The Best Day Ever

Halloween has always been my favorite day… As I was blessed to marry my best friend on the 29th of October last year, I now have a string of Best-Day-Evers. ❤ 

The happiest days of my Life…and then some. 

Our custom Halloween wedding cake. ❤

Halloween Newsletters…Hits The Nail On The Head

Every year, as E-Tailers drum up all things Halloween, I find myself relating a lot more to newsletter content. It’s literally without fail -whether decor, fashion, accessories, even beauty, I’ll find my every day go-tos featured as seasonal specialties.

I can’t say it bothers me so much, but I am left wondering whether I should indulge…or just leave my monster collection of skulls, black, studs and corset ties well enough alone. I’ll tell you, it’s awfully hard to restrain myself.  

In the case of Rebel Circus, they’re always a little creepy (in a good way), but overall the October newsletters are so much more my scene than the rest of the year… ❤

Rebels Market…they get me too… ❤


And then there’s Iron Fist, equally as dark, dreary, and beautiful, who also seems to have my number…

Ahhhh… ❤ I feel so understood! 


Have Your Cake And Eat It Too

I actually don’t eat cake…BUT…my habitually clean eating was more than delighted to take a minor respite for dessert on October 29th. I wouldn’t have missed my wedding cake for the world.

I can’t seem to get off cloud 9 (not that I’m aiming to – I think I’ll take up residence, actually), and no amount of sugar could have bounced me from it.

The day was every bit as vampy and Halloween as I always dreamed… ❤  And while part of me wants to keep my custom cake a secret…I have to share, knowing others (Tim Burton fans?  Gothic at heart?!) can appreciate its offbeat beauty, and unconventionality.

My custom, Halloween wedding cake! <3

My custom, Halloween wedding cake! ❤

We don’t do normal…though frankly I don’t think a soul present expected anything but unabashed badassery (while I’m not quite on par, my husband is definitely UBER cool, and “badass” in my book is worthy of aspiration! 😉 ) 

The inside was red and purple velvet…and perfectly “to die for.”  Even for my non-sugar-coated heart.


Socks ‘n’ Crops

So…it’s nippy out.  Despite living in a town where socks are apparently (and often) optional…it’s just NOT the time!

And if you are going to wear them where you shouldn’t (*cough*cough* the Dojoang!) may as well do it unabashedly!  (I’m not sorry!)  Anyway, there is always room for bats.  

Screen Shot 2015-02-15 at 8.17.21 PM

I personally think that winter is a blast because a plethora of fun ones come out.  I’m sorry I wasn’t wearing my glittery skeleton bone socks, because it certainly would have made the photo! – my Physical Therapist noted that the tibia and fibula had miraculously swapped positions.  (Well done, sock people. How many thousands of pairs were sold?!) I’d blame myself, but the silvery metatarsals were lined up so…

I am currently sporting my Nightmare Before Christmas knee socks.   Musashi, my samurai, is looking at me trying to figure out if I’m really human or just all-around “nerd.”



Toes warm. Check.

Gloves.  Ah… Gloves and trying to text = OBNOXIOUS!

I personally prefer a punk twist to my other cold-weather “must-have.”  True, they’re harder to pull off during other seasons….unless of course:

A.) your initials are MJ and they sparkle…

B.) you’re in a Vivienne Westwood, Betsey Johnson or Gaultier show…

C.) you’re wearing them in a photo taken in London in the ’80s.

But who cares!  I wore these at the Grand National Roadster Show in Pamona a few weeks ago – it was sunny and gorgeous, but it was fine because I was flying back home TO a snow storm.  That counts, right?!

A friend of mine makes these AWESOME ones and they can be customized (Naturally, mine say V A M P. Helloooo! 😉 ) I met her at Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend one year and that was that – I went onto Etsy and Facebook and tracked her down!  They’re my favorite…and very well worn!