Baiser ‘n’ Blush

I came across these quite by accident on Urban’s…and I have to say, I think they are precious! 

I remember hearing my mum say “Bunny, you’re purple!” during many training sessions growing up (competitive figure skating, primarily…at least for this example!) It was actually a positive thing – I wasn’t purple in the sense I was going to go down for the count…but I’d always get a deeply magenta flush, somehow sheer, on my cheeks.  “Like blooming roses,” it was said…

When NOT active, however – rare, but it occurs! – the flush fades a bit and my natural pallor finds itself in need of a cheek pinch…OR a fun little pot of color!

These creme blushes from Baiser ARE a bit on the steep side – so I’m not necessarily sure one can’t find something of the ilk at a lower price point.  But I love what they are all the same.

With vitamins A, E, F, and shea butter, these sheer peach and pink tints moisturize the skin as they perk you up.  Either of them will give a natural, I’m-jumping-about color…which is nice if you are just reading and want to look like you just came in from the outdoor rink!

Amazon’s Jumped On The Korea Bandwagon

I almost fell over when I saw this e-mail… Not so much because Korean brand items are being offered, but because they are being offered in such a full-fledged, committed way…on behalf of Amazon, one of the most massive on-line retailers.  That fact alone made the “message” here particularly noteworthy. photo photo

I’ve been using Korean and Japanese (in particular) skincare and color for almost 20 years – my college thesis was about cosmetic companies expanding into Asia, and how they specifically tailored their products, marketing, and packages to meet the needs…and wants…of consumers across the World (often it was in stark contrast to those of the majority of Americans.  Minus myself and maybe a relatively small Caucasian contingency!)  

It fascinated me then, and fascinates me now – I am THRILLED to see how much US and European companies have embraced the generally ahead-of-their-time Asian skincare and color cosmetic trends, and how they have applied them to their own formulations and packaging. photo photo

Urban Outfitters, as one example, never struck me as the kind of store to offer this kind of thing… Quirky, absolutely.  But UO always felt somewhat bohemian and earthy to me…not really in this playful, pampering vein.  So I am pleasantly surprised to see that they offer a lot of these goodies – the best part being that you can actually play with testers! 😀 (While many of these products can be tracked down on eBay, in Korean markets, or China Town and the like…there aren’t any testers.) photo photo

So even though you don’t have testers I can fool around with, I’m terribly excited, Amazon.  Way to go!  It’s totally okay if you are later to the party…because you have clearly arrived, and are standing behind it now! 🙂

Urban Outfitters Overseas Loot

So it isn’t news that I love Asian skincare and color brands… I have NO issue shopping online or on eBay for the things I know I love, but it’s tricky sometimes when it comes to swatching.  I read tons of awesome blogs, and have found some great reviews (in fact, for almost all of this stuff), but it is always great to be able to check out the product in person.

I was in NYC today and I completely forgot about the Urban Outfitters in the lower ’40s on Fifth.  I wasn’t going to go in but I saw Holika Holika and made a bee line. 😀


They offered a whole slew of Korean brands, and a bunch of others – all really awesome, harder to track down names, and some truly star products that I have ordered overseas and waited a month for!  Online you will definitely find more of an assortment, but YAY for having these in store!



I picked up a bunch of things I know about (only the hair mask I didn’t, but with my mid-back mane, I thought I’d give it a whirl.)


Pepiera’s Tint Water in Candy Juice is not too orange, not too red, sweetly-pigmented (like a softer Benefit Benetint.)

Tony Moly Panda’s Dream Brightening Eye Base (apparently sold out on Urban’s but you can – amazingly – find it all over the place!)

Peripera Cushion Blusher in Ah Coral is a gorgeous shade (I prefer peaches, apricots and muddier pinks on me.  Too punchy makes me clownish! 

Dr. PawPaw Balm in Ultimate Red is a sheer, warm-based red balm.

Kocostar Split End Mask, which I’m curious to try. I don’t dry my hair all the time with a dryer, and I try to baby my stands…but masks and nourishment is always good. 🙂

I was super excited to play around with all the goodies in person…but I had to get out of there, lest I buy MORE!