Cliche but…truth. And a nice reminder.

Someone very close to me actually can’t see that well anymore – and it isn’t a result of age.  To be robbed of sight before 40 – pronounced legally blind as the result of an undefined virus – feels so criminal. He’s vastly more talented than he’ll ever know as an artist, and yet he will never again be able to create as he once did. 

In his world, colors have faded, leaving a bleak landscape flanked only by peripherals of deadened black. Values constantly bleed into one another, making objects difficult to define.  Bright lights, even a subtle glare, render an ever greater “blindness” than the already tunneled, spot-like field of view that remains.

So while I’ve seen this quotation hundreds of times, over many years, it has an even more valuable quality now. . . I saw it.  And I paused with a heavy breath.

When has to ask for help because he cannot see whether his food is safely prepared, or because he cannot make out a number that he needs on the computer screen…I feel my heart bleeding.  He takes it in good stride, thankful for the blessings he does have…and in that, are we all reminded yet again…

He once crossed paths with an angry man in the street – one well under the influence.  Having thought he was being stared down – not realizing the man looking at him in fact could not see – this man became engaged, aggressive, and approached. But – perhaps from some subconscious knowing – he backed away before becoming violent. . .leaving a nearly-blind man, resigned to being beaten, thankfully (unexpectedly) untouched.

The thing is…you wouldn’t know he cannot see.  He doesn’t walk around with a cane, able to see SOMEthing, and reluctant to give up what freedom he has left.  

You wouldn’t know that the center vision is pristine, but so much else is lost that he is, truly, disabled, and fully unable to see the breadth of what is going on around him.  

When kindness is spoken among all, we include those who may in fact be suffering, though we cannot – ourselves – necessarily perceive it.  

The world is a sometimes a violent, cruel, and inhospitable place – we have the ability to offer kindness regardless of circumstance.  To do so – difficult it may feel at times – is a gift we are all capable of giving, and one that might go wildly farther than we dream. 

It is easy to forget the blessings we do have, and to take life, and health, for granted.  So I – for one – appreciate seeing familiar words from a newer perspective.  

I appreciate being reminded without the severity that some reminders may come with.  

I appreciate the example of perseverance that those in adversity demonstrate.  

And I appreciate the kindness that people offer. . .because you might cross his path one day too. . .and your kindness will not fall on deaf ears, nor blinded eyes – it will be received with gratitude, and far more of it than you’ll know.


Sorry, Vogue – You Got This One Wrong

Ladies…just DON’T.  

Don’t sleep with makeup on ever, for any reason…especially (*cough*) a SILLY one.

I read this article, “Adriana Lima, Edie Campbell, and More on the Ultimate Beauty Taboo: Sleeping in Your Makeup” – only part way, mind you, because I was so frustrated with it before I read a word beyond the title!

I HAVE to disagree. 

“…a few of the industry’s most in-demand faces told us that they actually prefer to sleep in their makeup. “For the eyes it’s fine,” Edie Campbell clarified. “For foundation it’s not.”

I’m sorry to be stringent here but…is Edie Campbell a certified ophthalmologist?  An optometrist?


She’s a fashion model.  Gorgeous, lovely, talented in her field…

She may well be incredibly bright – many of these ladies and gents ARE, maybe to the chagrin of naysayers and disbelievers! – BUT…she isn’t an eye specialist.  She could rival Einstein, for all I know, but her background, I’m relatively certain, didn’t include medical specialization.  So no offense but…“for the eyes, it’s fine” is not really sound advice.

No matter what ANYONE says, makeup isn’t meant to be worn to bed.  No offense to any other celeb suggesting it is THE thing to do, of course.

Is it the end of the world once in a blue moon? Probably not.

Are you going to lose vision, heaven forbid? Doubtful.

But why…WHY?!…take a chance on a potential eye infection, or red eyes you need to douse with drops (which will ruin your slept-in-smudge that you *might* be aiming for in the first place, having hit the pillow with it on, by the way…)

There are SO MANY PRODUCTS these days!  COUNTLESS!  They smudge, they’re smooth, they’re long-wearing… They don’t drag or dry too fast…

So you don’t have to sacrifice clean pillowcases, skin, or your rods, cones, or retinas…to get a “slept-in” look.

“(And Why You Should Too)” it reads?! “Give me a break!!” I thought…  

This is like an “oh-it’s-easy” Martha Stewart Halloween cupcake design on Pinterest – is it REALLY going to come out looking that way?

Your health should always come FIRST, before the superficial – I think most of us agree there.  Pamper those beautiful eyes you have – they don’t NEED to be sassed up all the time, and they don’t need to be compromised.  

Your eyes deserve clean and restful sleep TOO, for pete’s sake.  No one should tell you otherwise.  When you wake up, grab a soft kohl and smudge to your heart’s content.

The Wisdom of Bruce Lee – Opportunity

I feel really blessed to have an older brother because I knew who Bruce Lee (all these images are from Shannon’s FB page) was really early on! 😀

Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 2.23.58 PM

I love that his daughter Shannon is so vocal about him and his Life, as well as that of her late brother Brandon – both were taken FAR too early.  That said, Bruce is one of those men who left a vast legacy of “wisdom” behind – often those morsels of sagacity are attributed attributed to “age,” but Bruce seemed to have that astuteness in spades, despite his young years.

Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 2.23.32 PM

It goes without saying that Life is chaotic – it just IS.  It’s a complex web of fibers frayed and fine alike, and you just never know.  As I’ve mentioned in other posts, I’m one of those happy-to-have-a-glass-at-all types.  I don’t see whether it is half full (and yes, I air on the side of “it’s got liquid, isn’t that GREAT?!” as opposed to “it needs more”…) but rather, I see that I have SOMEthing.  

I see the blessing and the good no matter what.  And if I can’t see it…I have faith it’s there.

I believe that chaos is ever-present. In that I find immense joy of knowing there is also much learning to be had.  I know that I will grow with each day, and there is something terribly exciting in that promise – there is so much to know, so knowing MORE is pretty awesome, the way I see it.  It might mean that the next day is easier, or maybe that I can help someone else… It may mean you do better on that test at school, or that you gain more benefits from your lifting because now you know the proper technique.  Learning is AMAZING.  

Chaos also gives us a chance to “prove it.”  Sometimes we are hard on ourselves unjustly (possibly far more than “sometimes,” don’t you think?!)  Chaos allows us the opportunity to overcome and show US just how capable we really are.  It’s not so bad to be throw to the wolves at work and wow the pants off everyone either… 😀 Or to go into a World Championship competition with a new partner and five new routines only to leave with the title!

Chaos can be overwhelming and a little bit scary at times…but if you can focus, and see it as an opportunity, you are WAY ahead of the game.  Bruce certainly was, and he definitely honed in like a laser.  You will have the edge because you will already see the good, and the possibilities…while others are blindly swirling about in the tornado.  Hop on and head to Oz, I say.  Why?  Because you have the vision, and you CAN.

Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 2.24.22 PM