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I wish I wore lipstick because then I’d go all out poisonous!

I’m thankful, at least, other ladies boldly…flashing fiercely goth grins ‘ere they go…





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Make Up Forever Artist Shadow Eyeshadow and Powder Blush

Can I just say…holy versatility?!

Make Up Forever’s Artist Shadow and Powder Blush is a dream for anyone who either dolls up every day…OR performs or has a major event (think wedding, gala, etc.)  

I have a wedding (my own!) coming up soon – unfortunately (or fortunately, so says my wallet!) I already have a ton of stuff to work with.  Had I not, I’d likely have gone straight to this enormous selection to find the shades I want to mix.  Had I seen this back in my Ballroom Dancing days, I’d likely own half by now.  Okay, maybe just a fourth.

The formulas come in 

  • Matte 
  • Metallic
  • Satin
  • Shimmer

And there are more shades that I have EVER seen for any other product.  Truly, a plethora. No matter what your mood, what the season, or what the occasion, your pretty much promised something from this array.  And nevermind if the shade says “eyeshadow” or “blush” specifically – you can basically use it however you want.

Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 11.55.49 AM

Paint It Black

I happened across this Black-Friday-Inspired post and had to share.  I used to get asked – during my more outwardly Goth days – “do you own black lipstick!?”…in a tone as if to insult or hit a nerve.  “Well, no…but I do have black lipgloss to match my nail polish…”  

I never did understand why that was intended to get me riled up – while I wasn’t darkening my lips to match the Nighttime sky, I didn’t think it was at all unattractive…so the question scarcely skimmed my surface.  Wearable?  Not unless you don’t mind the attention.  But chic?  Why not?! 

For shoots in particular, it works beautifully.  I can’t say I’ve seen it in the street much, though if I did I’d think “way to go, sass!” in appreciation of that individual’s hutzpah! 

Anyway, I loved the images in this post, and thought some of the blacks were quite divine.  Black is incredibly gorgeous to me in general, as colors…or absence of color goes.

My personal favorites posted? The Illamasqua Pristine is gorgeous with its warmer, blackened-berry tinge…  And MAC’s Black Knight, for it’s brooding, warm-velvet opacity.  

Traffic-halting and deviantly dynamite, all around.

Spring / Summer 2016 / 2017 RTW – Lanvin (Details)

There was a lot going on at the Lanvin Spring 2016 show – thanks to for the tons and tons of photos showcasing the purposeful question of whether theater and fashion can indeed coexist.  I feel like it’s fair to say…at least insofar as this Show was concerned…the answer is yes.

The Show presented a deviate juxtaposition of staid, crisp, traditional (maybe even “professional”) attire paired with fabrics and details far more fit for a stage…

There was that charcoal-seamed skirt with the wide satin belt and smoke grey trench, you might have seen?  Combined with sheer, oversized polkas and a see-through lace bra, the ensemble took on an unconventional edge…one I daresay would draw an audience.  (But then, isn’t fashion intended to do that, just as in the theater?)  

And then there was a frayed, sleeveless blazer (really, a full jumpsuit with a blazer-style top) with a tux-ie satin lapel.  That piece, already tipping the common scales, was paired with choker-style cuffs and necklaces, (all boasting heavy metal locks) for a more severe and eccentric twist.

If you take a peek at Vogue, you’ll even see what appears to be live croquis – models wearing nude, corseted undergarments, over-draped with hanging fabrics, as if to be a dress-in-progress, living bust and all…

There were also sequins in spades, tossed together with nude sheers and doll-like bows, making for a more “curios and tag sale” kind of spectacle.

But…the “touches” weren’t ALL completely outlandish.

The mixed media and color-patched bags were done in wonderful autumnal shades, and luxurious animal skins…

And the slouchy boots?  COMPLETELY, remarkably...fabulously wearable.  While the toe was a hair more “almond” than most would reproduce for a larger market, the overall look was one that a broad audience would “get,” the buttery leather and suede notwithstanding.


At the end of the day, some designers can put on a SHOW…they can wow and inspire us by pushing the envelope with what borders on anomalous.  But it is also nice to see a few items here and there that can translate to everyday…for the everyday woman.  The bags and scrunch boots were right on.

Spring / Summer 2016 / 2017 RTW – Givenchy

Holy SMOKES is there a lot of hoopla about the Givenchy Show this year!  Riccardo Tisci will be opening a store in New York later on in 2015 (making it his tenth house), which attributed to some of the excitement…but the show also coincided with the horror of 9/11.

I don’t get into politics and don’t intend to start here…  What I will say is that I am confused by his “contemplative slowing down” of the show – many respects were paid, and should be – silence was offered in remembrance around the globe.  (I have many friends who are officers and military, some of whom were on the scene immediately.)  

But if there was any hint of using such an event to make a point (which I have seen in the industry first hand, sadly – the less stellar side), or add something in the world of Fashion, I would be highly put off.  Given how many other designers there were, I have that twinge of “what is that about?” with this Tisci.

I took a whole slew of screen shots to share but I’ll be honest, I’m having a tricky time with this one…  Some feel the waiting and spectacle was legitimately in honor, but I don’t know.  I’m Miss. Positive so typically I focus on the shows I really enjoy…and I did really like some of the pieces – laces, satins, sheers…unconventional pinstripes and wild interpretations of menswear on the feet…  It was really beautiful and detailed.

But I’m not sure the goings on were totally about 9/11 – a day which I will never forget, and in New York at the time. 

Vogue has offered more photos than for any of the other shows as yet, including details, beauty (extremely paired down, bleached brows, clean skin), atmosphere, and live stream (in addition to the review and Collection.)

Here is a gallery, but forgive that I have less comments – I really did want to write but my gut didn’t feel like following through with a glowing review.

Supadance #1062

When I was competing in Ballroom, my favorite shoes were, hands down, Supadance.  Some of the other “top” brands that ladies favored just didn’t work for my figure skater feet, and it was honestly a NIGHTMARE trying to fit them – once you find what works, you sort of just stick with it.  I never needed a special width or anything, but if the fit isn’t 100% suited for hours worth of teetering while working your tail off, you have to go with something else – style does not outdo function here! photo photo

I bought many of my shoes, and other paraphernalia, from Danceshopper – they have a pretty substantial selection of apparel, footwear, performance makeup etc. photo photo


I think all of the Supadance are a half shank (as really any competitive Ballroom shoe should be – you need the flexibility in the sole in order to point and move properly.) #1062 was probably my favorite style of those offered – the swirling bands and gorgeous upper pattern reminded me a great deal of my work at the time (which was in Product Development as a Fashion Director for a monster of a ladies footwear brand.  Our shoes were super high, incredibly sexy, and without a doubt eye-catching.  Style #1062 has that same sass.) ❤  I’d wear these out in a heartbeat but…SUEDE soles! photo photo

I always went with an Ultra Slim Stiletto heel (and I think that’s all they offer on this one), or a 3″ Flare – some brands vary in their heel styles, though generally this is the gist:

Screen Shot 2015-04-29 at 7.22.40 PM

As for heel height, I typically wore 2.5″ or 3″ – my 5′ 5.5″ frame had to, for many years, compete with my dance partner’s 6′ 4″ frame so…the suffering WAS necessary.  Tan satin, whichever specific color in this vein was offered, was my choice.  ALWAYS.  While I LOVE the red, and the black, lengthening my lines trumped and color preference or bias I had!  It was worth it.  I believe my toe was a Shape D generally, which always worked nicely for my foot, and kept it from looking heavy. photo photo

#1062 is really stunning. all around – it’s incredibly flattering and flirtatious on, it’s wicked comfortable (speaking personally), and it endures a lot of hard work – I found the quality to be fantastic, especially given how much I was in them!

Many of my own!

Many of my own!



Delfina D’s Diamond Dots

I always like “unusual” jewelry, and love rings…  Delfina Delettrez has a few that are both “different” but also subdued enough to make them incredibly wearable

The Diamond Dots are part of her “Gold Vein” Collection, and are also offered in gradient pink sapphire, blue sapphire, and a multi-color mix.  I love them pictured with the black, satin-lapelled blazer because they give the feeling of either an important meeting (Fashion industry, no doubt – satin is uber chic!) or a sassy menswear ensemble for an evening event.  Either way, these jazz things up without over-doing, or being too gaudy.  They come in four pair, in twos, and in single, so they can be worn alone or paired

Moda Operadi website

Moda Operadi website

These *might* widen the finger, so I’d say they are best for those with longer, learner hands...though having a shapely, longer nail will help draw the eye.