Long Live (Mc)Queen

I miss Alexander McQueen – I was so distressed when I learned of his passing some years ago.  McQueen was one of fashion the envelope pushers…who got away with it.  He took shapes and ideas to the next level, stirring the creative possibilities unabashedly.  

His models wore headdresses of birds in flight – so real looking that you’d half expect to have one on your shoulder at any moment, vying for a snack…or lock of hair.  


Towering, extraterrestrial heels (a word I used prior to seeing this post, but who wouldn’t go there?! I did back then too) – not only bizarre, but downright menacing – strut alongside re-vivified chopine, rounded, snake-snouted booties (a favorite of Ms. Gaga), and biker badassery.


No, he never was for the faint of heart, but I liked that.  He still managed relevancy, amidst the spectacle too, albeit “wearable” for the bold more so than the masses.

A friend recently showed me a clutch covered in skulls and rhinestones…and it reminded me of McQueen right away.  (And anyway – it’s almost Halloween – a perfect time for fearless revelry…and accessories!)

I recalled the bejeweled, bedecked (skull-decked, I should say) knuckle ring clutches he made back when. They are still – not surprisingly – going strong among the quirky, and affluent.

screen-shot-2016-09-29-at-6-29-26-pm screen-shot-2016-09-29-at-6-29-14-pm


They are essentially wearable art – you couldn’t possibly go unnoticed bearing one of these in your hand.  But then you wouldn’t buy it if you didn’t favor an adventurous path, undaunted by the merrily mundane (casting curious looks ‘ere you go!)

Spring / Summer 2016 / 2017 RTW – Givenchy

Holy SMOKES is there a lot of hoopla about the Givenchy Show this year!  Riccardo Tisci will be opening a store in New York later on in 2015 (making it his tenth house), which attributed to some of the excitement…but the show also coincided with the horror of 9/11.

I don’t get into politics and don’t intend to start here…  What I will say is that I am confused by his “contemplative slowing down” of the show – many respects were paid, and should be – silence was offered in remembrance around the globe.  (I have many friends who are officers and military, some of whom were on the scene immediately.)  

But if there was any hint of using such an event to make a point (which I have seen in the industry first hand, sadly – the less stellar side), or add something in the world of Fashion, I would be highly put off.  Given how many other designers there were, I have that twinge of “what is that about?” with this Tisci.

I took a whole slew of screen shots to share but I’ll be honest, I’m having a tricky time with this one…  Some feel the waiting and spectacle was legitimately in honor, but I don’t know.  I’m Miss. Positive so typically I focus on the shows I really enjoy…and I did really like some of the pieces – laces, satins, sheers…unconventional pinstripes and wild interpretations of menswear on the feet…  It was really beautiful and detailed.

But I’m not sure the goings on were totally about 9/11 – a day which I will never forget, and in New York at the time. 

Vogue has offered more photos than for any of the other shows as yet, including details, beauty (extremely paired down, bleached brows, clean skin), atmosphere, and live stream (in addition to the review and Collection.)

Here is a gallery, but forgive that I have less comments – I really did want to write but my gut didn’t feel like following through with a glowing review.

Philipp Plein’s Badassery

I was walking to the Upper East Side in New York the other day and I literally stopped dead in front of Philipp Plein.  Why?  BADASSERY!  

I’m not sure if I saw the spike-studded men’s kicks first, or the studded leather jacket (I *think* the latter, but then the shoes were bright red) with the UBER-glam skull shirt (um, WANT IT!) but it was a have-to-take-a-snapshot moment.  I love spiked studs, and I love when they are en masse – it’s so London Punk, and you just don’t see it that much in mainstream anymore.  (Did we ever?!)  I believe the jacket on the left is the same as the Runway bomber, which appears to be more blacked-out.  It could be the light reflecting off the metal lapel plaque and studs…  But if not, sprayed tonal, or dark gunmetal would rock just as much (if not more!)

Philipp Plein NYC

Philipp Plein NYC

The kicks are pretty rad, and lean kind of hip-hop-ish.  No?  I can see a music artist sporting these with Dolce slacks or something at an event.  (Or maybe Plein pants.  Probably more kosher to say!)  They have a throw-back-to-80s feel to them a bit, and I can’t help but think of Michael Jackson (far as I’m concerned, that’s a compliment.  Please, don’t shoot me down. I’m a DANCER! 😉 ) 

But what REALLY stopped me in my tracks was the GINORMOUS black crystal skull in the front of the store.  The maintenance man literally stepped aside, opening the door (this was early morning before hours!) because he could SEE that the thing lit me up!  *LOL* 😀 I want that for my apartment, dang it! 

Philipp Plein NYC

Philipp Plein NYC

Plein puts skulls on all sorts of pieces, and appears to have a penchant for placing them prominently on the back.  I don’t think the “glitz” diminishes the coolness factor at all, either.  I personally think it adds extra sass and edginess – not for wall flowers for sure.

Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 10.45.07 PM


Philipp Plein

Philipp Plein

Iiiii LIKE IT, Philipp, if I dooo say sooo myself! ❤