Multi-Tasking Hydrating Mists

I’ve stocked up on a ton of facial mists myself over the years, usually finding them at Asian markets, Asian brands on eBay, or in New-York-City style pharmacies (think Evian, Avene, La Roche Posay…now FAR more accessible!)

Many mists these days, though, aren’t just for cooling, refreshing, or soothing.  Nowadays they are designed as much to protect you from the elements as they are for instant, feeling great at the time.

Garnier’s Moisture Bomb Multi Protection Hydrating Mist (that’s a mouthful!) protects the skin from UV pollution and oxidation, boasts an SPF of 30, and hydrates with a “lighter than air” feel – a nice addition to refreshing, don’t you think?  It isn’t here in the USA as far as I can tell…but you can find it in the UK at Boots, for one.  For a review, you can check out ReallyRee’s here.

For another multi-tasking variation on mists,Wander’s Glow Getter Mist promises non-comedogenic moisturizing, antibacterial soothing and healing, plus a radiant , dullness-busting, dewiness.  Yep, this rose-scented spray actually serves as a bit of a highlighter, how about that?  So not only do you feel refreshed, but you most certainly look it (provided you are wanting that all-over-glow it provides – with or without makeup underneath. Oilier skin types may not, but I haven’t seen too many reviews just yet to determine that!)

Last but definitely not least (since the brand has quite a cult following already for its masks!) is GlamGlow’s Glowsetter setting spray.  Per Sephora’s description: “This instant makeup finisher is infused with TEAOXI® complex (green tea, white tea, and red tea) paired with charged waters and caffeine to hydrate, energize, and smooth in a weightless fine mist. Inspired by Hollywood skin—always sexy, never shiny—this setting spray is the perfect makeup companion, finishing your look with a soft, cloud-like mist so your glow goes everywhere with you, no matter what.” Fan of the brand?  Eager to try it?


L’Oreal Paris UV City Mist

So I’ve rambled on about sun protection before – it’s HUGELY important.  We generally don’t apply enough, nor as frequently as we should – I do wear SPF 30 on my face every day, but then there are hands, necks, ears, and other exposed areas that are forgotten about by most of us! 

With that said, the easier to use, the better – I love mists for that reason, so this one – UV Perfect Aqua Essence City Mist SPF 50 – caught my eye.  L’Oreal has an incredible R&D team and definitely spends on getting products right – so they are a name I trust when it comes to skincare (including suncare.)  

Screen Shot 2016-04-02 at 2.01.31 PM

(Not sure of photo attribution – if you know, please share! 🙂

This particular product is designed to be ultra light, refreshing, and long-lasting (it says 12 hour UV protection but that feels like a generous statistic.)  The details, per L’Oreal, include:

  • 3 seconds spray-on
  • Can be applied over makeup
  • Sweatproof
  • Non-sticky
  • Non-greasy
  • Hydrates skin 

I haven’t seen this in the States as yet, but it appears you can get it in the UK already!

Palmer’s Eventone Suncare

I can’t express how important sun protection is – whether you are training outdoors regularly, or someone who just has exposure on a regular basis.  It isn’t just about aging – pesky lines and spots – either!  It is about being preventative with you skincare so as to avoid dangerous conditions as much as possible.

I used to train (figure skating) on an outdoor rink all winter as a child – for YEARS.  I was also a rollerblader who would frequent the beach trails or 10-mile outdoor paths in one go.  We didn’t know as much at the time, and I’d not be surprised if I had forgone my sunscreen back then.  These days, I still need to be better about arms, neck, shoulders, ears (the generally exposed areas when it’s warmer), but I ALWAYS have at least 30 SPF on my face.  Even then, I could reapply more frequently, but I definitely do make an effort.  



I recently saw this new Sincere products from Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula at Target.  I love their regular Cocoa Butter (the scent reminds me of cookie batter!), so I was excited to see that SPF has been added to these.

I also love sprays because they are much easier to maneuver for the tough-to-reach spots like the back, back of neck, back of shoulders etc.

Whether or not you like THIS brand, or others, it’s worth checking out the sunscreen aisle – yes, ALL times of the year.  Your epidermis will thank you, as will your body down the line.

La Roche-Posay Wearable UV Patch

High tech is hitting skincare in yet another innovative way.  My UV Patch – a sticker with a thickness of half a strand of hair – is designed to become a “second skin” the moment you apply it.  

Christian Kettiger / La Roche-Posay

Christian Kettiger / La Roche-Posay

Now the patch isn’t used in PLACE of sunscreen...its purpose lies in measuring the amount of UV you are being exposed to.  There are a number of products being marketed which do the same thing, but they differ in that they are more like technologically-advanced jewelry – a bracelet or band, as an example (not so unlike fitness monitors.  not necessarily bulky, but still an obvious wearable with weight.)

These slim stickers also have the advantage of being able to work with product – you can apply your sun protection over it without any issue.  Wearers can get their UV reading in 1, 2, 3!  The sticker will change color, indicating your level of exposure.  All you need to do is snap a photo of it and upload to get your stats (so yes, you will need an App for this.)

The idea behind My UV Patch is to give you a better sense of what you are being exposed to on a regular basis, presumably encouraging you to take appropriate preventative measures going forward.

It is still in Beta, but I’m curious to hear more about it.  I do hope they accept some feedback in the meantime – I don’t think most men want to traipse around wearing a heart sticker, frankly.  And to be honest, neither do I.  Maybe they’ll make skull-shaped ones?!  

Nail It Mag

I wasn’t really into the nail art thing until about two years into my Ballroom training – I actually went to nail salon under the duress of my then dance partner who insisted gel nails would make my lines longer.  

Despite my initial resistance, I certainly understood the importance of “elongating” my shapes on the floor – it’s the reason we wore flesh-toned (tan for Ballroom) sandals, and why some skaters wore tan skates, after all.  So the concept was nothing new…but getting my nails done was!

I tried the glue-on ones – DISASTER!  Forget what a pain it was, I’d inevitably (and painfully) lose one over the course of the competition.  NG.  No good.

And, I did the French manicure once or twice… But “my thing” is being different, and beating to my own drum and EVERYONE had French.  They still do.

I love glitter – one of the contrary facets of my tomboyish nature!  So, after trial and error, I tracked down my own UV glitter gel and have been brining it to my lady ever since.  Sadly, I’m moving in two months and will need to go back to square one…and my documented iPhone photos!

Over the last few years I’ve seen the glitter thing become trendy – not too thrilled with that, BUT…it does make it easier to get a hold of the stuff (I have used eBay Honk Kong for years!)  

Nail It Magazine is newer on the scene (the Japanese girls are giggling – they are WAY ahead of our curve!), speaking to the surge of nail decorations…and it’s a ton of fun.  

I didn’t have any blue gowns in Ballroom, but I’d so have done these if I did.  Nail It calls it “Cinderella.” photo photo

The look isn’t for the shy, clearly  And honestly, I think it’s more fit for Wintertime, than Spring or Summer…but it’s beautiful all the same!  Colors can be played with, of course – a Springtime sky blue, maybe?  Neon even?! – but the idea for the diagonal degrade dots, and mull-sized glitter is gorgeous.

Happy to see that nail art has become so big over here…not so much so I can fit in (I’d rather not!), but more because then I get a few less looks when my glittery claws catch the sun!


L’Oreal Paris Infallible – 12 Day Gel Lacquer

I’ve been doing “Ballroom nails” for moons – using uv gel that isn’t at ALL expensive, but spending on a process, monthly, that IS.  While I know I will continue shelling out for it – they last an incredibly long time, and are sturdy enough to stand up to my constant activity – I LOVE that there are so many options out there for those who don’t go the uv salon route.  

(Fun trick – For those of us that still go sit for an hour at the salon, the one perk of these like-gel polishes is Faux filling in…as in, making the gel manicure look a lot newer (read: not grown out) than it really is! The gel-like polishes tend to be thicker, and give a plump effect in some cases, allowing for a better “blend.”)

L’Oreal Paris’s new Infallible 12 Day Gel Lacquer Collection is comprised of 12 double-ended polish pairs (which sounds like it will nearly double in time.)  

A couple of lovely ladies have purchased and reviewed the newbie, so for those of you interested: 

Mammaful Zo gives her take on #020 Fuchsia For Life…

Thiswasforever has some comments based on her trial run here…(love her photo – super vampy! 🙂 ) 

BritishBeautyBlogger also shares her thoughts on the product here.

“Ballroom Nails”

I remember back in the day…I was at Nationals, actually…that my partner and I were talking about long nails.  As a former figure skater, it just wasn’t even a second thought – we’d never have done it!  Ever try lacing custom boots with long nails?  NOT helpful. I’d have my skates on faster than you could blink – ice time was precious!

But he was going on about him much it affected one’s “line” on the floor.  (Have you ever noticed how much we point in Latin, by the way?  Half the time I didn’t even know what I was pointing AT! *lol*)

I knew from wee-hood about the magic of tan, nude, or baby pink footwear – in ballet, as much as ballroom (and even at the rink, if you recall Olympians back in the day with beige skating boots), those shades lengthen the legs.  *If you didn’t know that, give it a whirl sometime – never underestimate the power of a great nude shoe!

Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 1.13.23 PM

I’m not going to lie, I thought the whole thing sounded terribly annoying – I’m an athletic type (my dancer friends called me a “jock.”  Kind of made me feel like a high school linebacker, but whatever.)  So even though I was prancing about bedecked in swarovskis, The thought of the going to a salon…sitting forever…and having to deal with longer nails at all, was just plain obnoxious.

Well…I tried gluing some on temporarily.  Working in Product Development meant I had to sketch…and honestly, I was NOT used to the nail thing…so it was awkward.  I mean, really?  Who had time for that?!  

Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 1.14.41 PM

After several rounds of gluing…and a few popping off…I decided to just GO.  My coach was going to a place right next to the studio so I but the bullet and told the girl I wanted UV gel.  Honestly, I’ve been doing it EVER since!  (One of the girls where I get my mane cut had some WICKED black ones…UV also.  Definitely line-lengthening.)

Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 1.11.40 PM


Most of the girls in ballroom do really wide French gel...but it just isn’t me.  AT ALL.  So I bought some UV glitter gel from eBay Hong Kong and have had my girl do a degrade with it ever since (we’re talking years.)  My coach had a “signature” cut-out-crescent thing going on… For me, it’s glitter ombre, usually in silver, but sometimes I’ll do sheer color.  They’re incredibly short when I have them done because they grow a mile a minute…but they are super fun AND super sturdy – weightlifting requires it!


My Sensei will generally take one look and say “oh, brother…” and I DID almost rip two off last week nailing a bag with one-two punches.  But…par for the course.  If they were JUST my nails, they’d have torn off OR be short and bleh.  

Ninja with sparkles?  I think yes.  I mean, when I DO knock someone out, it’s nice to know my lines looked longer doing it! 😉