Fitness Humor – Apparently Not Fit For Stairs!

There’s an irony to this scenario, especially if you are an active person. This happens to me ALL THE TIME! Weirdest phenomenon, positively hysterical in some ways (a little disheartening in others)…and I think more common than people like to let on.

If you feel badly about having trouble with stairs…don’t! You aren’t alone.

Fitness Humor – Laziness

So…it’s kind of like the people who circle around the parking lot for fifteen minutes trying to find a parking space close to the door…only to get on the treadmill to walk for an hour.  What is that?!

There was a sports store near me back home that had this setup – escalators on either side of the stairs. . .  

Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 5.35.23 PM

I was always the ONLY person using the stairs.  Not once did I see a single customer take them up, OR down!  So you’re going to buy free weights, lifting straps, fitness apparel, sports gear…and you’re going automatic on the escalator?

No offense but there isn’t “an app for that.”  You can take them.  Or not take them.  But the benefit is in expending a little energy – I feel so confused when I see this specifically at fitness-related establishments. 

Sometimes easier isn’t better – and isn’t that the cool part anyway?  HELL YES, I worked for that!