Still Learning

There are so many things that I am still learning in life, and so many that will be a lifetime pursuit. I think that’s really the case for all of us – each day brings and endless opportunities to learn. And knowledge is infinite…

One of the harder lessons, however, is one that I struggle with daily – learning to be more gentle with myself. While I know that staying in the present moment is THE way to be (for so many reasons!), that the conversation I have with myself is crucial to my well-being, that I have SO much to be thankful for (and I am!) and that “I should be’s” are never appropriate…I STILL have a hard time.

Today is one of those days where I feel like I am beating myself up…ad infinitum! I don’t really deserve it, but it’s always the way that our habitual “hard-on-ourselves” attitudes are one of the most challenging to uproot.

Fortunately, I’m committed to the long haul – reflecting on my behaviors not only that affect those around me, but also myself, is something I do every day. I’ll be a “work in progress” for a lifetime but…that’s okay. I’m thankful for all that I have, and for all that my mind, body, and soul have – successfully – carried me through.

Here’s to being a little bit kinder to ourselves instead of carrying around unnecessary blame and hurt…



Article Share – 8 Ridiculously Easy Ways to Get (or Stay) in Shape, By Lori Deschene

8 Ridiculously Easy Ways to Get (or Stay) in Shape,  By Lori Deschene is a wonderful, quick read that came to me via Tiny Buddha.  


I love Lori’s suggestions, as they are some of the more reasonable (and therefore achievable) ones that I’ve come across – refreshing!  


Sticking to goals feels great, and is something we all aspire to do…but Life is busy, and on the days we lose that motivation, it’s helpful to have some easy – and realistic – suggestions.  


It doesn’t have to be your best, and you don’t need to shatter a personal record all the time – it’s about the little steps along the way that add up in the end. 


Strategies To Stay Sane, And Other Holiday Shares…

I’m partly surprised by the influx of inbox articles about surviving holiday negativity…and also, in part (and sadly) expecting it.  The GREAT news is, the articles are positive in nature, (though I’m still sorry to know that the sentiment is so widespread.  Seemingly more so in 2016.)  That said, I suppose it is more than evident in retail parking lots from December 1 through the 24th. . .

Thankfully, there is support – and commiseration – being shared to help you, your families, whomsoever needs it, to cope.

From Tiny Buddha, 7 Strategies To Stay Sane This Holiday Season, by Bridgid Elsken Galloway.

From Daily OM, The Gift Of A Positive Image, by Madisyn Taylor.

From Esteemology (great for Empaths and ESPs), Surviving the Dysfunctional Christmas: Savannah’s Holiday Survival Tips, by Savannah Grey.

Healthy, happy, safe…and sane!…holiday to all! 

7 Lessons to Remember When Life Seems to Suck, By Benson Wong

I really appreciated this article by Benson Wong – it just came through to my inbox today via Tiny Buddha, a site I adore.  I get their e-mails regularly, and generally find myself nodding along in agreement – or simply in shared experience – as I read the various stories and entries presented.  What I like is that the authors are real people, from all over the globe, sharing honest experiences…many of which you may find you can relate to.  

I enjoyed Benson Wong’s post because I’m the kind of person who tries to air on the side of the positive.  ALL the time. I can be a real pain in the ass, I have as many flaws as the next human being (if not more!) and I most DEFINITELY have bad days…

BUT. . .

The thing is, as an Empath, I don’t HAVE the luxury of dwelling on the bad – a perpetual focus on the negative (or – FAR worse – adding to it) is a quick trip into depression for me.  I’m okay to admit that – my sensitivity is absolutely a gift, but it’s something I must always remain mindful of, lest my overactive mind, and ultra compassionate heart pull me into some quicktar.  Yes, you read that right (and I made it up!)  It wouldn’t be sand for me.  It would be flat-out TAR.  

This would be me - trying to see the positive, but sinking into a black abyss!

This would be me – trying to see the positive, but sinking into a black abyss!

But life is stressful some…er…MOST of the time.  There’s a lot going on, ALL the time, and there always will be.  There’s always going to be SOMEthing to feel anxious about, frustrated over, or peeved by.  So having the reminder – or several – in your arsenal is incredibly valuable.

We ALL need to step back, breathe, and remember…especially during those down-in-the-doldrums moments…that things aren’t as bad as they seem, and that we DO have a choice about how to move forward.  


Changing our focus to the positive can move mountains.  Okay…maybe not literally, that would be a hefty challenge (and frankly highly impressive on a superhuman scale), but you know what I mean.  A positive mindset can shift the energies in your life rather dramatically, and settle your nervous system down enough to realize that villainous “mountain” is not only scalable, but possibly a lot less threatening than you thought.

(C) Jantoo

(C) Jantoo

2015 Creative Blogger Award

I want to thank Megan for her generous nomination for the Creative Bloggers Award – you can find her wonderful blog here:  😀

Creative Blogger

I definitely understand what it is like to have struggles, having gone through rather a lot as well – I am so grateful to all those who share their stories, and I feel SO blessed to share mine also.  We are IN IT TOGETHER, and WE ALL MAKE A DIFFERENCE.  Megan, thank you for your bravery!

I have been working on something ENTIRELY different the last few years…and it wasn’t until about three weeks ago that my coworkers and I ended our pursuits.  My father suggested blogging and at first I thought…who on earth will even read what I am saying?!  But from the first post on, I was hooked.

I personally have followed a few (anywhere from the last few years, to as recently as six months ago) and I would love to share them here.

I am honored and touched by ALL of you who read, like and comment on these posts.  I am thankful to be able to share positivity.

As Megan stated…

The Rules

  • Nominate 15-20 blogs and notify all nominees via their social media/blogs
  • Thank and post the link of the blog that nominated you (very important)
  • Share 5 facts about yourself to your readers
  • Pass these rules on to them 

5 Facts About Myself

  1. I am a true Gemini – my facets are many, and deep.  I am a Vamp, an Empath, an athlete, a lover, a fighter, a Light-bringer, a fire-starter, a dreamer… I believe in things that cannot be seen, because a lot of the time, it is a “feeling.”  I am intuitive, ultra positive, and I L O V E to laugh.  Loudly!
  2. I LOVE heavy metal. ❤ As a dancer, I love all genres of music, but without metal I’d be distressed!
  3. I LOVE animals.  ALL OF THEM.  As a little girl I didn’t ask for a pony, I asked for a black panther or a wolf.
  4. I am incredibly, vastly thankful. For EVERYTHING. ❤
  5. I am a survivor. ❤ I have been through all sorts of abuse – mental, verbal and physical.  I ended up with two severe eating disorders (simultaneously), PTSD and CPTSD, plus anxiety as a result.  The physical ramifications alone were horrifying… And, I beat it.  You live with these disorders your whole Life deep down…but there is HOPE, and there IS a way.  I share my stories because I AM a survivor…and I want those suffering to know there is hope for them ALSO.  IT CAN BE DONE.

My nominees…and it isn’t necessary that you ALSO do this, so long as you know YOU are valued!…are:

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