Sublime Bronze Summer Express

Sharing a link to a post about the new Sublime Bronze Wash-Off Cream Bronzers that have apparently been spotted already – way too early for summer, but then some do worry about the wintery pallor that comes with colder months!  Thanks to Nouveaucheap and @yvonne121780 for Nouveau Cheap for these images and info!

The Face Bronzer has Broad Spectrum protection, and a matte, weightless finish…

@yvonne121780 for Nouveau Cheap

@yvonne121780 for Nouveau Cheap

The Wash-Off Body Makeup Lotion (is this as step further than the Jergens BB, I wonder??) claims to blur imperfections, stay streak free while providing 24 hour hydration. 

@yvonne121780 for Nouveau Cheap

@yvonne121780 for Nouveau Cheap


Tans Of The Future

I thought I’d seen just about everything as far as sunless tanners go – in Ballroom, grooming is impeccable, and having a tan is pretty much a pre req.  

I’ve therefore tried a million different formulas – cremes, sprays, lotions, gradual, temporary…  

I wrote not long ago about makeup that leaves behind a glow after you wash it off…and even overnight treatments.  But despite the surge of in-shower moisturizers, I hadn’t really seen an in-shower tanner.

Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 3.26.30 PM

You read that correctly…you put it on IN the shower.  (That said, when you examine the fine print, you slather it on…leave it on without the water running…and then you rinse it off.)  Even so, the concept of tanning while wet…or in the shower at all…is really rather remarkable.  

St. Tropez’s Tanning Essentials In Shower Gradual Tan appears to have mixed reviews, but it’s still a neat idea that you take a rinse and end up golden some time later.

Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 3.26.43 PM

I feel like I shouldn’t be surprised anymore by the innovations of the beauty arena – It seems like we leap light years ahead with each decade.  

Maybe it’s technology.  

Maybe it’s that we’ve exhausted other resources and got bored…?  

Or maybe it’s just that we’ve been conditioned to be ultra impatient.

I’m not entirely sure what the reason (or combination thereof) but it certainly makes for more fun goodies to choose from, AND a higher likelihood of finding what you, personally, need!