It Cosmetics Friends and Fam

Just a heads up!  The It Cosmetics Friends and Family is going on until the 14th so snag your stuff now! 🙂

Use code: ITGIRLFF25 for any order over $30.

It Cosmetics photo

It Cosmetics photo

If you use Ebates, you will get cash back too, so don’t forget! 🙂


Lorac Riesling Romance

I can’t say I fully “get” the name…but that’s okay, it’s a lovely lil’ palette!  

@beautyjunkies posted a sneak peek, and then a review, so check it out for more details!  

The colors here are incredibly easy to wear, even if you have a makeup phobia (I know it’s hard to believe for some, but it exists!)  

These shades would be amazing for a wedding, if you ask me…as much as they could work for an office party, or a night out with your man.  They also would work on a wide range of skin tones, which is always a huge plus – it is a truly versatile collection.

I absolutely love these seven hues because they are timeless, classic, subdued…with enough depth to give you a sultry smoke if you want it.

The palette will be going for only $15 on Cyber Monday (November 30th), so keep it on your radar!

Fall 2015 – Lime Crime

While some existing shades (think: Wicked! ❤ ) can also fit the bill, Lime Crime has some new Velvetines for Fall 2015:

  • Jinx – Witchberry Purple
  • Squash – Glowstick Orange

Personally, I LOVE the two images together…from an aesthetic, used-to-make-fashion-boards perspective.  ON…trickier.  But then it’s all about the treats ‘n’ tricks, right?!

There is also a SALE going on with a variety of goodies, including some Velvetine shades, pale Unicorn Lipsticks, and glittering Carousel Gloss, among them.

Estee Double Wear…To Go!

I am thrilled to see how many companies are going forward with on-the-go versions of their best products – as someone who is super active and always on the move, I appreciate this enormously!  That said, the packaging for these products makes a ton of sense for everyone – if you need to run to a business meeting and you’re balancing picking up the kids, let’s say…easy to grab, won’t make a mess, and much smaller to tote around! 😀

Estee Double Wear Makeup To Go Liquid Compact is one of the newer of these items to be launched.  It comes in an amazing 19 hydrating and luminous shades, and promises eight-hour wear.

The Double Wear line has done exceptionally well for Estee, and I am eager to see reviews of this.  I fluctuate on what my favorite kinds of formulas are – because heaven knows we are assaulted with newness ALL THE TIME! – but on-the-go options are something I absolutely love.  Back in the day there weren’t many options, leaving us to siphon and fill travel size jars.  Even then, with a smaller package, it was messier (as in, not-so-spillproof!)

Love, love, LOVE products made for modern, busy lives! (PS, apparently Macy’s has a TON of sale things going on!  Good gracious!  *LOL*  So if you are interested, maybe Macy’s is a great place to get it! 🙂 )