Doug Marcaida – Morning Coffee and Making The Best

I started following Doug Marcaida’s page a little while ago (when, through my husband, I discovered the awesomeness that is Forged In Fire – my kind of “reality” tv! ūüėČ )

What I love about Doug is that he has a sense of overwhelming positivity – he manages to infuse so much of his content with the passion to learn, to grow, to challenge oneself…and to look for what’s good (in our training, in life…everywhere.) Even when having to present flaws in someone’s design on the aforementioned show, he finds a way to frame the criticism so the contestant learns, but doesn’t feel totally horrendous about their work. ¬†I’ve found that approach with coaches to make ALL the difference in Martial Arts (frankly, in school or¬†work just as much.)

I really enjoyed this “Morning Coffee” post today (today is St. Patty’s, March 17th, but I may schedule this for later! ¬†That’s the date if you want check it out, though!)

Life is definitely NOT peaches and cream all the time – it can get rough and tumble, and there are days where you feel like not only losing it, but throwing in the towel altogether. DON’T LOSE HEART.

I’ve learned a little bit about how painful experiences can be stored in the body, how the brain can¬†then¬†tell your physiology that it’s being directly assaulted, and why that “feeling” registers as “this is going to last forever.” ¬†Which, despite the very real visceral reactions, it isn’t.

People say “time heals” – when you are in the throes of the difficulty (whatever that may be – illness, work, relationship etc…) that’s often the last thing you want to hear.¬†

BUT…to Doug’s point, making an effort to see the best in everything CAN make a marked difference. ¬†What isn’t mentioned here is the science behind what the brain does in response to the change in attitude and perspective – it’s pretty remarkable and, in its own way, real life “magic.”

Challenge yourself to change your attitude about what’s dragging you down – even if the problem is still there, and might be for some time, the “seeing the good”¬†approach will give YOU – your mind AND body – a break from the (again, very real) effects of doldrums city.

LOVED Doug’s post and hope it brings a little positivity to YOUR day too!


Rainy Day Fun


This weekend we had a whole smattering of rain… After our healthy breakfast, we thought we might go visit a farm, just for some fun and sunshine. ¬†But, those water drops came down early, and our trip was out rather suddenly!

It’s been a long time since I¬†visited the amazing sites around my old college campus (the White House WAS my neighbor!) so rather out of the blue, we chose¬†to hit the road – sitting around makes me feel lethargic! ¬†(Active rest CAN include walking for a few hours, even if inside…)

We decided we’d visit one of the Smithsonian complexes on the mall (nevermind the St, Patrick’s Day parade we didn’t realize was going on simultaneously!) because really, what better place to explore when you can’t be outside? ¬†


I haven’t gone into a Natural History Museum in ages, and I have to say…it was an incredible joy. ¬†As a little girl, I wanted desperately to be an archeologist – the prospect of discovering some meaningful antiquity, coming face to face with a mummy, or finding precious rocks had me enamored. ¬†


Maybe it was the idea that I’d be close to Earth…and in finding such things, I would have “touched” history in a way – like time travel, albeit not temporally! ¬†


Anyway…it always amazes me to see the wonders of the Natural World, and it was a perfect activity for such a gloomy day. ¬†After the visit,¬†my cloudy white cowboy boots (to jive with the grey skies) and all-black attire marched to a Hard Rock cafe for some fuel. ¬†Most people would say you can’t fin anything healthy in a restaurant like that ¬†but…I did! ¬†Admittedly, the first time it didn’t come out as I asked…but…we managed!


You can always ask for plain, grilled fish (I usually ask for this instead of chicken, which often is overly marinated already) and steamed vegetables.  My plate came with mashed potatoes, but I just ignored them (had I known they came in tow, I would have requested they save the food!)  It was exactly what I needed after a lengthy afternoon Рprotein works wonders to stabilize you, and keep you full longer.  I always as for veggies too because I need volume.

All in all, it was a wonderful day – I enjoyed being out and about, and doing something new and different. I know many folks go to Museums for their children, but it is equally as enriching as an adult…plus, even when it’s pouring, you get to walk round and stay active. ¬†Win, win, win! ūüôā¬†

Perfect Hair Day (er…Night)

I was incredibly excited back when Living Proof made an entrance onto the scene because…OOoOo…MIT scientists were involved! ūüėÄ ¬†Some of the people I adore most in my Life went¬†to MIT so it’s *possible* I have¬†an¬†¬†underlying allegiance on those distant grounds. ¬†*LOL* photo photo

I know some people live and die by the¬†Living Proof¬†products. ¬†Despite high hopes, I unfortunately had less success personally. ¬†I have long, layered hair that is generally straight, but can wave is wet and left up. ¬†It’s also quite fine, so it has slip, though it isn’t oily or dry per se, even though I’m extremely active.

I think their first items were in the No Frizz lineup – I wanted it to work well but they left kind of a coating on my hair, leaving it flat and feeling filmy. ¬†I don’t even dry my hair all the time because I want to keep it clean and healthy, so the feeling bothered me.

The one product I really loved was a several week Restore treatment, which I’m not actually sure they do anymore (the product came in several, individually portioned tubes, one per week for for weeks or so, and my hair felt amazing afterwards.)

I have heard a lot of good reviews about Perfect Hair Day, but the “Night Cap” is new to the lineup, touting a slew of impressive overnight benefits. ¬†It is, as shown here, available on Sephora, and it appears to have a lot of great reviews already. ¬†I have FAR too many products to begin with, honestly, but then I’m always tempted by the newest this-will-baby-your-mane promises – I am CRAZY about what I use in my hair and on my skin. ūüėÄ photo photo photo photo

So I haven’t tried it¬†myself,¬†but it sounds like it does rather a lot to nourish tresses as we nourish ourselves at Night…and that’s always a nice promise. ¬†Lofty, I know, but I’m always up for reading reviews…and sometimes buying the thing before I finish them because…can’t help it! ¬†Product JUNKIE. ūüėČ *LOL*