Clearly Bronzed

Where was this when I was ballroom dancing! In ballroom, bronze is not only “beautiful” but begrudgingly a “must-do.”  If you want to be taken seriously – and I’m not exaggerating – you better believe you need to grace that floor looking like a golden goddess.  Pale skin is NOT in, much to my own dismay.  Protesting the fact won’t get you anywhere. . . 

Trust me on that.

Enter – years too late (*insert expletive here*) – this phenomenally, brilliantly clear Hydra-Mousse from Tan-Luxe. It apparently delivers exactly what it claims to, minus all the horrendous “side effects” of a traditionally brown-dyed solution.  

Now I can’t be too hard on the brown-tinted selections out there – they DO make it easier to see and smooth out mistakes.  BUT…the prospect of using a self-tanner and NOT having overly-orange skin where you’re drier, OR clothing, sheets, and expensive costumes that have decided to tan along with you. . .well, that’s pretty damn fabulous.

I mean, dancers everywhere can rejoice finally.  No more brown streaks, overly glowing elbow, or horrific scent (thanks a lot, DHA!) It isn’t inexpensive necessarily but then if you’re saving on cleaning bills (and not freaking out about warming up and starting to smell funny!) this might be for you!

Vita Liberata Tan

I have to be honest, I am SO not sad that my wedding is during the Autumn!  And if it were during Spring or Summer, I’d steer (incredibly) clear of anything “tan” at all – self, or sun. I know a little bit of “color” can wake up the complexion, but over the years, the quest for a self-tanner that doesn’t turn you into a giant tangerine (along WITH your clothing!) has been littered with ones that DO.  The wedding gown can be spared!

That aside, the orange’d hue is often accompanied by the telltale, and frankly repugnant redolence of DHA (dihydroxyacetone.) Not a good look, and definitely no fun when your body heat turns up – dancing under hot lights caused a cocoon of the scent (cloying to me AND anyone in my remote proximity!)  Not to mention those rivulets of sweat making for fun, streaky skin…since the formula just couldn’t hang on.  


Well…Vita Liberata’s pHenomenal 2-3 Week Tan Mousse is one of those products that endeavors to eliminate those mishaps, to keep you golden and glowing…and fragrance-free! BudgetBeautyBlog posted a review a little while back – I liked it because she sports a pallor also, and beginning with fair skin can often lead to curious results.

Sephora photo

Sephora photo

Addressing the issue of lasting power – something many brands fail to conquer – the pHenomenal 2-3 Week Tan Mousse sticks around for two to three weeks.  BRILLIANT!  I could have saved a good amount of money NOT having to double self-tan for Ballroom competitions with this streak-free, hydrating, and non-scented mousse!  Per the description on Sephora: 

Research results after just 2 applications: 
– 80% agree pHenomenal tan lasts 15 days or longer 
– 100% agree that skin was silky soft after using pHenomenal
– 100% agree that they were comfortable enough to go straight out after applying pHenomenal
– 100% agree pHenomenal tan is quick and easy to apply
– 90% agree pHenomenal tan faded like a natural tan

Budgetbeautyblog photo

Budgetbeautyblog photo

I haven’t tried this myself as yet, but I feel like if I do have an event to attend – at which my ghostly white gams might be “too much” for the crowd – it might be worth a try.  Bronzed without consequence of skin damage?  Nice to have the option!

Rimmel In-Shower Tan

When Spring arrives, so do all the new tanning products generally – I’ve definitely seen them taking a front seat in stores lately, but I haven’t seen this in-store quite yet.  You can, however, get it at Boots online (link with the photo.)

Rimmel’s In-Shower Tan is taking a nod from a few other high-end tanner brands, who offer something akin to the in-shower moisturizers of the last year or two.  The idea is that you can apply while taking a shower, only to be left with a several-day bronze glow…and a few more minutes in the day (since you could do this during your usual routine.)

 The Rimmel product is a “1 minute express” lotion designed to deliver a sunkissed glow within just a few hours. It’s streak-free, faux-tan-scent-free (that’s always nice!) and buildable.

The reviews didn’t look stellar, but I came across ReallyRee’s thoughts on the rinse-off and she seemed to enjoy it.  And anyway, it IS safer than baking too long in the sun!

Lorac Tantego

I have to say, this palette is one I would have snatched up in heartbeat when I was dancing. In Ballroom, you HAVE to be bronzed – self tanning is a must-do, and you simply won’t be taken seriously if you don’t.  (In defense of this, since it seems harsh and a wee bit overboard, especially to those of us who are naturally pale, bronzing keeps you from washing out under hot, bright lights!)

Anyway…despite the all over glow we’d have, we still had to do the makeup.  Contouring of course was a big part of it, but touch ups and tan deepening was also part of the gig – this adorable, coming-soon-for-summer palette would have been perfect.

The colors appear to have slightly different finishes, and they vary between warm and cool – thank you for the versatility!  This isn’t out yet but you can always check in on the Lorac Instagram page for further news.  


Spring / Summer 2016 – Benefit

So Benefit has a lot of fun stuff coming out in Marc, 2016.  Two of the goodies – boasting those fun and cheeky names we expect from the brand – are Zero Tanlines, and Dew The Hoola.  There isn’t a ton of info out just yet, but BritishBeautyBlogger shared some lovely photos and swatches.  I enjoy being pale myself but a no one ever looks worse with a slight sun-kissed glow!

Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 3.11.53 PM

Zero Tanlines is a “skin tint “ – I’ve seen the new ones from L’oreal in Walgreens, CVS and Rite Aid already.  It washes off, so it isn’t a faux, self tan – it’s more like body makeup, if you will.  The cap of the product is apparently a hula skirt (which honestly I didn’t realize!)  Underneath it – how sassy, Benefit! – is a buffing application sponge for streak-free results.  Personally I’d look for “transfer resistant,” “water resistant” etc with a product like this.  I’m not totally sure if it is any of those things, but most like items in the marketplace are these days.

As for Dew The Hoola, it’s a lightweight, easily applied bronze tint – nothing too heavy, by the looks of it, and no glitter (hallelujah!  LOVE glitter, but not when “natural” is what we are aiming for.)

While they aren’t out until the dawn of Spring, they are fun to announce anyway – a little extra sun during the cold, wintery months to bask beneath!

Tans Of The Future

I thought I’d seen just about everything as far as sunless tanners go – in Ballroom, grooming is impeccable, and having a tan is pretty much a pre req.  

I’ve therefore tried a million different formulas – cremes, sprays, lotions, gradual, temporary…  

I wrote not long ago about makeup that leaves behind a glow after you wash it off…and even overnight treatments.  But despite the surge of in-shower moisturizers, I hadn’t really seen an in-shower tanner.

Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 3.26.30 PM

You read that correctly…you put it on IN the shower.  (That said, when you examine the fine print, you slather it on…leave it on without the water running…and then you rinse it off.)  Even so, the concept of tanning while wet…or in the shower at all…is really rather remarkable.  

St. Tropez’s Tanning Essentials In Shower Gradual Tan appears to have mixed reviews, but it’s still a neat idea that you take a rinse and end up golden some time later.

Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 3.26.43 PM

I feel like I shouldn’t be surprised anymore by the innovations of the beauty arena – It seems like we leap light years ahead with each decade.  

Maybe it’s technology.  

Maybe it’s that we’ve exhausted other resources and got bored…?  

Or maybe it’s just that we’ve been conditioned to be ultra impatient.

I’m not entirely sure what the reason (or combination thereof) but it certainly makes for more fun goodies to choose from, AND a higher likelihood of finding what you, personally, need!

Innovative Bronzing

Self tanning has EXPLODED over the years – forget beds and stand-in spray booths, the types of products, and applications are astounding.  

Fortunately, I caught the beginnings of the trend when I was a Ballroom competitor – if you aren’t familiar with the sport, being bronzed was a MUST.  No exceptions.  As someone who can appear nigh translucent (oh, how well I’d blend in during Elizabethan times!) I often had to get spray tanned TWICE before competitions.  

Then there was the actually face bronzerpowders that were touted for being spectacular in every major magazine, but ones that hot lights would…most definitely...MELT.  Yes, even my beloved NARS would streak from time to time – 20 latin dances in a row and there was no possibility of not sweating some of it off.

Enter the new, innovative formulations of 2015…

Make Up Forever Pro Bronze Fusion maintains that it is a “waterproof bronzer that blends on like a second skin.”  I can tell you right now, if I was still competing, I’d be buying my shade in this. My I’ve-been-sprayed-down-twice shade, that is.  I will definitely snoop around for reviews myself, and suggest that you stop into a Sephora store to play around with it!  Sadly, I’m not sure they can shave a sample of this particular item (I LOVE that Sephora samples!), but you can still get your paws on it!

Screen Shot 2015-05-29 at 9.16.10 PM photo


Now then…Vita Liberata Trystal Self Tanning Bronzing Minerals (long name, but true) is even another step further.  Frankly, it sounds pretty miraculous.  Once again, I’d have run out to play around…and likely purchase…this powder!  As per the claim…

“This revolutionary self-tanner offers pure mineral coverage, instant bronzing, and a lasting tan. The natural bronzed effect suits all skintones and can be used to contour or provide allover glow. The tan deepens over a four-to-eight hour period and lasts up to five days.”

Screen Shot 2015-05-29 at 9.24.42 PM


Screen Shot 2015-05-29 at 9.28.55 PM

Um.  Seriously?!   So you get the at-that-moment bronzing effect, and it deepens during the day (or half day)…and it lasts for up to FIVE days?!  Oh…AND it suits a variety of skin tones?!  That’s pretty amazing! :-O

Though then again…maybe it’s better I’m NOT competing?  I’m saving myself money on the spray tans…AND the awesome newness on the market (which I kind of want anyway!) 😉