Summer 2017 – Garnier Skinactive Honey Flower

I often see new skincare crop up overseas before it comes to the States, which means that I at least get enough time to read reviews and see if it’s worth tracking down (before our stores decide to give us the option!)

As a Martial Artist and athlete – not to mention, a fair-skinned woman who is as subject to time and the elements as we all are – skincare is a big deal.  I’m pretty religious – and devoted – to my regimen and products, but I’m ever curious, as the skincare world is rapidly innovating (particularly with more and more exposure to other cultures and markets.  I have a plethora of posts (and there are more!) about Asian skincare, a personal favorite topic.)

Anyway, the Garnier Skinactive Honey Flower range appears to be in the UK presently – you can check it out here on and a variety of other UK web retailers. I learned about the newbies via, where you can also read what the products are like.

Why bother with this new collection?  (Always the question I ask myself because I have a TON of products already. I am, essentially, my own store – but, ladies, the investment IS worth it.  Trust me.) Per’s description:

Garnier’s first toner made of 96% ingredients of natural origin, enriched with Honey Flower, known for its nourishing properties.

These products, therefore, are designed to be gentle with your skin, and less filled with things you can’t pronounce – both are big pluses. They are also specifically helpful to dry or very dry skin – come the colder months, that might be really important for most of us!

That said, if you already use such products, and find that they work nicely for you, I don’t know whether these are totally necessary.  But again, they’re out online at least, which means you can also snoop through the reviews and see if they make sense for you.  More and more companies are going the more-natural-less-harsh route so you certainly have a fair share of options.

Summer 2016 – Maybelline Bricks

I’ve only seen this new Bronzer here, and here, so I’m guessing it isn’t coming to the USA right away (usually we have a lag!)  That said, it is very much a summer offering, so we shall see.

I can’t say I’m incredibly surprised by a palette bronzer, per say…or by the “bricks” concept, which Bobbi Brown and others have done for both bronzing and highlighting products.  But it is kind of a new format for Maybelline, so it’s fun to see.

The bronzer pairs matte and shimmer “bricks” for a tan that doesn’t go flat.  Britishbeautyblogger has posted her comments and more images, including swatches, so definitely take a peek.

Maybelline Winter Delight Baby Lips

Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 9.42.28 AMI don’t really wear lipstick… I’m a balm kind of girl!  When Maybelline’s Baby Lips came out, I snatched up a few in cherry…and I have been buying them since.

Some of you may have seen that a few new Autumn / Winter editions, included in Maybelline’s “Winter Delight” Collection have been spotted – some in the UK, at Superdrug, and in the USA, at a Bed, Bath & Beyond.  

When I read “Sugar Cookie” and “Sweet Apple” I got a little jealous.  There is also a “Hot Cocoa” (omg, yum!) at Superdrug apparently as an exclusive, and a “Mint Candy.”

There also appear to be some Dr. Rescue nail products, but I haven’t found better info yet!

I recently moved and there isn’t a Bed, Bath & Beyond + Harmon nearby (insert disgruntled look!) so it isn’t as likely I will find them here.  But..that won’t stop me from snooping!!!  😉


  • GREAT post and swatches from BudgetBeautyBlog. Note that some of the names are different – I will go with hers!  
  • Also, the nail products are overseas, so if you are in the UK, you are more familiar than I am!  Thank you to Lou for filling me in! 🙂