What Are The Odds…? Sharing Our Stories And Offering Kindness In Return.

I received this note along with a purchase I made on eBay and it absolutely warmed my heart. I’d say “what are the odds?!” but then I really do believe the Universe finds away to align things for the good…

I wrote this lovely woman a note in return to let her know her words fell into loving hands, and to offer words of support…which she so readily deserves. She is hoping to help her son “chase his dreams” to which I said how blessed he is to have her, and that as a team they will succeed.  

I then shared this Audrey Hepburn quotation:

The world is made a much smaller and warmer place when kind hearts lead the way. 


Escalating To Infinity

Growing up, my brother and I always managed to escalate to Infinity… We’d be arguing about the-controversy-of-the-moment and he’d throw in a “yeah…well I _____ MORE!”

I’d one up with a “MOST!”

He’d counter with “PLUS INFINITYYYY!”

FB Rantings Of A Beautiful Mind

Now every so often, a “PLUS ONE TO EVERYTHING YOU SAY!” would be interjected…but whether it proceeded or followed the “plus infinity” declaration, inevitably one of us would say…

“You can’t ADD one to infinity!!!  I WIN!”

So “I N F I N I T Y” seems to come out the victor in all cases, though “plus one to everything you say” is a close second in awesomeness.

With my hunnie, it seems we get into the same situation.

“I love you.”  

“I love you more.”

“I love you most.”


It’s outrageously mature, I know, and remarkably funny (it is NOT a problem I complain about!)  Every so often I’ll say “MOST!” and he’ll say “okay,” dismissively, to suggest he adores me a great deal more than that but he’s just letting me win.  And since he’s the Love of my Life, it lights me up (even though I’m secretly raising MY “love you” to the power of infinity in my mind. 😉 ) 

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