Pinterest and Personalities

I jumped on the Pinterest bandwagon many, MANY moons ago – truly back in its infancy. In 2010 I was still in the Fashion Industry when making trend and mood boards was a key component of my work. (Yes…I LOVED it!) ūüôā I was a lucky lady, and couldn’t have been more in my element.

I was a devourer of all things visual… It didn’t necessarily matter if a photo in question was of an actual SHOE or not (ladies footwear being the branch in which I worked for well over a decade.) I could use everything from images with obvious connections (footwear, handbags, accessories etc) to things that were more abstract (makeup artistry, rain-drenched sidewalk bricks, a caramel apple…) It really didn’t matter, so long as the color, or vibe, or depth captured what I was intending to weave into a story… A story that would serve as the basis for the colors, materials, and styles we’d select for that season, essentially…

So for me, Pinterest was a GOLD mine. I wish it had been around sooner, but I was thrilled to work with it back then…in spite of bugs and growing pains. It was massively addictive for me as a Fashion Director, but also just a highly visual person. It proved (and still does) equally as addictive for hoards of the – primarily female, as you might surmise – population.¬†

I can’t say that I’m on the site¬†quite as much these days, but I still pull images with reasonable frequency. Each time I do so, I find myself smiling because Pinterest is so much more than what a large majority of people see it as being – as in, a board for to-dos or must-haves. For me it is more of a drool-fest – at least as far as my overarching usage goes. I pin images that I want to wrap myself in somehow…if not entirely and ravenously imbibe. They’re delicious, in a word (and to reduce it to one is a painful exercise!)

But there are boards I have created that do include things I would buy, or might should some event arise… For example, my Pinups and Fabulousness board… There are a plethora of sassy images – the just-for-fun-and-isnspiration kind. But then there are the pencil dresses or obscenely luscious heels that I desperately want a reason to buy – so says the tiny sliver of typical-female that I possess (because it really is a lot tinier than the grossly-generalized stereotype.)

Anyway, the real fun in Pinterest is that it is – I believe – a full-on snapshot of a person’s personality – it’s a lot more colorful than a Facebook, and I daresay farther reaching into the depth of one’s character than an Instagram (remember, these are images we can easily pull from every nook and cranny of the global Interweb ether!) It also happens to allow for the multiple facets of our being – I’m several things in one Geminian bundle myself. . .

For example…it would take under a second to see that I am obsessed with 50s glam – but not the frillier, cheesecake pinup fashion, so much as the badassery of Bettie Page. I’m all about fitted, curve-hugging, sensual shapes and lines… I have a gothic sensibility overall, which is glaringly obvious, paired with a little bit of “show” (performer much of my life, after all!) I love long heels and edgy details (like Paciotti’s infamous dagger going down the back of these killer heels…)

So if you are ever wondering about a person…check to see if they have any¬†Interest¬†boards out there. You’ll be amazed what you can learn . . .

I’ll share more of my boards later (unless you feel like looking now…) because it’s far too much to consume at once. In fact, a single board might prove daunting to the mundane mind! For me, though, it’s like a pool I dive into as much as I can (knowing that I must proceed with caution, lest I be pulled into the seductive undertow of image pinning!)

2017 Pantone Color Of The Year

We used to wait with bated breath for Pantone to release the Colors Of The Year. ¬†Not because we couldn’t discern on our own which colors we saw most OF on the Runway (we are observant adults!)…but because it does get highly specific. When every other¬†fashion company is following suit, we have to represent the same palette (at least in some close proximity.) ¬†A lady doesn’t want to buy a variety of new pieces for the season only to find her footwear is way off the color mark…so the palette becomes our template, and the way in which we flesh out our collections. ¬†Granted, our textures may be vastly different, but there will still be some crossover – leathers, skins, and fabrics will find a way to jive with their apparel counterparts. (To make money…they kind of *have* to!)

The same goes for the cosmetic industry, though – they follow the shades as much as they can,¬†though I imagine it is a bit more of a challenge. ¬†For those who produce nail polish, even lipstick (Lime Crime, anyone?) offbeat shades aren’t a stretch. ¬†But it can be an exercise in creativity to come up with items that do speak to these hues for more companies that favor “wearable.”

For 2017, this is what we are looking at:

The top colors for Spring 2017 fashion are:

17-4123 Niagara
13-0755 Primrose Yellow
19-4045 Lapis Blue
17-1462 Flame
14-4620 Island Paradise
13-1404 Pale Dogwood
15-0343 Greenery
17-2034 Pink Yarrow
18-0107 Kale
14-1315 Hazelnut

The KEY color here, however, is Greenery.  



Butter London, for one, has already hopped on the Greenery bandwagon. ¬†I don’t LOVE the shade but…even as a Fashion Director, that wasn’t (ISN’T) up to me! ¬†

If it’s in synch with the rest of your ensemble – or even the contrasting “pop” – you can be assured you and your Greenery are fully in line with the trends. ¬†It might be the new-season jolt you (didn’t know you) needed.

And just in case you nail polish and your kale salad isn’t enough bang for your buck, you can embrace the “idea” – and stop a lot of traffic – with a new, leafy green Mercedes AMG GT Roadster…


So like it or not, green IS in. ¬†It isn’t everyone’s color necessarily, but there are ways to sneak in a hint here or there. ¬†If all else fails, just point to your side of vegetables when you’re out to dinner – not only will you be on par with fashionistas across the globe, but healthy is trendy too. ¬†Ahhhh. ¬†Double whammy!

Nails Inc Sheet Masks

I know – I did a double-take too. ¬†Not exactly what you were expecting, but then why wouldn’t other manner of beauty companies jump on board? ¬†Asia has always been a trend setter – not only in fashion, but in the beauty and skincare arenas (I’ve gone on about it forever, many of my early posts touting the¬†overseas’¬†creativity and innovation.)

Let me quell the curiosity up front, though – The masks are made for your SKIN, as it turns out – so under the surface, it’s more like the company is branching out into other areas of beauty, as opposed to a sheet mask FOR your nails (which, honestly, wouldn’t surprise me after seeing news of these.) ¬†Slight disappointment because sheet masks are everywhere¬†to the point of sensory overload.

But though it makes sense for a beauty brand unrelated to makeup, or even the skin at all, to hop on the sheet mask wagon, it still feels like a surprise.

In the last several years, nails have had more attention – the products offered in mass market retailers alone is somewhat astounding. ¬†You can get anything from gel polish, gel lamps, pre-designed but high-end glue on nails, nail art (stickers, rhinestones, tools), you name it. ¬†But there always seems to be a lull or plateau – it’s like what else can you do with nails. ¬†At home?

Nails are as much an accessory as far as fashion is concerned Рthey are an extension of that fancy handbag, after all Рso keeping the field interesting is important for companies out there.  Boredom is a killer. 

Enter Nails Inc with a few 15-minute sheets for anything from dryness, to anti-aging, to brightening. ¬†When all else fails, I guess trying to expand makes some sense – I hope for them that it works. ¬†From the sound of it, they might also be entering color cosmetics too…

Flashback – 1990’s Runways

The 1990’s had their share of crazy Runway moments…I daresay even more than the last, pop-star laden decade. ¬†I loved the recent Vogue article in which the publication featured “11 Antics-Filled Shows,” as it was an era I¬†remember fondly. ¬†

I was only 12 in 1990 but I definitely leaned to all thing fashion-related. ¬†I¬†was already a pro at doing “magazine tears,”¬†a task, to the chagrin of my glossy publications, I’d later do in feverish spades as a Fashion Director.

The more renegade and goth looks got, probably the better, but I loved ALL of it Рmy taste level vastly exceeded my personal preferences, very much allowing me to land positions in my 20s with heavy hitters in the footwear sphere.  Hallelujah! Thierry Mugler Spring 1992 Thierry Mugler Spring 1992

The 90s,¬†though,¬†were incredibly entertaining even for those who didn’t fancy what was “a la mode.” There was no shortage of drama, whimsy, and serious envelope-pushing, even with the most refined at the time. ¬†I feel like people in the Industry were¬†constantly¬†asking what had happened, and how could the runway fashions¬†possibly be translated into “wearable” pieces (as in, ones that we could actually charge money for and sell.) ¬†

Whether you appreciated the avant grade or not, it was hard not be sucked in, reveling in the absurdity of it all. ¬†Celebrities outright embraced outlandish looks, making them casually more¬†mainstream (and you thought the 80’s were rough! ūüėČ ) ¬†

The 90s was an era of fun, intensity, and story-telling (on the part of a designer’s fantastical mind, of course.) ¬†As Vogue says, there was a “certain freedom” on display here – shows were something we always looked forward to, almost with bated breath, because you just never knew what was going to happen. ¬† John Galliano Spring 2993 John Galliano Spring 2993

When working in the Industry, unrestrained creativity does make our jobs a wee bit more challenging Рhow do you translate chrome headlights into honest-to-goodness fashion that someone can wear, for example..?  

But then…that was kind of the fun in it – what could you take away? ¬†Was it the mirror shine? ¬†The jagged shaping? ¬†Did it mean we should go bolder with color and lean biker-chic? ¬†There was an art to deciphering the trends, and unwrapping the pearls that would become the “next big thing.” ¬†I really loved that part about it – it was a challenge…and it was fun as hell while we were at it.¬†


Fall 2016 / 2017 – MAC Trend Forecast

Usually I see these post to MAC early on…but I appreciate that ReallyRee beat everyone else to the punch, sharing images and swatches of the up-and-coming Autumn Palettes.

I LOVE the colors in these,¬†finding them to be incredibly wearable overall. ¬†The less obvious, less (perhaps) everyday shades are still in hues¬†that can be worn both with¬†major impact…or in a more subtle way – so all around, they offer a wonderful¬†selection to choose from to create a wintery flush, or something more dramatic.

It isn’t fair of me to share all of ReallyRee’s swatches, so please click her link above to see all of her fabulous photos! Really gorgeous, if you ask me. ¬†

One palette is designed for the eye, the other for the lips…but I personally think these can be used for lips, eyes¬†AND¬†cheeks, pretty interchangeably… ¬†They last well and apparently don’t crease – hallelujah. ¬†So really whatever you feel like doing with them works! ūüôā ¬†You can mix, or use stand-alone – as always, MAC delivers something divine.



Sephora How-To’s – Color Correction

Most beauty trends do need a little explanation, particularly as they come from backgrounds that require an almost artistic knowledge of the products and how to use them (think: stage, performance, ballroom, even drag!) photo photo

Sephora has always been great about doing tutorials and making the trends less daunting for those who want to give them a whirl…in a more natural, toned-down¬†reality¬†(under lights or for a camera, where over-exaggeration is expected.)

  • The latest videos address Color Correction:
  • How to cover dark circles
  • How to cover breakouts and redness
  • How to cover dark spots
  • How to brighten dull skin

Color Correction isn’t outrageously complicated, but it does take some knowledge of the color wheel, and proper layering and blending. ¬†Fortunately, Sephora makes the whole thing less involved, and easier to replicate. ¬†Yay for the Internet…and Youtube. ūüėȬ† photo photo photo photo photo photo photo photo

If you STILL feel like you aren’t sure (and don’t feel badly if you do!), here’s another cool article from Imabeautygeek that helps to further demystify the trend! ūüôā

33 Icons in 100 Years

I loved Launchpad’s Hair Through History: Iconic Hairstyles of the Past 100 Years¬†article. ¬†Having been in Fashion for many moons, I was always interested in not just the attire, but the full “look” of the moment(s) depending on the time, and place, in history. ¬†Images can conjure so much about a past we can never intimately know – I find that captivating.

Launcpad begins its journey¬†with the Gibson Girl‘s fresh and floofy style in the 1910s…somehow unfussy but¬†all together ladylike.

Gibson Girl - Image: Rudolf Eickemeyer via Wikimedia Commons , and Launchpad

1910s, Gibson Girl – Image: Rudolf Eickemeyer via Wikimedia Commons , and Launchpad

Then there’s Ringlets and Dapper Dandy¬†Hats (wait…do¬†hats¬†count?! ¬†I feel like we’ve been duped with this one!), followed by the snappy, flirtatious Bob, and Short-n-Slicked of the 20s.

The 1930s, on Page 4, includes Pin Curls, Finger Waves and THE Clark Gable…

I feel like we have some complex creations in modern times – as a former competitive Ballroom dancer, I can FULLY attest to the sculpting whetherwithall that the uber-talented hairstylists had to have – but…

I feel like¬†daily hairstyles were¬†much harder¬†back in the day, requiring a¬†uniquely complex set of skills (our current-day “equipment” wasn’t nearly as evolved!) ¬†Or you might just consider the¬†sheer¬†time-consuming nature of the back-in-the-day beauty routines… ¬†

1930s, Finger Waves - Image: Studio via Wikimedia Commons, and Launchpad

1930s, Finger Waves – Image: Studio via Wikimedia Commons, and Launchpad

Now a 1940s trend, Victory Rolls, is still very much alive and well at many of the car shows I attend. ¬†Viva Las Vegas, for one, is perfect stomping grounds for these curvaceous, Corinthian curls… In addition, Classic Curls and THE Frank Sinatra are featured among these 33 icons, for this specific time period.

1940s, Victory Rolls - Image: Grisha Goluboff via Wikimedia Commons, and Launchpad

1940s, Victory Rolls – Image: Grisha Goluboff via Wikimedia Commons, and Launchpad

Launchpad accounts for Bombshell Curls, Bouffants, “The Elvis,” Afros…and Uniex, getting us through the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s… ¬†Naturally, Feathered Hair is among the ranks!

1970s, Feathered Hair - Image: ABC Television via Wikimedia Commons

1970s, Feathered Hair – Image: ABC Television via Wikimedia Commons

The article additionally covers some fun (er…entertaining) “trends,” such as:

Perms (I am, rather unhappily, recalling a period in my own history within which I marched to this horrid drum!  Judge not, it was under duress!)

Mullets (Er…I’m still not sure what we were doing in the 80s)… ¬†No, but seriously…can anyone help me out here? ¬†Where DID 80s fashion trends matriculate from? ¬†I mean, I feel like there is some extraterrestrial SOMEwhere in total hysterics…¬†¬†

YES, you MADE THE HISTORY BOOKS!  Are you proud of yourself!?!  Luring the humans into this utterly bizarre and SILLY period in fashion history!  


Gawd. ¬†When I find YOUR planet, I’m bringing my rolled socks, neon bangles and carrot-top pleated pants! ¬†I’ll show you!

1980s, Mullets - Image: Bongarts via Getty Images

1980s, Mullets – Image: Bongarts via Getty Images

And Jherri Curls (which I can’t say anything about because the photo is Michael Jackson, and the man’s talent is probably on any dancer’s radar.)

1990s Punk, I can take. ¬†I mean, who doesn’t LOVE a badass mohawk!?

The “Rachel”…as in Jennifer Aniston’s “Friends” cut, along with Curtained Hair, made the cut.

So did the Hi-Top Fade

1990s, Hi-Top Fade - Image: Al Pereira via Getty Images

1990s, Hi-Top Fade – Image: Al Pereira via Getty Images

Thanks to Pop Stars of the 2000s, we get Beachy Waves, Stick Straight, Crimped (I feel like that’s 80s!) and Frosted Tips (geezuz. ¬†Wasn’t that an earlier trend too?)

Finally, in 2010, we’ve got Rainbow dyed…because why not?

2010, Rainbow - Image: Instagram user @xostylistxo

2010, Rainbow – Image: Instagram user @xostylistxo

Ombre and Bayalage, which honestly is pretty gorgeous…

2010s, Ombré/Balayage

2010s, Ombré/Balayage

And Vintage with a Twist, which really you will see across the board because everything…pretty much…is a revamp of an earlier invention! ¬†

There are plenty more¬†photos, one per trend, and I’m sure if you google any one of these you will come back with a SLEW of imagery! ¬†Fascinating, really…

But seriously…

W.T.H. were we doing in the 80s…?

Progress and Frazzling Fashion!

Some days our challenges feel insurmountable… We forget that they are all completely manageable (how blessed are we really!?)…if we can stay in the moment…and that even little steps towards the end result is PROGRESS.

I remember days in Fashion when I was literally thrown to the wolves. Happened often. *lol* One day I learned I had to give a report to a group of people with only three days prep time… Okay, no worries, I just needed to ask some questions…

For whom?  The major heads of a company backing the child star of an already massively-famous celebrity.  

Topic?  Her line.  

I’m sorry… WHAT?! ¬†ūüėĮ

Pulling together the essence of a brand (that’s the hefty task, even with a team over TIME!)…supporting it with fashion boards, trend analysis, and samples, and presenting it with authority to a room full of people with “-ident” or “O” at the end of their titles…no problemo! ūüėē ¬†


I went flying out the door the minute I found out to buy jewelry, fabrics…and a lot of foam core and tape! ¬†I was horrifically frazzled but…I had some “stuff” to jazz up my non-existent trend boards. ¬†

It was progress.

Back at the office, I sifted through thousands of show samples, pulling at least 30 that could “make the point.” ¬†I had shards of leather all over the place, but each snip was closer to pulling together boards that looked like I had two weeks to do. ¬†

Still uber frazzled…but it was progress

Screen Shot 2015-03-17 at 3.16.14 PM

Needless to say, in a few short days, I had six or seven badass boards, not only speaking to trends relevant to the current cycle, but that were¬†consistent with said celeb’s style…and then some. ¬†Brand is HUGE. ¬†If you don’t jive with your consumers in every way, you’re doomed.¬†

I was pretty petrified, but all the baby steps on the way were progress…and got me through a very important meeting. ¬†Needless to say, my bosses were equally as surprised because I was, literally, thrown into it not even knowing what the “report” was referring to. ¬†

Fashion is TOTALLY like that. ¬†It is chaos mode 24/7 because the next-big-thing just showed up on someone. ¬†You are constantly chasing and trying to keep up – so “frazzled” HAPPENS. ¬†Remember that each little thing you do is a step in the right direction, and you ARE making progress!