Summer 2016 – L’Oreal True Match Highlight

I never use Snapchat – in fact, I’ve no idea, really, what the app even looks like.  But Budgetbeautyblog posted an image (this IS Instagram, no?!) of some fun new highlighters from L’Oreal.

I personally have AN ARSENAL of highlighters.  My wedding is in October, so naturally I am sifting through them all to see which ones I will actually end up using (wouldn’t it be tremendous to layer them all!? Ermagawd!I am incredibly discriminating, however, when it comes to “glow-getters” – and I am ever-determined to find ones that DO. NOT. GLITTER.  

Back in my college days, wearing glitter on my eyes, dark and painted jeans, and combat boots was no big deal.  In ballroom, it was basically a prerequisite.  But – as I have droned on about over and over again – I no longer feel my skin has to sparkle.  

No.  No, thank you.  I just want to glow – healthily – in a gleaming, possibly pearlescent manner.  But any sign of glitter – however small – will send me running the other way.  When the sun comes out (or the moon!) I expect my radiance to appear as though I am, indeed, lit from within.

Lofty wishes, maybe… Demanding of my products, 1,000%.  But I have found highlighters that glow beautifully, minus that disco ball scenario.  I don’t know if these L’Oreal liquid creams will just be “sheen” or something too-young for my taste – they look quite lovely swatches here, though!  Clavicle, brown bone, cheeks…the shades would work anywhere.  Curious to see more about these in the next few weeks!

Summer 2016 – Essie Bridal Collection

While I won’t be a bride this Summer…I will be come Autumn, though…so I thought it would be fun to share this new Bridal Collection from Essie for ladies who ARE getting married (or attending a wedding!) this Spring or Summer! 🙂

The Collection features six new shades, all delicate pastels – they are fresh, happy, and perfect for the Season (particularly, in my opinion, Springtime.)

The colors will retail for $8.00, and include:

  • Between The Seats – ivory
  • Groom Service – soft lavender
  • Passport To Happiness – a bright mint
  • Steal His Name – milky peach
  • Coming Together – light pink
  • Mrs Always-Right – cranberry terracotta

I like that they do offer a deeper “pastel” option for those who may not want to go too “sweet.”  The names, of course, are super cheeky and fun…  I kind of like the shimmer, Passport To Happiness mint myself…

As for me, though, even though it will be Autumn. . .three days from my FAVORITE day, Halloween!. . .AND despite my inherent vampiness. . .I will go with my usual glitter ombre.  It always looks so fun, reminds me of my ballroom days, and will definitely work with the gown!

Glitter Ombre

Glitter Ombre


From Ballroom To Mats



I still have my glittering uv gel nails from my Ballroom days.  I realize it isn’t exactly “Martial Arts”-y, but…I can’t help myself.  I also realize I am juxtaposing two extremes – sparkles and badassery – but that’s just how I’m going to roll.  (No pun intended!)

I was working on Trap And Rolls the other day with a very tall, broad male partner – as he threw me off, his upper back rolled over my hands, causing them to crush into the floor.  It didn’t hurt because my wrists were in the proper position (palms were up, facing his back), but the sound of “pop! pop! POP! poppp!” let me know that the nails didn’t come out unscathed.  I ended up using my hunnie’s 4 year-old niece’s princess band-aid to keep my thumb nail (then in three parts) together.  Great look.

They weren’t nearly as long as normal but any length is evidently an issue.  Is it necessary to totally forgo “pretty” to be a Martial Artist or Jiu-Jitsu practitioner?  I don’t think so…

I still have the glitter, but had the nails filed uber short. I can’t promise they’re going to last, but I have a better chance of their survival at a non-Ballroom length!

Spring 2016 – Bobbie Glow

You may have seen some coverage of this already – as with her Collections in general, Bobbi Brown‘s “Glow” is a very natural and radiant selection of products.  I find that Bobbie never ventures too far out of that scope, which I have always really loved about her – the Collections are extremely easy to wear and translate incredibly well for daytime, as much as elements can be used to further enhance for evening.  “Enhance” is a word I like to use for the brand because I have always felt like her color schemes do just that – never over the top, just us with a little boost!

bobbibrowncosmetics photo

bobbibrowncosmetics photo

The Glow Collection for Spring 2016 is in department stores this month, and can be found on her site already.  

bobbibrowncosmetics photo

bobbibrowncosmetics photo

Products include:

Long-Wear Gel Sparkle 

Sheer, multi-dimensional sparkle plus all day wear make this creamy formula the ultimate eye-opening shadow. Lighter shades are perfect for highlighting under the brow bone and at the inner corner of the eye—wherever you want a touch of luminosity.

  • Brown Metal – light grey brown with a beautiful blend of sparkle and pearl
  • Goldstone – gold shade with a beautiful blend of sparkle and pearl
  • Opal – white highlighter shade with beautiful sparkle and pearls
  • Pink Oyster – pink shade with a beautiful blend of sparkle and pearl
  • Silver Heather – light lilac shade with beautiful sparkle and pearls
bobbibrowncosmetics photo

bobbibrowncosmetics photo

Highlighting Powder 

You asked, we listened—our cult-favorite Highlighting Powder is back. This high-impact, light-reflective powder gives skin shimmering pink highlights and is ideal for strobing. Plus, it’s housed in a sleek, mirrored compact, so you can take your glow to go.

  • Pink Glow – bronze and silver
  • Bronze Glow – golden bronze
bobbibrowncosmetics photo

bobbibrowncosmetics photo

Extra Lip Tint 

Lightweight, sheer and ultra-moisturizing, our Extra Lip Tint has all the benefits of your go-to balm, plus a just-bitten pink stain that brings out the best in lips. Our favorite part? The subtle stain blends in with your natural lip color, so it’s instantly your perfect shade (and everyone else’s, too).

bobbibrowncosmetics photo

bobbibrowncosmetics photo

HAPPY 2016!!!

I’m so excited for the New Year to start – it will be a continuation of all the good from 2015! ❤  It keeps getting better and better!  

Screen Shot 2015-12-31 at 9.16.51 AM

Don’t forget to set, and be clear about, your intentions – miracles happen every day!

I came across this makeupforeverofficial image and thought, what a perfect way to end and begin the year – with a glittering glow, a vampy “take-no-funny-business” red, and peaceful, restful vibe.


Glitter UV Gel

I’ve done UV Gel for years…ever since my competitive Ballroom dance days.  Most of the ladies do a wide French but I alway stuck to my degrade glitter – it was different, still maintained the look of long “lines,” and just made me happy!  It may be the girliest thing about me, matter of fact…

I moved about two months ago and I was worried about finding a replacement for the woman I went to – she knew exactly what I needed done, and exactly how I wanted it.  But thanks to Google – there is always Google! – I located a few places and found the perfect one!  


I wasn’t going to wither and keel over if I could have them done – it isn’t the end all be all by any stretch! But  little comforts or treats that we have for ourselves keep us in a routine, and give us some kind of control.  

Leaving one place and starting over can feel overwhelming – something as small as getting your Gel redone, or having your haircut can be a stressor!  Might sound silly to some, but when you think about it, those little things are like reference points – they’re things you look forward to in order to unwind and treat yourself!


The great news is, there is always someone else out there, and they are often close by.  Read reviews and do your due diligence, but know that it really isn’t a big deal…and you will find your  groove soon enough! 🙂

Holiday 2015 – China Glaze Star Hopping

Star Hopping sounds like loads of fun, honestly!  And I’m kind of excited that there might be a Chanel Ciel Du Nuit dupe-ish (it’s not quite the same, but it has the celestial flavor) from my college days…a good 17 years ago! China Glaze photo China Glaze photo

The Collection includes eight glittering, limited edition hues, which retail for $5.00:

  • You’re Too Sweet – Pale pink with holographic glitter
  • Turn Up The Heat – Berry glitter
  • Pick Me Up Purple – Pale lilac with holographic glitter
  • Counting Carats – Multi size gold glitter
  • Silver Of Sorts – Multi size silver glitter
  • Star Hopping – Holographic dark blue
  • Can You Sea Me? – Silver and blue holographic glitter
  • Give Me The Green Light! – Blue-green glitter

The glitter appears to be pretty concentrated, which I personally love – nothing worse than a clear, watery base with sparse flecks of glitter! The CherylFlavor has some good swatches, including the few below, to check out!…



It’s definitely the time of year to jazz things up, so even if you don’t normally do glitter, you’ll be in great company if you try it out… 

Holiday 2015 – Zoya Matte Velvet

Zoya has some newbies for Holiday 2015 – the Velvet Matte Collection!  I think the colors are wonderful for holiday, actually…

There are six shades in total, but somehow (at least in my mind!) the six manage to cover festive Christmas decorations, snow, trees, sugar plums..the gamut! Look at the array below and tell me I’m not bonkers!

  • Aspen–  Sparkling artic white with micronized diamond pearl fleck
  • Sue – Soft champagne gold with multi-hued oyster shell pearl fleck
  • Amal – Classic crimson red ruby red pearl fleck
  • Iris – Deep amethyst with fuchsia pearl fleck
  • Yves – Deep sapphire with a blue pearl fleck 
  • Honor – True emerald green with tone on tone emerald pearl fleck

I’m not always as into the “velvet” polishes (much that I love the material!)  But these don’t look as flat and / or drab as I’ve seen – they look quite pretty!  The texture makes for an unexpected twist.  

If you don’t want to go totally matte, dab a bit of glossy topcoat here or there, in a stripe or dot, or in a fade…to add a bit of additional flare! 🙂

Christmas / Holiday 2015 – Chanel Rouge Noir Absolument

Chanel Rouge Noir Absolument is, I have to say, pretty spectacular.  It’s vampy and glam at the same time… ❤  Oh, la la!

A bunch of ladies have posted their own swatches online…which I always love to see.  Thank you to all who shared!

swatches of Troublante 675, posted by liguriansea on

swatches of Troublante 675, posted by liguriansea on

The Collection includes the following products:

Chanel Les 4 Ombres Signe Particulier (below)

  • Satin Beige Pink
  • Velvet Purple
  • Black Red
  • Saffron Gold

Joues Contraste Lumiere Highlighting Blush  (above)

  • Coups de Minuit – peach beige


Le Crayon Yeux Precision Eye Definer  (above)

  • 57 Or Safron – warm saffron gold


Le Crayon Khol Intense Eye Pencil  (above)

  • Rouge Noir – black red


Illusion D’Ombre Long Wear Luminous Eyeshadow  (below)

  •  857 Rouge Noir – shimmering black red (ummm…swoon!!!)

Le Volume de Chanel Mascara 

  • 27 Rouge Noir – intense black red
  • 90 Ultra Black – intense black


Rouge Allure Luminous Intense Lip Colour (below)

  • 237 Vamporeuse – light pink purple
  • 109 Rouge Noir – black red (holy smokes! ❤ )


Rouge Allure Velvet Luminous Matte Lip Colour  (below)

  • 437 La Merveilleuse – intense raspberry red


Levres Scintillantes Glossimer  (below)

  • 477 Rose de Lune – shimmering soft pink
  • 487 Etincelle – golden black red

Rouge Double Intensite Ultra Wear Lip Colour  (above)

  • Merry Rose – soft grey pink


Le Vernis Nail Colour  (below)

  • Rose Fusion – luminous purple grey

Le Top Coat | Gold Sparkle Nail Coat  (above)

  • Lame Rouge Noir – shimmering black red

Urban Decay Moondust Exclusives

If you are an Urban Decay fan (or you jump for joy when new glitter hits the scene!), you will be delighted to know that a few, exclusive shades of U.D.’s Moondust eyeshadow are available online, or at the flagship store in Newport Beach, California. photo photo

These shadows claim to be “super sparkly and incredibly sophisticated” – an interesting juxtaposition but one which IS in fact possible (think Ballroom Smooth or Standard competition!) photo photo

I am eager to see swatches (love that the site offers a video!) I happened to buy a ton of Urban Decay back in my college days – showing up to my business classes with goth shoes, glittering eyelids, and painted jeans was a blast. 😀 The up close product shots on the site look divine (as do the other eleven colors.)  I think I’d probably go Dark Force…although Shockwave would be sure to pop green eyes! photo photo photo photo photo photo photo photo