Six Pack Bags Sauces

I’m always looking for lower calorie condiment options (keeping in mind that I actually want to USE it, not just put a quarter teaspoon on my food!) 

I am not, let me say upfront, associated with Six Pack Bags, so no one put me up to sharing… But I did see their sauce profiles recently and though they sounded pretty snappy.  

I have a super sensitive system so even if I wanted to go crazy and try something different, I can’t really.  So I appreciate knowing what ingredients are being used, but also that there are options to spice up otherwise boring food.

The Mango Serrano sounds up my alley – sweet and spicy – and I bet it would work well on whatever protein you choose, frankly.

One of the best things about these is that they are very low calorie (zero calorie doesn’t mean there aren’t any – magically – in the bottle, by the way.  There ARE, but they are under 4 or 5 calories a serving, so using these mindfully certainly isn’t going to sabotage your diet.  With hot sauce, a little goes a long way also.)

These sauces are also gluten free, low in sodium, and free of MSG. I try to avoid sauces when I’m out because I never really know what’s going into them.  I also like that I can taste my food, as opposed to a heavy sauce.  BUT, I like flavor as much as anyone and love that there are some options with not a lot of “stuff” on the label, and a lower calorie profile (which means I can worry less about the sauce and more about the quantity and substance of my meal.) The idea shouldn’t be that we can’t enjoy our food, or that we can only have a little of it, right!?


HB Designer Collections

Hot On Beauty isn’t really for the mainstream…but then I don’t look at like sites because I want to replicate the styles for myself.  To me, it’s art…and it reminds me of being in a ballroom, or on the ice. ❤  

Having been a performing athlete for much of my Life, I appreciate the sheer talent, innovation, and creativity that it takes to create the kind of looks the designers did for these Collections.  There may be one-in-a-handful of people who could pull these looks off on a regular basis…or who has the wherewithal (resources!) to maintain them.  But, I admire them all the same – whether for the masses, or a singular, stand-out soul – and give the hairstyle designers major props for the magic (and it IS magic) that they work. / photos / photos

I clicked on “Rail” by Carl Keeley and Chumba Concept Salons because the main image was of auburn-to-blonde ombre waves – somehow, paired with the burnt orange and rust shadows, this degrade stood out.  It says here “Oriental Express” and I guess I can see that (think: spices)…but she looks kind of 1970s to me with this coloring…and really, it’s gorgeous. / photos / photos / photos / photos

The other look of those here that I really loved was the super sleek, full-on superhero red and orange mane – this would take a lot to maintain, but talk about a statement!  It’s got a high gloss to it, so I imagine in person, it would be hard to turn away.  I wonder if the color has any superpower side effects…? / photos / photos

The other three of the five looks for Rail were lovely also, and photographed with an old London railway station feel (wicker suitcases, burnished leather and heavy canvas trunks, and the like…) The redhead was a bit out of sorts but I’m guessing she was the dash of paprika! 😉