Smashbox Studio Skin 24-Hour Concealer

Athletes know the struggle is real… I don’t wear much on my skin beyond actual skincare products (which I layer on) – it won’t work for my lifestyle and I honestly don’t want to look like two different people between daytime, and when I get ready for bed.  Natural is key for me, but so is staying power when I do need something.

Smashbox already has a 24-hour waterproof concealer – the 24 Hour Spot Concealer – so I’m not totally sure if this is replacing it or what (both are the same price, $25.)  Studio Skin 24 Hour Concealer (you can also get it here) is the newest to the lineup and referred to as a “magic wand” by artists at the Smashbox L.A. studio.  What a lot of people didn’t like about the Spot Concealer was the applicator – it often leaked when closing (though there are specific instructions about how to wipe the wand down) – so maybe this is a step up.  Still, while the benefits seem close, housing aside, it doesn’t appear to be a replacement.

Smashbox image

Smashbox image

The product is designed to stay put, hide imperfections, and maintain a moisturizing effect that won’t settle into lines.  It’s medium to full coverage, sweat, humidity, AND transfer resistant (hallelujah), oil free, and light diffusing – that’s quite a list of “bragging rights,” and one that anyone who is active – or dealing with summer – will appreciate.  Thoughts on this guy?


L’Oreal Paris UV City Mist

So I’ve rambled on about sun protection before – it’s HUGELY important.  We generally don’t apply enough, nor as frequently as we should – I do wear SPF 30 on my face every day, but then there are hands, necks, ears, and other exposed areas that are forgotten about by most of us! 

With that said, the easier to use, the better – I love mists for that reason, so this one – UV Perfect Aqua Essence City Mist SPF 50 – caught my eye.  L’Oreal has an incredible R&D team and definitely spends on getting products right – so they are a name I trust when it comes to skincare (including suncare.)  

Screen Shot 2016-04-02 at 2.01.31 PM

(Not sure of photo attribution – if you know, please share! 🙂

This particular product is designed to be ultra light, refreshing, and long-lasting (it says 12 hour UV protection but that feels like a generous statistic.)  The details, per L’Oreal, include:

  • 3 seconds spray-on
  • Can be applied over makeup
  • Sweatproof
  • Non-sticky
  • Non-greasy
  • Hydrates skin 

I haven’t seen this in the States as yet, but it appears you can get it in the UK already!

The BEAUTY of Female Athletes (Thank you, Bobbi Brown!)

I didn’t grow up wanting a pony, to be in pink dresses, or to be supermodel-waif-thin.  

I wanted to beat the pants off the boys in sprints at school.  

I wanted to jump like Brian Boitano when I was on the ice.  

I wanted muscles, not just curves…  

I wanted to be an athlete…  And I became one.

I was always staggered at the seemingly vast disconnect between “pretty” and “athletic,” though, as if they couldn’t be in the same sentence. I can assure you that my days as a ballerina were intense – blood, sweat and tears were part of the game…but it was, without question, BEAUTIFUL.

Being on the ice was like having a pair of wings… It was hard work.  Early mornings, late nights, seven days a week.  Falling from a triple jump HURTS.  Skating in 1 degree because we trained outdoors wasn’t always peachy… But it was BEAUTIFUL.  

Training hard at the gym, or dojo, or dojang isn’t EVER glamorous – there’s contusions, muscle and ligament tears, crying, laughing, bleeding, DOMS, bad days… I have one reconstructed knee, and one that’s still severed – the former changed my Life and my athletic career.  But I FEEL…

B E A U T I F U L.

Strength, courage, muscle, passion, confidence, perseverance, hard work... 

To me, those are things that DEFINE “pretty.”   

So when I saw that Bobbi Brown is working with female pro athletes, I LIT UP!  She has turned to these uber-accomplished ladies to put the proof in the pudding for her “Long Wear,” sweat proof line.  (Had this come out when I was still in Ballroom, make no mistake, I’d have made a bee line for a Bobbi counter! – hot lights LoOoOoVE to melt makeup.  And when you are dancing with every fast twitch fiber you’ve got…there WILL be sweat on your brow!)

I’ve never been one to moan about glass ceilings or sticky floors – in my mind I just DID IT.  

I did what I wanted to do, or I sure as hell tried.  I never felt like I “couldn’t” because someone else said I couldn’t.  Usually, that just gave me more fodder for my fire.

These girls rock:

Julia Mancuso – Alpine Ski Racer

Hannah Teeter – Olympic and X Games Medalist and Snowboarder 

Kelia Moniz – Pro Surfer

Roberta Mancino – Base Jumper and Shark Diver

THANK YOU, Bobbi Brown, for embracing the power and strength…and BEAUTY…of the female athletes out there. Inspiring, and appreciated.