Happy and Safe (Driving!) T-Day

Whether you celebrate or not, Thanksgiving remains one of the largest travel days out there. We’ve decided to stay put – for a multitude of reasons, traffic notwithstanding, but if you are going to travel…please be safe.

It amazes me – I might actually say *frightens* – how many people don’t recognize the responsibility of operating a vehicle. On heavily traffic weekends especially, accidents are way, WAY too common…

A long road trip may be a fun time, especially when you have company you love, and some good tunes. But. . .

But…driving safely (not tired, not intoxicated, not distracted, not angry etc) is not only for you…but for whomever is with you, and whoever else is out on the road. It isn’t just about us alone – we are driving machines capable of more than getting us to point A and B if we aren’t paying attention. 

I know it feels like a damper but. . .if you’re headed somewhere during the holidays (frankly when we are headed anywhere)  just be extra mindful so you and your loved ones stay safe. 



Good Vibes

My vehicle is pretty simple – I don’t adorn the outside with much, because I feel like the screaming red paint is enough.  I did, however, take the liberty of giving her a tattoo on her upper rear. . . It’s a black bat, of course.  Because GOTHIC HEART! ❤  


Aside from the witchy ink, though, I’m not particularly exciting.

This car, however, is having a blast!


If you’re going to plaster your car with opinion’ed (positive) paraphernalia,  you may as well be as loud-and-proud as you can – proclaim that happiness at the top of your lungs (or as large as you can make it on your tire cover!) Because you never know who you might infect with a jolt of joy on a day someone needed it most.