Halloween A La Lime Crime

Lime Crime is known for their offbeat shades, and daring finishes…so really Halloween isn’t a stretch.  Like, at all.  

But I love that they make a point of the 31st all the same, and they they go “LE” (limited edition) in honor.  “Bloodmoon”? I do!  (Incidentally, I never – ever – wear lipstick.  But…I bought it, because… #vamp #bloodmoon #batwings. ❤ )

It’s kind of hard to resist – the perfect blackened red, don’t you agree?  Wicked is also spectacular, but I find it more a challenge to find the right dark blood red… Of course then I see Red Velvet and want that too… ❤

It’s perfect for leaving love notes, so I have an excuse to splurge. 😉  (Or at least that’s what my not-so-inner-also-outer Vamp says.) 

If you are feeling angelic, you could always go “Moonstone” – fair to say they have all manner of “bold” covered…and in that shade, you wouldn’t be run of the mill “divine!”



Fall 2015 – Lime Crime

While some existing shades (think: Wicked! ❤ ) can also fit the bill, Lime Crime has some new Velvetines for Fall 2015:

  • Jinx – Witchberry Purple
  • Squash – Glowstick Orange

Personally, I LOVE the two images together…from an aesthetic, used-to-make-fashion-boards perspective.  ON…trickier.  But then it’s all about the treats ‘n’ tricks, right?!

There is also a SALE going on with a variety of goodies, including some Velvetine shades, pale Unicorn Lipsticks, and glittering Carousel Gloss, among them.

Lime Crime Velvetines

I’m admittedly a bit conflicted posting about Lime Crime – while I don’t know the whole story, it sounds like the owner isn’t particularly nice, or fair in business – for me, that kind of ruins it.  I was terribly disappointed to hear it, as I already own a few of the lip products (which I used for Ballroom competitions, and LOVED), and wanted to get the Velvetines in Wicked.

What I can say in addition, though, is that I think everyone has a right to make his or her own decisions, and those who do love Doe Deere’s products will enjoy knowing there are a few more shades to the Velvetine lineup – Faded. Shroom, and Bleached.

Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 12.07.34 PM

Of the “Last Dance With Penny Lane” looks, this shade my my fav…

Daisy, Rose and Violet are the heroines in this tale, toting along a glittering, candy apple guitar…

If you are a Lime Crime fan, worth taking a peek.  Some of the palettes are back in stock for a limited time too…