It’s NEVER 100% Dark

I loved this image. . .because it – broadly, in essence – is something I feel profoundly.


The light never does go out completely – the Universe still has quite a bit of (illuminated) stardust to go around!  

And if ever night seems utterly stygian, you are certain to find starlight in the eyes, and words, and embraces of those you love.  You need only look, and receive. 

More Positivity

Stretching With Sailor Jerry

I L ❤ VE my Sailor Jerry Chucks – they were an eBay acquisition and frankly, they aren’t so easy to find anymore.  There were a few styles, but these were my favorite, hands down.  Spring is coming so I figured they’d give me some spring in my step…and how could they not!?


I always get to the Dojang early to stretch and warm up, though sadly I can’t wear these babies to do it.  (I would actually love to kick the bag with these because I feel like they’d automatically make me feel more prepped to rock.  Hellooo!)


The flash tattoo print counter and tongue linings are ADORABLE.  Maybe I should say BADA$$, just in case “adorable” feels too…er, sweet..?  

I’m with you, let’s go with badass.  

Panthers and serpents?  Count me in! – I happen to L O V E both. ❤  Not just kind of either.  As in, I’d have them in my apartment if I could. 😀

The outside is a cheeky, retro pinup print, that’s pretty hard not to like.  From her strippy sandals, cutsie bikini and fifties updo, she’s the perfect flash.


The toe cap and side walls are blacked out, so the side wall band in bright red is a perfect touch – all black would have been too bland.  Where there’s flash, there has to be some sass.

And where I go, I guess that works out nicely!