Empath Humor – Introvert At A Party


I’m good at being social – My Geminian, former performing athlete self seems to have that mastered but…it doesn’t always jive with what I WANT to be doing.  I’d rather hang out with the cats most of the time.  Frustratingly, they tend to be as introverted as I am!

Empath Humor – Introvert Avoidance

Is this in the dictionary? Another laugh-out-loud one for all you introvert, INFJ, or socially-averse individuals!

(PS, I maintain I’m an introvert with ambiverted tendencies.  Growing up performing gave me a sense of ease when I need to be in a crowd…but they’re also massively draining for me, even when with loved ones, and I DEFINITELY do this. . .)


Martial Arts Humor – Friends?

A friend of mine. . .er, a training partner. . .recently posted this.  Humor to be found indeed!

Most of us see each other on the mat, in the Dojo, and sporting a gi.  Period.  

There are those rare occasions on which we are spotted in civilian clothing but generally speaking, “hanging out” translates to “sparring.”  Again, period.


Even our Facebook message threads. . . it’s all about an impromptu class here, a “did you see that fight?!” there… Our social hour includes rolling, choking, striking…you know, the fun stuff.  But I guess at the end of the day it all works out because we are on the same page…er, mat…right?

Don’t judge.  We all have our thing!

Surround Yourself With Good People

I moved from my hometown about six months ago – it was a tumultuous time for me, and while a WONDERFUL thing (I wouldn’t change it for the world, since I am with my love!), leaving my friends and family was a big challenge.  

I wanted to get “settled” as soon as I could, so I sought out activities I knew I would love, such as Martial Arts.  In so doing, I knew I would meet like-minded individuals, and I was very much eager to do so – my hunnie and I had ZERO acquaintances here.  

Though we differ, perhaps, in circumstances (work, experience, specific activities, whether we have a family or not…) my friends and I have many shared interests and attributes.  I’d say that we are generally very passionate people who love to learn new skills.  We set goals,  We believe in approaching Life with a positive attitude, and laughing as much as we can along the way.  Most of us have, or still do participate in Martial Arts (though that’s more a function of how and where I met them! 🙂 )


I wasn’t necessarily nervous about making new friends but I’m not terribly “social” in the sense that I go and hang out in bars and what have you.  I assumed I’d meet folks at the gym, or at the dojo, but I was hoping I could fall into a groove relatively quickly – a new place can certainly be intimidating!  


I feel really thankful to have met some lovely people already who I know I can share some laughs with, supportive hollering as one kicks the other person’s pads, or just a sympathetic “I’m exhausted!” with.  Not to mention random splits, because…er…why not?  We keep things entertaining, I guess you could say…and that kind of silliness always brightens the day (especially in a new place!)