Today is my mother’s birthday, so I thought I’d honor her by sharing her absolutely phenomenal talent.  What’s even more wonderful than these beautiful arrangements is the reason behind them. . .

For as long as I can remember, my mother has participated in some kind of volunteer or charitable work.  She’s done countless classes for children, in particular, over the years, and loves nothing than giving, sharing, and seeing others surprise themselves with talents of their own.

She recently spearheaded an event, Flowers, Fashion, and Footwear, that raised money for a local social service agency that she has worked with for many years, Community Centers Of Greenwich. CCI services children, adults with special needs, and seniors, and provides educational and financial assistance for lower-income families.

I am convinced that my love and passion for volunteering with these communities was passed down by her and my father’s dedication to helping where they can.  I am honored to be their child and thankful for the early exposure to these wonderful aspects of community service.

For the CCI event, flower arrangers were called upon to pick a pair of Louboutin shoes – owned by Kent Russell, perennial specialist – and design an arrangement to match.

I looked at the photos in the Fairfield County Look article (event link above) and without knowing hers, I gravitated to them as my “favorites.”

I grew up with the great fortune of having flowers and nature in our home all year round (yes, even in the throes of wintertime!) And it wasn’t just the beautiful blooms or branches, which I, for one, adore… The unreal sculptures and art she always manages to create look more like they belong in THE fanciest spas, homes, hotels…whatever!…in the world. They’re always breathtaking.

The shoes, of course, were art of their own.  Having been in the footwear and fashion industry for many moons, I watched the birth to death of many a pair…and I know exactly what goes into them.  I’d personally steer clear of stepping out in these if I were him, however, simply in fear of dirtying their impeccable polish!

In any case, I’ll maintain my mother has a supernal gift because there’s no explaining the talent – it’s an inherent spark I wish I had.  But I’m so very proud of her, and I’m inspired by the things she does to raise money to help wonderful causes…all the time. I can only hope to make as much difference in my life, and am blessed to have the example. (Keeping in mind I won’t ever quite get the hang of flower arranging!)



Hard Work

Nothing in Life worth having is free, or easy.  Period.


We all have a different path, different goals, different failures and struggles… But the one thing we can have in common – if we choose it – is opportunity.


If you want it, you have to be willing to work.




Some days the journey feels insurmountable, but the results are always within reach if you keep at it.  There would be no meaning, nor joy, in any of it were it not the case – to be handed what we have not earned will never give the satisfaction.


ZERO Talent

Not much has to be said about this list. . . It’s straightforward, and shoots down all those flimsy, zero-merit excuses.

You don’t NEED any talent to put in hard work.  You don’t have to be top of your class to go the extra mile, or to show others you are interested in what they are saying.  And you don’t need some magical aptitude to arrive on time, or to have a positive, upbeat attitude…

It doesn’t take something being handed to you either.  Even if some require a little extra attention and work, these resources are available to every human being on the planet. Period. 



Fik Shun Rainy Day Chain Hang

As as dancer, I am always ogling over the extraordinary talent out there.  In a way, I’m thrilled it’s all become so mainstream and popular (in the Fashion arena, for example, I’d feel differently!) The body control alone, not to mention the innovative choreography and movement is ever-inspirational, and a joy to watch.  For me, it’s actually frustratingly contagious! 😉

I came across this World Of Dance Bay Area 2015 performance by Fik Shun recently (here, to Tincup’s Rainy Day.)  Totally wowed, as usual, by his ability to just jam, without a preset routine – intimately knowing one’s music gives us that freedom, but it also means we have to have a depth of vocabulary so substantial that we can find the right movement without so much as a second to pull it out of a hat! (If you don’t know of Du-Shaunt “Fik-Shun” Stegall, he was the male winner on of So You Think You Can Dance, season 10.)

Photo from Fik Shun's FB page

Photo from Fik Shun’s FB page

We are so blessed to have so much access these days – just a decade ago we may never have seen the likes of Fik Shun (or any upcommers, in any arena, for that matter!)  A friend posted this video of Fik Shun the other day – he’s dancing at the World of Dance Las Vegas in 2014 to the Crizzly & AFK Remix of Chain Hang Low by Crizzly (It’s an odd cross between a musical kid’s toy and dub step, but whatever, the moves are sick!)

Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 8.54.16 PM

Photo from Fik Shun’s FB page