Hats Out, Tatts Out…Helping Out!

It’s still pretty chilly out there, so I layer up.  Layering is really the way to go for me (as opposed to lumbering around in a giant, Staypuft coat, and gloves that make my hands look like a 6’4″ man’s.  NOT a good look.)  Layering is also a very dancer / ice skater thing to do – we’d just peel off as we got warmer and more limber – yay for practicality!

I aaalllways stretch, but it’s SUPER vital in the cold – the probability of strains, sprains, even tears, goes way up!  Maybe not for the LITTLE warriors, but for those of us a bit, er, older!  I spend a good amount of times stretching before class, or before a lesson, not only so I don’t waste my teacher’s time, but so that I can go that much father with whatever short stretches we do together.  With one reconstructed knee…and one ACL MIA…I don’t mess around.


I also make it a habit to get there even earlier than I would just to stretch so I can help out at the Dojang.  I’ve been cleaning up before class pretty much the entirety of my training in Martial Arts – I feel like it’s not only the respectful thing to do, but it is my little way of saying thank-you-so-much-for-teaching-me! to someone who really doesn’t NEED to be teaching anyone below a third degree, if at all!  So I bust out the vacuum and the lysol, and then hit the stretches and form review!


I was sporting my Lulu thumbie jacket (I LOVE thumbholes, but am a wee bit annoyed they’ve become more trendy.  Molding to the masses is never on my agenda, I’ll be totally honest.)  Underneath I had this tattoo sleeve shirt on.  I LOVE this shirt.  It’s so NOT my town.  *LOL*  My artwork is pretty much coverable and as much as I love sleeves, I probably wouldn’t ever GET one – knowing my Geminian tendencies, I think I’d get bored too fast.

So…the shirt works. It keeps me warm… And it kind of adds extra badassery to the Dojang.  Not like it needs it…because…HELLO!…it DOESN’T!