Easter Bun-San

If I was recruited to fill in for the Easter Bunny, I’d basically be dressed just like this…

I’d be hippity-hoppity, and happily chopity, looking for some delicious eggs to eat!

Martial Arts Halloween

Even Martial Art stores are honoring the Best Day Ever! (That’s the 31st of October, not that you needed to ask! ūüėČ )




If you need a full blown Ninja uniform. . .or a glowing saber (listen, you never know!). . .they’ve got you covered with a few fun…and discounted…goodies!





Martial Arts Humor – How To Catch A Ninja

They don’t teach you this in Ninjutsu. ¬†I feel like – though – it’s common sense to be mindful of bubble wrap… The stuff can really render your skills null and void.

I feel like I’m constantly telling the kids to “watch your neighbor!” or “where’s that Ninja awareness?!”¬† COMMON SENSE when you are learning the Art of the most stealthy stalkers in history. ¬†You would *think.*

I mean you could be quieter than silence itself, but your sleeping Samu opponent Рwho may have preemptively been to Mailboxes or the UPS store Рmight already have you one-upped.


(C) Sunny Street Max Garcia

Watch your step, Ninja Master…lest your popping footfall announce you before you strike.

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A Girl Can Have Goals

So the moment I saw Sarah Connor in Terminator 2, around age 13 or so…that was that. ¬†I thought “holy smokes, I want to be that badass!”¬† There is something amazing to me about a woman who can truly hold her own – I never really enjoyed the “damsel in distress” idea because I felt like I wanted to rely on MYSELF – even as a little girl I loved the idea of being “strong” all around.

Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 5.26.37 PM

I was always in the mindframe – definitely more tomboy than not, and in love all things¬†dark¬†and otherworldly… ¬†My favorite haunt at museums¬†(aside from the Ancient Egyptian wing!) was the Armory…and then there’s that thing about Martial Arts…so…I guess this isn’t a stretch!


Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 5.29.42 PM

As for firearms, I’m not nearly as proficient as I’d like to be, but I’m working on it. ¬†My hunnie was a competitive shooter so I am incredibly thankful for the advice, guidance, and teaching – it is definitely something you have to get used to. ¬†I have a highly acute auditory system so I have to double up on ear protection – even then, I STILL flinch! ¬†But…I’ll get there! ¬†If nothing else, understanding the mechanics of a firearm in a crazy world is very much a skill that can save a Life (maybe even your own.) ¬†I don’t take the responsibility or act lightly.¬†

I do wonder why there are so many people wearing tactical gear at the range though – I’m not sure it is wholly required for sales and handing out lanes… ¬†But then…I kind of want this outfit so maybe I shouldn’t be talking??

Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 5.29.15 PM

I feel like we can say so much about ourselves in pictures… Lofty goals, I realize, but it won’t keep me from dreaming! ūüėČ ¬†I’m definitely on the tougher chick spectrum (as opposed to the girlie), but I don’t think that’s a bad thing. ¬†I think strong women are flat-out phenomenal, and I’m honored if I can even be a fraction as awesome as many I know and respect….even those in art or film!

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Martial Arts Humor – My Mom

Leaving to head back home after visiting my parents for the weekend…

Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 5.06.00 PM

Mom: It’s going to start snowing, you better get going! ¬†I don’t want you to have any trouble.

Me:¬†Okay! I’ll let you know when I get there.

Mom:  Do you have your sword, Bunny?

Me: I do! 

Mom: Okay, good!  Drive safely! 


Can’t forget the important things!

Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 5.05.24 PM






The Ultimate Aim Of Martial Arts

Whenever I say I do Martial Arts, people almost¬†always¬†ask if I could beat someone up. ¬†OR they’ll say “I wouldn’t mess with you!” ¬†Without fail, I will pause…because I’m not always sure what to say.

I also know some folks who participate in a few of the more “hardcore” disciplines who have abruptly halted another martial artist while speaking to say his or her Art is the most effective. ¬†Shame on them!¬† There is benefit to knowing how to maneuver one’s body in space and time, regardless of the style. ¬†Regardless of the SPORT, in fact!

I don’t really have to “be clear” about anything, though – one of the greatest swordsmen in history – Miyamoto¬†Musashi –¬†said it best…moons and moons ago:

Screen Shot 2015-09-08 at 8.15.50 PM

I¬†personally¬†never pursued a Life with Martial Arts because I wanted to “take someone down.” ¬†I respect – fully – the sports surrounding the Arts, as well as those individuals who train arduously…relentlessly…to be at their peak in a few of the more merciless Arts – they have that right to choose. ¬†Everyone’s goals are different.¬†

For me, though, it was about discipline, better mastery of my physicality,¬†spirit, goals and¬†challenges, and the ability to get OUT of a turbulent and escalating situation…not to start one.

I was trained as a figure skater and dancer for a huge portion of my Life – Martial Arts, in my own eyes, is a dance. ¬†A deadly one? ¬†It certainly has the potential to be. ¬†The Arts combine fluid precision, with grace, speed, agility, power and athleticism – it is the perfect, seamless dance…once which I am grateful to know on some level, that can be used to exit stage left if the occasion called for it.

Martial Arts DO NOT¬†go hand in hand with bravado, huffing and puffing… ¬†

If that’s going on, it isn’t Martial Arts.

They are meant, in part, to serve you in a time of stress and danger, to allow you to escape as safely and quickly as possible without inflicting any more (or any at all!) damage beyond what is required to stay secure.  

I can only speak for myself when I say that I hope my knowledge is never tested – I simply wouldn’t look forward to such an altercation, prepared and trained or not. I have nothing to “prove” to an opponent (beyond that I can stay safe…and lawsuit free!)

So if a brutal Art form is favored, by all means! ¬†Those training with you will be in the same boat, very likely, so the game is fair. ¬†But for me…it’s more about knowing them, and having the background…but not ever REALLY needing to use them. ¬†

And if I do…let’s just say I hope it’s to neutralize, not devastate…and get as far away as possible.


Slash, Pun Intended

It’s gotten really muggy and warm lately…we almost skipped Spring, as a matter of fact. ¬†

I love the weather no matter what it’s doing, because I just feel blessed to have another day (I also happen to feel that we are incredibly fortunate here in the Northeast to have all four Seasons…with a noticeable (gorgeous!) difference between them.) ¬†

That doesn’t mean I’m comfortable in all weather, however, so it is important for me to dress appropriately (I’m not quite Nathan Lane in the Birdcage after hearing that he is “leaving,” but heat can take its toll on me without question.)

I wore¬†my Slash tee to practice this morning – I commandeer the Dojang an hour or more before anyone else shows up, so I was able to go through¬†my Kumdo form…in this lovely¬†getup. ¬†I enjoyed being able to work without getting too overheated before class.


That said, there are, despite my personal preferences, times at which being appropriate trumps being comfortable Рin Martial Arts, it is expected that you are in the designated uniform for class.  The uniforms are a sign of respect, but also of discipline РI could liken it to a business man showing up for a client meeting in flips flops and shorts, instead of a suit and tie.  

You just don’t do it!

I had the blessing to participate in a 300 mile bike ride over three days for ALS the summer before last, and the first day was 110 degrees – I actually laughed because not only am I not a DISTANCE athlete, I’m also NOT a HEAT athlete… ¬†

So nowadays, when I hear people complain that it’s hot out, I kind of chuckle. ¬†At one time, I’d NEVER dreamed of doing a sport where a hot environment was necessary (do figure skaters even do that?! *lol*)¬† To train many hundreds of miles, and enroll in an event in the peak of Summer WAS admittedly a bit crazy on my part. ¬†But…completing it convinced me that I am capable of surviving hotter temperatures without turning to a vampy pile of ash. ¬†I may not be comfortable, but I can do it.


This morning a woman came to class wearing a tee shirt with her red belt – It was not my place to say a word to her about it, but did¬†do a bit of a double take. ¬†The class began, many moons ago, as a very casual and “health-oriented” one…but because some of us took the time very seriously, others have also begun to. ¬†The wonderful thing about that is that we can train in a better way, but also help other belts work towards the next rank. ¬†

When I see kids not retie their belts, but instead take them off as soon as they slip, I help them to pull the knot Рwearing the right uniform is an important part of Martial Arts, and can (potentially) teach discipline and respect early on.  

I wore my Slash tee while working with my sword and stretching, but I had my Dobok on before the Grandmaster showed up for sure! ¬†I love you, Slash…and you kept me cool…but I had to put the long sleeves on eventually…even if not everyone followed that unspoken rule!