Electric Ink…Keeping Skin Art At It’s Most Vibrant

I’ve actually seen a lot more tattoo goos lately – in store and advertised on-line.  And by “goos” I lovingly mean ointments, creams, lotions and potions to keep one’s skin art looking it’s best.  A decade ago you’d need to take a trip to the shop to get something of the ilk, while everyone else looked at your cross-eyed. 

Not anymore!  CVS has one such tattoo protectant gracing the shelves (the one I  noted being SkinFix Tattoo Balm.) While the formula isn’t necessarily novel, I love that a mass market retailer actually jumped on the tattoo bandwagon – talk about making the stuff more accessible! 

Electric Ink is a new name to me, but I saw these new goodies by way of BritishBeautyBlogger this morning (April 10) and thought they were worth sharing.  

Again, the formulas aren’t necessarily mind-bending as far as ingredients or what they can actually do – most of it is about hydration and keeping the skin looking it’s best (which makes for a healthier, glossy tattoo!) That said, I like that the ingredients are nourishing, and even take inflammation into account (which, yes, can last for a time after the initial inking.)

It’s pretty awesome that companies are embracing the idea that those with art often DO care about keeping things bright and beautiful as long as possible (why wouldn’t we?!)  I think we’ve all seen those well-weathered, and sun-beaten ones, which the wearing is more than entitled to…but many of us hope to have ones that “age” a little more gracefully.

Well, companies and retailers are making it a lot easier for your to protect your investments so there’s no reason (or excuse) for you to end up looking too much like a pirate. Unless, of course, that’s your thing…then, more power to you and your mysteriously faded artwork!


Spring / Summer 2016 / 2017 Backstage – Maybelline Fall 2015

So Maybelline had some snazzy items behind the scenes recently…they are for Fall (Autumn / Winter) 2015, and will be launching in January 2016.

Not sure where else these press release images are, but thanks to BudgetBeautyBlog for those, and NouveauCheap for sharing various additional images.

Maybelline has also posted a variety of photos (on their Instagram page) in the past week of goodies used backstage at the Spring / Summer 2016 / 2017 New York Fashion Shows.

They offered a sneak peek of their contour and highlight palette, which we heard whisperings of already…

They also showed a bold swatch of Color Sensational Vivid Matte Lipstick…stunning, if you ask moi!

And the Color Tattoo Concentrated Crayon…in three shades…(Loving that taupe-silver one on the end!) 

Then there’s the Rock Nudes Eyeshadow Palette…which will be joined by Smokes, Blushed Nudes, The Nudes, and The Brights… Oh my!

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 8.08.54 PM

An finally…Maybelline Master Fix Setting+Perfecting Loose Powder, which is still a bit elusive…

So it is a LOT to look forward to…which makes me incredibly excited because we all know OTHER brands are coming out with fun jazz for the holidays and new seasons too!  Is it so terrible to look forward to new beauty launches MORE than certain holidays?!



Rebel’s Market

I get newsletters from Rebel’s Market all the time – I’m guessing I’m the only girl in a fairly large radius who would (I’d say it’s predominately preppy here, and I can’t pull that off so well.  Variety is the spice of Life, so they say!)

Rebel’s Market is a buy and sell site geared toward all things edgy and alternative.  I know a ton of people who would shop on here, and honestly some of the stuff is badass.  They have everything from apparel to decor to artwork, and their own blog (which covers Fashion, Lifestyle, Contests and Resources.)

Rebel's Market

Rebel’s Market

In my Town it’s pretty unusual to see a skull go by…unless I’m wearing it. (I’d definitely sport the Feed My Lips tank walking around here.  And honestly…I’d wear the cat-earred hoodie just to get looks (it’s adorable.)

Aren’t you 37?”  


Rebel's Market

Rebel’s Market

Rebel's Market

Rebel’s Market

Sad to say, one of the local spin gyms has recently taken to the skull as an identifying emblem –  I was pretty horrified to see it en masse at the gym.  *Yikes*  So, I appreciate the array of markets online that cater to those of us with a little “renegade” in our blood, and those of who don’t have to be “of-the-moment” so much as totally-myself-and-what-I-feel-like!”

Rebel's Market

Rebel’s Market

If you lean at all gothic, gothic lolita, steampunk, alternative, rocker, biker or psychobilly, you might want to check it out.  There’s a plethora of tattoo’ed, sugar-skulled, studded, campy horror, and some sassiness. So while you may have to snoop through a bit, there’s sure to be something to suit your fancy-or-fun. 😉  

(I adore the Bettie Page Mermaid sign.  ANYthing Bettie rocks!)

Rebel's Market

Rebel’s Market

The Fox Got Hitched

I mentioned recently that I’ve always loved Taylor Says – she started with Pleaser-esque platform pumps with super cheeky soles and has, over some time, expanded into lines of still-sky-high styles…but with more upper options.

I came across these two on Rebel Circus today, ad they’re too cute for words!  The first sandal style is called Oxy Foxy…and it’s not surprising given the swirly-tailed fox on the sole!  The sole background is a bright lime and lemon print, which works great for the little character! The style features a western triangle harness and top-of-foot fringe.  While the pattern would prove too heavy elsewhere, it works in perfect balance with the thick platform and heavy heel (I love that heel for these, by the way – WAY more feasible.  If you have tried walking in fetish or dancer shoes, you know what I mean!)  

Taylor Says Oxy Foxy Rebelcircus.com

Taylor Says Oxy Foxy Rebelcircus.com

Taylor Says Oxy Foxy Rebelcircus.com

Taylor Says Oxy Foxy Rebelcircus.com

The other style, Till Death, is more like some of her original stuff… I think the first pair I saw had sugar skulls or tattoos on the soles…in which case, I wanted them for sure! 😀 The heel on these is appropriately slimmer, though they aren’t for the faint of heart…or clumsy at foot!  So if you DO wear this to or for your wedding…please be mindful and have hubby-to-be carry you!  

Taylor Says Till Death Rebelcircus.com

Taylor Says Till Death Rebelcircus.com

The pump upper is utterly bejeweled in tiny rhinestones, varied in size (which frankly makes them look higher end – uniform can sometimes seem less expensive, believe it or not.)  The soles are ADORABLE, touting a full bloom rose, times two, with “Till Death” “Do Us Part” banners.  The background, all the way down the inside of the heel, is a cake-frosting-white and seafoam lace print, perfect for the occasion (and to pop the rose print.)  The lining picks up the seafoam, which works nicely.  I know that usually it’s the bride’s gown that show-stops… But if she’s got these on, the dress might play second fiddle, or at least be tied!

Taylor Says Till Death Rebelcircus.com

Taylor Says Till Death Rebelcircus.com


Stretching With Sailor Jerry

I L ❤ VE my Sailor Jerry Chucks – they were an eBay acquisition and frankly, they aren’t so easy to find anymore.  There were a few styles, but these were my favorite, hands down.  Spring is coming so I figured they’d give me some spring in my step…and how could they not!?


I always get to the Dojang early to stretch and warm up, though sadly I can’t wear these babies to do it.  (I would actually love to kick the bag with these because I feel like they’d automatically make me feel more prepped to rock.  Hellooo!)


The flash tattoo print counter and tongue linings are ADORABLE.  Maybe I should say BADA$$, just in case “adorable” feels too…er, sweet..?  

I’m with you, let’s go with badass.  

Panthers and serpents?  Count me in! – I happen to L O V E both. ❤  Not just kind of either.  As in, I’d have them in my apartment if I could. 😀

The outside is a cheeky, retro pinup print, that’s pretty hard not to like.  From her strippy sandals, cutsie bikini and fifties updo, she’s the perfect flash.


The toe cap and side walls are blacked out, so the side wall band in bright red is a perfect touch – all black would have been too bland.  Where there’s flash, there has to be some sass.

And where I go, I guess that works out nicely!


Hats Out, Tatts Out…Helping Out!

It’s still pretty chilly out there, so I layer up.  Layering is really the way to go for me (as opposed to lumbering around in a giant, Staypuft coat, and gloves that make my hands look like a 6’4″ man’s.  NOT a good look.)  Layering is also a very dancer / ice skater thing to do – we’d just peel off as we got warmer and more limber – yay for practicality!

I aaalllways stretch, but it’s SUPER vital in the cold – the probability of strains, sprains, even tears, goes way up!  Maybe not for the LITTLE warriors, but for those of us a bit, er, older!  I spend a good amount of times stretching before class, or before a lesson, not only so I don’t waste my teacher’s time, but so that I can go that much father with whatever short stretches we do together.  With one reconstructed knee…and one ACL MIA…I don’t mess around.


I also make it a habit to get there even earlier than I would just to stretch so I can help out at the Dojang.  I’ve been cleaning up before class pretty much the entirety of my training in Martial Arts – I feel like it’s not only the respectful thing to do, but it is my little way of saying thank-you-so-much-for-teaching-me! to someone who really doesn’t NEED to be teaching anyone below a third degree, if at all!  So I bust out the vacuum and the lysol, and then hit the stretches and form review!


I was sporting my Lulu thumbie jacket (I LOVE thumbholes, but am a wee bit annoyed they’ve become more trendy.  Molding to the masses is never on my agenda, I’ll be totally honest.)  Underneath I had this tattoo sleeve shirt on.  I LOVE this shirt.  It’s so NOT my town.  *LOL*  My artwork is pretty much coverable and as much as I love sleeves, I probably wouldn’t ever GET one – knowing my Geminian tendencies, I think I’d get bored too fast.

So…the shirt works. It keeps me warm… And it kind of adds extra badassery to the Dojang.  Not like it needs it…because…HELLO!…it DOESN’T!