Long Live (Mc)Queen

I miss Alexander McQueen – I was so distressed when I learned of his passing some years ago.  McQueen was one of fashion the envelope pushers…who got away with it.  He took shapes and ideas to the next level, stirring the creative possibilities unabashedly.  

His models wore headdresses of birds in flight – so real looking that you’d half expect to have one on your shoulder at any moment, vying for a snack…or lock of hair.  


Towering, extraterrestrial heels (a word I used prior to seeing this post, but who wouldn’t go there?! I did back then too) – not only bizarre, but downright menacing – strut alongside re-vivified chopine, rounded, snake-snouted booties (a favorite of Ms. Gaga), and biker badassery.


No, he never was for the faint of heart, but I liked that.  He still managed relevancy, amidst the spectacle too, albeit “wearable” for the bold more so than the masses.

A friend recently showed me a clutch covered in skulls and rhinestones…and it reminded me of McQueen right away.  (And anyway – it’s almost Halloween – a perfect time for fearless revelry…and accessories!)

I recalled the bejeweled, bedecked (skull-decked, I should say) knuckle ring clutches he made back when. They are still – not surprisingly – going strong among the quirky, and affluent.

screen-shot-2016-09-29-at-6-29-26-pm screen-shot-2016-09-29-at-6-29-14-pm


They are essentially wearable art – you couldn’t possibly go unnoticed bearing one of these in your hand.  But then you wouldn’t buy it if you didn’t favor an adventurous path, undaunted by the merrily mundane (casting curious looks ‘ere you go!)

Bronde and Beautiful

So the new trend, according to L’oreal (and I don’t think they are far off – remember Khloe’s tortoiseshell hair) is “Bronde,” a fusion – I’m sorry, the “perfect fusion” – of brown and blonde hues.



I see the word “contouring” on the site, and I feel like that’s a smart way to play the lingo – contouring has become a household term, where once is was strictly relegated to backstage, under lights, and dressing rooms.

It makes perfect sense – we have long heard about the “face-framing layers” and “highlights or lowlights to complement skin tone.”  This is really the same thing, but using terminology to better illustrate the idea of playing up your facial features…and your coloring.



I don’t know if “Bronde” rolls off the tongue exactly…and the concept isn’t really “new” per se.  But I like that L’oreal is going with the marketing flow and tying it into the trends-of-now.  Having been behind the scenes in Fashion, I understand how important that is for the Company, as well as to consumers…  It isn’t only about selling product – sometimes it inspires, encourages creativity, and edifies at the same time. 



Going “Bronde” might be the perk up someone needs to change their look and feel like a new woman – you know how well that works!  A great new hairstyle, or new twist on your color?  Life-changing! 🙂

D&G’s Rainbow Lace

I not only love that Dolce & Gabbana’s is doing Taormina lace…which can be everything from haute, to edge to elegant, to sexy rock ‘n’ roll…but that they are offering so many gorgeous (and WEARABLE!) shades!  

They could go with an evening gown, but then who wants to compete?!  

If you are feeling edgy, wear them with light-colored denim and a tee (rock royalty?!)

More professional?  Pair them with tapered khaki pants for the office

Or toss them on with an all-black, evening-out ensemble to jazz things up with a jolt of vibrant color. 

These lovely ladies are bedecked with large-scale brooches, sporting “bright bezels” – “they’re so happy!” as my mother would say.  

Decadent, absolutely.  

Show-stopping, 100%.  

And SO much fun. 😀

I find the colors to be right on point – perfect, representative shades of each color group. The array of nudes – from deeper, to pink-hued, to cream – is stunning, and will work on a variety of skin tones.  Black is a must-have, of course (you can choose from a variety of heel heights, by the way, adding to Dolce’s points!)

There’s also a true, blue-based red that’s divine, fiery orange, watery teal and powder blue… All just beautiful.

Emerald and cobalt are also accounted for, as well as a golden yellow, bright red, peach, and regal purple.  

The colors, to me, are what really make this line perfection – I don’t ordinarily wear color on my feet, but these are such statement shoes that stepping out (no pun – honestly! – intended) is absolutely warranted.  

Redken One United

Redken One United joins the vast influx of multi-benefit products out there – over the last year I have seen so many, my head is spinning.  Having been in performance sports most of my Life, though, most of us welcome the thought of addressing damage and concerns with one product.

Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 12.11.43 PM

This one managed to amass a list of purported benefits larger than any other I have seen to date…so if it lives up to them, bravo.  A lot of us are on the go, and shaving time off of “getting ready” or “routine maintenance,” as it were…is always a wonderful thing.  That said, I only need about five minutes to “pull myself together.”  That doesn’t mean I look stellar, but presentable, yes. 🙂 

Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 12.11.34 PM

The ingredient list isn’t horribly long (though don’t expect to be able to pronounce everything at first glance!) Water, coconut oil, and dimethicones are at the forefront (coconut oil is amazing on it’s own for a variety of reasons, though start with a small amount and add if needed!)  Lactic acid has cropped up in more shampoos and conditioners these days (L’Oreal Professional and mass market lines have used it a while now.)

I always review what’s in products because of potential allergens…but also because I really don’t want that much “stuff” in my hair or on my skin.  Still, something that tackles an honest plethora of problems at once…maybe I’d be willing to let the list be longer. 😉

Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 12.12.00 PM

HB Designer Collections

Hot On Beauty isn’t really for the mainstream…but then I don’t look at like sites because I want to replicate the styles for myself.  To me, it’s art…and it reminds me of being in a ballroom, or on the ice. ❤  

Having been a performing athlete for much of my Life, I appreciate the sheer talent, innovation, and creativity that it takes to create the kind of looks the designers did for these Collections.  There may be one-in-a-handful of people who could pull these looks off on a regular basis…or who has the wherewithal (resources!) to maintain them.  But, I admire them all the same – whether for the masses, or a singular, stand-out soul – and give the hairstyle designers major props for the magic (and it IS magic) that they work.

chumba.com.au / http://hotonbeauty.com photos

chumba.com.au / http://hotonbeauty.com photos

I clicked on “Rail” by Carl Keeley and Chumba Concept Salons because the main image was of auburn-to-blonde ombre waves – somehow, paired with the burnt orange and rust shadows, this degrade stood out.  It says here “Oriental Express” and I guess I can see that (think: spices)…but she looks kind of 1970s to me with this coloring…and really, it’s gorgeous.

chumba.com.au / http://hotonbeauty.com photos

chumba.com.au / http://hotonbeauty.com photos

chumba.com.au / http://hotonbeauty.com photos

chumba.com.au / http://hotonbeauty.com photos

The other look of those here that I really loved was the super sleek, full-on superhero red and orange mane – this would take a lot to maintain, but talk about a statement!  It’s got a high gloss to it, so I imagine in person, it would be hard to turn away.  I wonder if the color has any superpower side effects…?

chumba.com.au / http://hotonbeauty.com photos

chumba.com.au / http://hotonbeauty.com photos

The other three of the five looks for Rail were lovely also, and photographed with an old London railway station feel (wicker suitcases, burnished leather and heavy canvas trunks, and the like…) The redhead was a bit out of sorts but I’m guessing she was the dash of paprika! 😉