Summer 2016 – New Releases

It’s nice to see someone cover what’s new in haircare – there is a proliferation in skincare and color for sure, but this huge category is often left out.  

As an athlete, I’m often dealing with a lot of sweat – not great for the scalp and hair.  With incredibly long hair (to my low back), I also need to baby my strands so I keep them looking healthy.  Add to that summer sun and potential activities like swimming, and you have additional layers of aggressors to deal with.  I therefore always appreciate hearing about what’s new to market – whether products specifically, or innovations.

Perilously Pale shares a list of the newest, soon-to-hit launches that you might want to keep your eyes open for. 🙂

Strivectin Haircare

Apparently the wrinkle-curing company has branched out into haircare!  I suppose that’s a fair evolution, but I was still surprised to see it!

The shampoo and conditioner currently available on Ulta, both priced at #23, are for colored locks. photo photo photo photo

Fortified with patented NIA-114 + CHROMALAST PROTEIN COMPLEX, the duo is designed to keep your color rich and vibrant.  The shampoo forms a shield around the cuticles while cleansing, in order to keep fading at bay.  The conditioner, meanwhile, “deposits low molecular weight proteins to fortify over processed strands.”  Both products are free of sulfates, parabens, phthalates and synthetic dyes. 

Fall 2015 – John Frieda

New additions to John Frieda’s color-specific lines are now available on Target’s website!

What’s interesting is the company is rolling out a powder “Root Blur Color Blending Concealer” – interesting in the sense that the price is still pretty high at $18.99 (as least from a mass market perspective, as well as in comparison to comparable products.)  The concealer comes in four shades depending on the depth of your brunette or blonde, and appears to pair two complimentary colors for custom mixing.

The Visibly Deeper Brunette Collection includes three products – a shampoo, conditioner, and color deepening treatment – all intended to deepen your locks up to one shade darker.  I’ve tried color depositing products and the only one that ever seemed to be worth it’s weight was Aveda Black Malva conditioner.  I’m guessing these work similarly, though I don’t see a fuller description.  The treatment is a leave-on-for-five-minutes deal that says it will create a darker, more lustrous brunette – it can be used on colored or natural hair.  The one review that’s posted thus far is extremely positive.

The Visibly Brighter Brunette range is meant to – as you no doubt guessed! – lighten and brighten your brown for a “natural looking sun-kissed glow, without ever looking orange or brassy.” Here again you have a shampoo, conditioner and an In-shower Lightening Treatment.

Sheer Blonde, Go Blonder is along the same lines – shampoo, conditioner, in-shower treatment…and a controlled lightening spray designed to create natural looking highlights.

I’m eager to see more reviews about these – I haven’t had great success with the current range (or past ones) designed for brunettes…but maybe these will surprise!

Bumble and Bumble Full Potential

Bumble and Bumble is one of those brands where I find products I love…and some that I don’t do as well with.  This new Collection – Full Potential – is designed to work synergistically to reduce breakage (purportedly up to 46%.)  

Hair “fall” products aren’t as big in the US, so much as hair loss products – the former being something I’ve seen in Asian countries and overseas to address breakage and losing strands…as opposed to alopecia, balding and true thinning. 

These are made for anyone looking for fuller hair, and particularly those with breakage and thinning concerns.

Per Bumble and Bumble: 

“All three steps are infused with Bumble and bumble’s Hair Preserve Blend™. The invigorating, exfoliating shampoo creates the optimal scalp environment, while the nurturing, lightweight conditioner and highly potent and restorative Booster Spray act like a liquid bandages to promote hair strength and elasticity and reduce breakage.” 

You can buy each of the products separately, or you can buy the kit to try them in tandem, as they are intended. The three products are:

  • Full Potential Hair Preserving Shampoo 
  • Full Potential Hair Preserving Conditioner 
  • Full Potential Hair Preserving Booster Spray 

The three apparently share a “modern, unisex fragrance with effervescent citrus top notes, fresh floral notes at the heart, and intoxicating facets of leather, sandalwood and amber at the base.”  So, if you are particular about fragrances – I know I am! – you may want to keep that in mind!

Travel Sizes

Well, HALLELUJAH!  I LOVE travel sizes…

Forget that sometimes you legitimately want to try something out (which ends up being AWFUL…for our hair, skin etc…and then you’ll be stuck with the full size, pricier version) but when you actually have somewhere to GO, and you don’t want leaky, cheap travel containers to spill all over the place. Or, how about when you lose the label you stuck on because it wasn’t sticky enough to actual bind to the plastic?  Obnoxious!


Redken has seemed to do travel sizes forever, and I love that – they’re usually sitting next to their much larger counterparts.  But the other day when I was in Ulta, I saw that they had a newer display, with all of them in one, easy-to-read fixture.  (I’m sorry the photos aren’t stellar – iPhone, not great lighting – but you can see what I mean.)  They don’t only offer shampoos and conditioners either, they also do travel sizes of a lot of the styling products and even treatments.  

Keep in mind, you may not see the NEWEST stuff, which I understand (I’m sure the company wants to sell the larger ones first…yes, much to my chagrin too!)  They typically come out with smaller guys after a product launches.  That said, you may not find the pricier treatments (like Minoxodil, which they are doing) in small size.  Not sure if that is because it is meant longer term, or if it’s a company prerogative.


I wish other companies would follow suit, including skincare lines (think: cleansers, moisturizers, foundations…)  It’s just great to have a product in the packaging you are used to, that won’t make a total mess everywhere, and fits nicely into a smaller bag (as well as they “I might want to try it before committing to a larger version” thing.)


So, THANK YOU, Redken, for rocking this idea – loved the new fixtures (love that you care about making it easier for us to shop. 😉 )