quotation…

Screen Shot 2015-05-01 at 9.05.43 PM

If, for some AWFUL reason, gossip floundered around, unable to kick the bucket…fair forewarning that I will send it on over to the guillotine.


~*fingers in ears*~  “La la la laaaa!  I can’t hear youuuu!”