2017 Sneak Peak – Maybelline Khaki Camo (Et Al)

I very distinctly remember – in my many years of Fashion – when “camo” would come back “in season.”  It was never just about the print, mind you, but the colors themselves – you couldn’t go to a fabric or leather show with seeing a proliferation of khakis, olives, sandy browns…

I follow the Runways (a lot) less these days – at the time, it was a huge chunk of my job! But, when you see posts about cosmetic companies backing a certain hue, you can be sure you will be seeing it in everything from handbags to shoes, to apparel.  So embrace your badassery and get to this borderline-grunge, sooty but sexy shade. It definitely will work for green and hazel eyes, but give is a shot – for a variation on smokey – no matter the color of your eyes.

There are LOTS of other products coming out as well from this brand, so be sure to check out Nouveaucheap’s post for pictures and descriptions!  It isn’t JUST about the camo khaki for sure…


Fall 2016 – Marc Jacobs Blacquer

Marc Jacobs new Collector’s Edition – launching for Fall – embraces blackness unabashedly.  Black in and of itself is so deliciously dauntless one might even say “THE” blackness.  Ahhh….How gloriously gothic of you, Mr. Jacobs…and in ample time for my favorite day! (#halloween, don’t forget it! 😉 )

The Collection includes:

  • Le Marc Lip Creme Lipstick in Blacquer 
  • Highliner Gel Eye Crayon in Taboo
  • Epic Noir Mascara & Gel Eyeliner Collector’s Edition Set 

It isn’t for the shy, for sure, but rather those who can go boldly withOUT batting a lash… I personally think it’s brilliant that cosmetic companies aren’t automatically eschewing the less traditionally “wearable.”  Women are more fearless in this day and age, and it isn’t only the Manic Panics of the World who should feel free enough to offer such intrepid shades.

My Pagan heart adores you, Marc.  I like your brazen nerve!

Pat McGrath Phantom 002

I wrote about Pat McGrath’s first “Gold” Collection a while back.  Well she has come out with the second Collection, Phantom 002…and that too has already sold out.  

At $240, that’s impressive…though it was also produced in a limited 1,200 units.

Per her site: 

“A defiantly decadent 8-piece kit to create underground looks that span the decades. One illegally black liner and a multiuse eye gloss for the ultimate hardcore glamour. Four self-indulgent shades to metallicize your smokey eye. Give black a new life and blitz into the darkness.”

I keep thinking regal birds of paradise – peacock, firebird, golden eagle…

It feels to me like a cross between Studio 54 sequins and heavy metal…! 

The kit contains:

  • Gold 002 pigment 0.14 oz
  • Blue 002 pigment 0.14 oz
  • Copper 002 pigment 0.14 oz
  • Fuchsia 002 eye blush 0.14 oz
  • Black 002 eye gloss 0.14 oz
  • Black Caviar gel liner 0.018 oz
  • Blender brush 002
  • Flat brush 002

It’s bold color with smoked edges, so prepare to party…and stun!

L’Oreal Paris Colour Riche La Palette Noir

Yes, indeed…another palette from L’Oreal, fit for the dark, Wintery, holiday months!

La Palette Noir is currently on Target’s site for $15.99 – it combines ten moody shades, which appear to lean to the cool side of the spectrum,  presumably giving you an inky…and sultry…gaze.

Curious to see swatches as I am sure there is more variation in color to be seen once out of the pan!

http://www.target.com nouveaucheap enlargement

http://www.target.com nouveaucheap enlargement

http://www.target.com nouveaucheap enlargement

http://www.target.com nouveaucheap enlargement

Holiday 2015 – Tom Ford Noir

The Tom Ford Noir Collection is inky and gilded, by the looks of it… The ad is uber dramatic, much in contrast to the site, which is neatly laid out, and seeming very “pulled together.”

I love the contrast of the pinky, nude lip with the sooty, smoky eyes…  Plus that dash of indigo!





Tom Ford’s products AREN’T on the inexpensive side, but I’ve not heard one negative word since he’s been on the beauty side of things.  The quality is there, and the packaging is impeccable.  If you are looking for a splurge and are head over heels for these colors (the colors in the ad really are fabulous for a sexy Holiday look!), then maybe this is worth the splurge!


New Maybelline On Ulta

I’m on Ulta ALL the time – it’s still 2x points today, ps! – so I generally see the new jazz well before it gets into the store.  Maybelline has two brand new palettes up (as well as the lip palette I wrote about recently.)

Gilded In Gold

Up In Smoke

I am running out to aerial yoga BUT…I had to share this first (especially given the 2x points today! 🙂 ) The links will take you straight there so you can check them out! 🙂


Sorry, Vogue – You Got This One Wrong

Ladies…just DON’T.  

Don’t sleep with makeup on ever, for any reason…especially (*cough*) a SILLY one.

I read this article, “Adriana Lima, Edie Campbell, and More on the Ultimate Beauty Taboo: Sleeping in Your Makeup” – only part way, mind you, because I was so frustrated with it before I read a word beyond the title!

I HAVE to disagree. 

“…a few of the industry’s most in-demand faces told us that they actually prefer to sleep in their makeup. “For the eyes it’s fine,” Edie Campbell clarified. “For foundation it’s not.”

I’m sorry to be stringent here but…is Edie Campbell a certified ophthalmologist?  An optometrist?


She’s a fashion model.  Gorgeous, lovely, talented in her field…

She may well be incredibly bright – many of these ladies and gents ARE, maybe to the chagrin of naysayers and disbelievers! – BUT…she isn’t an eye specialist.  She could rival Einstein, for all I know, but her background, I’m relatively certain, didn’t include medical specialization.  So no offense but…“for the eyes, it’s fine” is not really sound advice.

No matter what ANYONE says, makeup isn’t meant to be worn to bed.  No offense to any other celeb suggesting it is THE thing to do, of course.

Is it the end of the world once in a blue moon? Probably not.

Are you going to lose vision, heaven forbid? Doubtful.

But why…WHY?!…take a chance on a potential eye infection, or red eyes you need to douse with drops (which will ruin your slept-in-smudge that you *might* be aiming for in the first place, having hit the pillow with it on, by the way…)

There are SO MANY PRODUCTS these days!  COUNTLESS!  They smudge, they’re smooth, they’re long-wearing… They don’t drag or dry too fast…

So you don’t have to sacrifice clean pillowcases, skin, or your rods, cones, or retinas…to get a “slept-in” look.

“(And Why You Should Too)” it reads?! “Give me a break!!” I thought…  

This is like an “oh-it’s-easy” Martha Stewart Halloween cupcake design on Pinterest – is it REALLY going to come out looking that way?

Your health should always come FIRST, before the superficial – I think most of us agree there.  Pamper those beautiful eyes you have – they don’t NEED to be sassed up all the time, and they don’t need to be compromised.  

Your eyes deserve clean and restful sleep TOO, for pete’s sake.  No one should tell you otherwise.  When you wake up, grab a soft kohl and smudge to your heart’s content.

Spring / Summer 2016 / 2017 Backstage – Maybelline Fall 2015

So Maybelline had some snazzy items behind the scenes recently…they are for Fall (Autumn / Winter) 2015, and will be launching in January 2016.

Not sure where else these press release images are, but thanks to BudgetBeautyBlog for those, and NouveauCheap for sharing various additional images.

Maybelline has also posted a variety of photos (on their Instagram page) in the past week of goodies used backstage at the Spring / Summer 2016 / 2017 New York Fashion Shows.

They offered a sneak peek of their contour and highlight palette, which we heard whisperings of already…

They also showed a bold swatch of Color Sensational Vivid Matte Lipstick…stunning, if you ask moi!

And the Color Tattoo Concentrated Crayon…in three shades…(Loving that taupe-silver one on the end!) 

Then there’s the Rock Nudes Eyeshadow Palette…which will be joined by Smokes, Blushed Nudes, The Nudes, and The Brights… Oh my!

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 8.08.54 PM

An finally…Maybelline Master Fix Setting+Perfecting Loose Powder, which is still a bit elusive…

So it is a LOT to look forward to…which makes me incredibly excited because we all know OTHER brands are coming out with fun jazz for the holidays and new seasons too!  Is it so terrible to look forward to new beauty launches MORE than certain holidays?!



Lancome Auda in Paris

Lancome’s Auda (City) in Paris Multi-Pan Eyeshadow Palette in comprised of 16 shadows, ranging from warm to cool, from soft and skin-tonal, to sooty smokes.  Thank you to ChicProfile for sharing names and shade details!  

The palette was apparently inspired byvignettes of Parisian Life – rosé at a café, a museum visit on the Right Bank, or a late-night down the Champs-Élysées.”  

The 16 shades are grouped into four “shade harmonies” – which I love.  While you can of course mix, match and pair as you so please, it’s nice to have mini-palettes within a larger one, for easier look creation – kind of like a grown-up coloring book with complimentary crayons! 😉

It will be available in the US on August 10th, 2015, as well as on the Lancome site, Macy’s and Nordstrom’s.