Six Pack Bags Sauces

I’m always looking for lower calorie condiment options (keeping in mind that I actually want to USE it, not just put a quarter teaspoon on my food!) 

I am not, let me say upfront, associated with Six Pack Bags, so no one put me up to sharing… But I did see their sauce profiles recently and though they sounded pretty snappy.  

I have a super sensitive system so even if I wanted to go crazy and try something different, I can’t really.  So I appreciate knowing what ingredients are being used, but also that there are options to spice up otherwise boring food.

The Mango Serrano sounds up my alley – sweet and spicy – and I bet it would work well on whatever protein you choose, frankly.

One of the best things about these is that they are very low calorie (zero calorie doesn’t mean there aren’t any – magically – in the bottle, by the way.  There ARE, but they are under 4 or 5 calories a serving, so using these mindfully certainly isn’t going to sabotage your diet.  With hot sauce, a little goes a long way also.)

These sauces are also gluten free, low in sodium, and free of MSG. I try to avoid sauces when I’m out because I never really know what’s going into them.  I also like that I can taste my food, as opposed to a heavy sauce.  BUT, I like flavor as much as anyone and love that there are some options with not a lot of “stuff” on the label, and a lower calorie profile (which means I can worry less about the sauce and more about the quantity and substance of my meal.) The idea shouldn’t be that we can’t enjoy our food, or that we can only have a little of it, right!?


Campbell’s Well Yes! Soup

Wintertime is always perfect soup weather – I’ve been favoring the incredibly delicious, stew-like version my husband makes in the crock pot, but sometimes connivence trumps making something more involved.

Campbell’s has come out with a new line – Well Yes! – whose 7 flavors steer clear of preservatives, MSG, and BPA (nice!), as well as artificial colors, flavors, and ingredients.


Beyond those points, and saying they are “nutritious and deliciously crafted” I’m not sure these boast anything spectacular…but they do have a selection of flavors with a lot less of the un-pronouncables on the label (that, actually, goes a long way.)


So if you are feeling the chill, these are a nice way to stay toasty, full, and healthy at the same time. (If you are sodium sensitive, do mind the label!)


Salmon “Rendezvous”



I feel really blessed to have a supportive man – he always cares that I will be happy when we go out, and I know not everyone has that luxury.

“Just have what we are having!” people will say…

Well, NO…I don’t WANT that.  I eat clean, and I’d like to maintain that when I go out.  Believe it or not, NOT having that respect and support is a huge pressure for people living a fit lifestyle – in some cases it keeps us from going out.

When my hunnie and I go out for a meal, he’ll always make sure there is something I will like.  It means a lot to have that kind of support, especially as it was always something I was worried about when I was single (you know, you never want to seem odd, or high maintenance, or too difficult, right?!)

So the other day he said “let’s go out!” and for our fun little “rendezvous” (the “date” word always felt so superficial and weird to me…soooo, we use “rendezvous!” 😉 ), we got some sushi. ❤


Sashimi salmon is a favorite of mine. I didn’t always have the taste for it, but after trying it with warm soy sauce, I was hooked.  

  • I actually will heat the soy sauce and leave the pieces in until they “cook” a tiny bit when I prepare it at home – it’s DELICIOUS!  
  • Add a few black sesame seeds and it’s totally “WOW.” 

Cook sashimi?  Kind of, YES.  I feel more satisfied when it’s cooked a bit, interestingly!  But either way, it’s light, choc full of good fats, and I feel great about my choices!  

(Tons of sodium, of course, and wheat, in traditional soy sauce – make sure to go easy if those two are troublesome for you.  Because I am so active, I have lower blood pressure, so the salt is a good thing in my case.)