Martial Arts Humor – How To Catch A Ninja

They don’t teach you this in Ninjutsu.  I feel like – though – it’s common sense to be mindful of bubble wrap… The stuff can really render your skills null and void.

I feel like I’m constantly telling the kids to “watch your neighbor!” or “where’s that Ninja awareness?!”  COMMON SENSE when you are learning the Art of the most stealthy stalkers in history.  You would *think.*

I mean you could be quieter than silence itself, but your sleeping Samu opponent – who may have preemptively been to Mailboxes or the UPS store – might already have you one-upped.


(C) Sunny Street Max Garcia

Watch your step, Ninja Master…lest your popping footfall announce you before you strike.

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Martial Arts Humor – The Feline Ninja

This actually happens to me… My Bast figures aren’t quite so large, though, so they may not be the best guise for my boys…

Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 9.02.07 AM

But…They try.


If I stay perfectly still, she might think I’m a statue too…


Wait! I've been spotted! QUICK!

Wait! I’ve been spotted! QUICK!


If I quickly dart behind here, she'll never see me!

If I hide behind here, she’ll never see me!  Thanks, Bast!


To hell with this hiding stuff. I'm still a Ninja.

To hell with this hiding stuff. I’m STILL a Ninja!

Martial Arts Humor – Ninja Lineup

I love when I get to describe Ninjutsu to friends and acquaintances… People definitely envision the cloaked-in-black-only-eyes-showing Ninja from stories and television.

Oh yes, that’s quite real. . .  But so are the ones in broad daylight who look like everyone else.  It’s the nondescript ones in the modern age, who aren’t “seen” on purpose – sneak, stealth, and blending in is the name of the game.


Six Pack Black

It’s true that I lean a little bit goth.  I’m no overtly that way, save for my generally black attire, but I am a vamp at heart, and black is just what I gravitate towards.  

As it happens, black goes with EVERYTHING…so I personally feel like that’s justification enough!

Black one of those things – you can wake up and just not think about it.  When I worked in Fashion, I was simultaneously a competitive Ballroom dancer, which made for very long days and groggy mornings.  Black was simply the easiest

Black is incredibly chic – you can dress it up, dress it down, it jives either way.  Major points for the versatility there.

And…it’s slimming! 😀

In this case, however, it’s all about one of the best-selling bags from Six Pack Fitness.  I don’t have any of their bags (yet!) but I absolutely want one – I take snacks EVERYWHERE.  Their bags make staying healthy on the go incredibly easy, so even if you aren’t into the fitness arena, you may just want to pack healthy foods for you, or your loved ones!

Six Pack just came out with a black-out version of the Expedition Bags (the 300 and the 500).  I love the Red and Grey also, and the Pink is incredibly fun…

But this colorway is called “Stealth.”  Since I have a not-so-secret desire to be a ninja…I kind of want it for that alone! (Don’t judge!)

It’s kind of like the Darth Vader of snack bags.  

It really doesn’t get a lot cooler than that for eating on the go…