Vintage Dreaminess

I have never seen a vintage screen siren NOT look gorgeous, glowing, and absolutely dreamy… It just never happened, I’m convinced!  I mean…have you?!  There is something so refined and put-together about the styling of the early to mid 1900’s – Bobby Pin Blog is an adorable tribute to the very subject.

I’ve had the pleasure of attending many wonderful car shows over the last few years – at Viva Las Vegas in particular (example, as above), I am always inspired (and, frankly, wowed!) by the beautiful looks the ladies create.  The hair, the makeup, the apparel…it’s vintage glam, and retro pinup, alive and fabulously well.  (Mind you, the gentleman are rather dapper TOO!)

The girls are incredibly talented at doing their own hair and makeup – it isn’t easy to do, necessarily, and it takes time.  So I am always impressed, especially for those with log locks (my days in Ballroom were required some fancy, sculptural updos, and I can assure you…I was NOT the one doing them.)  

There are a lot of excellent tutorials out there, but there are also a few books on the market (these are from HRST Books) that can help a newbie learn the tricks of the trade, or give a seasoned stylist a new idea or two.

 The newest one is for brides, who are looking for vintage-inspired hairstyles…

I love that there are more and more publications about the styling specifically – reproducing the looks can be done, but it does take a bit of learning, as we have gotten away from it a bit.  I love to see the ladies who live this every day…in MODERN times.  Every girl deserves to feel like a pinup! 🙂