Thursday Flowers. . .

I went downstairs to pick something up the other day, and there was a nest with Autumn flowers waiting for me, with a note from my husband to wish me a happy Thursday. . .


Since the day we met, his thoughtfulness has melted my heart – there is no gesture, large or small, that I do not appreciate fully.  

Love those in your life fearlessly, and with all you have.  Take any opportunity you can get to say

“thank you,

“I love you,” and…

“I appreciate you.”  

Life is precious…and far too fleeting…not to cherish what you have in every moment.


There will not be a day so long as I breathe and live that I will not harbor an immense gratitude for everything he does, and all that he is…  And there will never be a day that I stop making sure he knows. Relationships may evolve in time, but love never has to lose its vibrant aura.  


Strivectin Haircare

Apparently the wrinkle-curing company has branched out into haircare!  I suppose that’s a fair evolution, but I was still surprised to see it!

The shampoo and conditioner currently available on Ulta, both priced at #23, are for colored locks. photo photo photo photo

Fortified with patented NIA-114 + CHROMALAST PROTEIN COMPLEX, the duo is designed to keep your color rich and vibrant.  The shampoo forms a shield around the cuticles while cleansing, in order to keep fading at bay.  The conditioner, meanwhile, “deposits low molecular weight proteins to fortify over processed strands.”  Both products are free of sulfates, parabens, phthalates and synthetic dyes. 

Soap & Glory Sexy ‘n’ Kick A$$!

Soap & Glory definitely gets credit for the fun names…!

Sexy Mother Blusher is a new cream blush chubby stick that comes in three delightful shades:

  • Berry Jamm
  • Onomatopeacha
  • Pinkerbelle

The formula is designed to be long-lasting, with an easy-to-blend vibrant color and cream finish.  It’s format, if you will, is incredibly easy to use – love chubby sticks for on the go!

Then there’s Kick Ass Blur & Brighten.  They do have a “thing” for the ampersand, don’t they?  Anyway, I digress…  

This lil’ concealer crayon is “no-nonsense,” combining long wear with the ease of a fat pencil.  So it’s the perfect tag along to the blush stick if you are constantly running about, or managing kids, work, fitness, LIFE…!

MAC x Dita Von Teese

Now this is a collaboration I’m head over heels for…

Dita, the Queen of Burlesque, is positively spectacular – not only for her porcelain, milky complexion and fiery red pout…but for who she is, and what she has accomplished.  She is the absolute epitome of glamour, sophistication, seduction and ladylike mien.  

MAC x Dita Von Teese image

MAC x Dita Von Teese image

Per MAC and Ms. Teese:

“I’ve always loved M·A·C and we’ve remained close after working together almost 10 years ago for the M·A·C Viva Glam campaign. M·A·C Cosmetics celebrates individuality and supports people who dare to be different. I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to create my signature red lipstick. My M·A·C Von Teese shade evokes glamour and confidence.”

– Dita Von Teese”

The vibrant tomato-hued matte lipstick was inspired by the launch of her new book, Your Beauty Mark.  But anyway, it’s always a good time to have a Dita-infused shade – it is sure to showstop and you can get your paws on it in December, 2015. 

X ❤

Fall 2015 – L’Oreal Chateau Royale

A new Autumn nail polish Collection from L’oreal for 2015 – Chateau Royale! (Thanks to CoolPolishBlog for the awesome images!)

It appears that there are seven shades – from ultra pale, to blushing hues, to purple and currant tones.  The wording says “Escape to Bordeaux in 7 Vintage Shades.”  This doesn’t mean retro “vintage,” by the way… We are speaking in terms of wine!

Pinot Purple and Wicked Wine are definitely my favorites…  They fee very rich, glossy and vibrant.

She does some really snazzy nail art effects so do check out her original post! (I leave that stuff to the real pros! 🙂 ) 

OPI in Venezia

Venice is one of my absolute favorite places on this planet – I have so many fond memories of traveling there with my parents both as a little girl, and a grown woman.  It has ever enchanted me with its whispering waters, clandestine courtyards, and those narrow, cobbled streets by moonlight…

Opi photo

Opi photo

Back in its heyday, the Grand Canal would have been reflecting colors more vibrant than the beauty we still catch glimpses of today – the pigmentation of building facades alone would have been breathtaking, nevermind the intricate terrazzo floors, and painted ceilings, and gilded details…!

I can’t even imagine it…but I know I’d have swooned.

So when I saw that OPI was coming out with a Venice Collection, I had to see what the colors were like…  

I wondered if they would reflect the mysterious and playful air of Carnivale

Or maybe the blue of the sky and mosaics

Or the burgundy of the velvets in the costume shops…

Opi photo

Opi photo

Opi photo

Opi photo

Screen Shot 2015-08-05 at 7.38.21 PM

Opi Photo

Opi Photo

The ads focused on gold, black, burgundy and whispers of pink…all fitting, for sure.  And the colors themselves, they remind me of the brick and the stone…

Of the nudes and flesh pinks of old paintings…

 Of the bold reds, blues, purples and teals that I can only imagined graced the Palazzos…

All in all, the colors are nice, but the polish that really makes the Collection jive is Baroque But Still Shopping.  Until I saw that, I wasn’t convinced…but this makes it sing.

The shade is a muted yellow gold with (what seems to be in photos) a barely-there green-patina cast to it.  It’s not high chrome, but more subdued, as if antique…and flecked with chunkier gold glitter.  This color reminds me of the paint and gold leaf used on Carnivale masks…of which I lovingly have a few. ❤ It’s the detail that was needed to flesh this out… 

Opi Venice Collectio

Opi Venice Collectio

MAC Patentpolish Pencil

Thanks to Britishbeautyblogger for sharing some swatches and comments about the new Patentpolish Pencils from MAC!

MAC Cosmetics photo

MAC Cosmetics photo

These lovely little ladies offer “the shine of a gloss, the precision of a lip pencil” in a stick form.  Personally, from the look of them, they feel more like slim-line chubby sticks…! photo photo photo photo

From the sound of it, these wear very well and as you can see, the colors are delicious…and pigmented (more so than I expected!)  They look very smooth, and fresh for end-of-summer-to-Fall. photo photo