2016 / 2017 – Revlon Kiss Balm

I’m sure it’s clear from my countless posts that I’m one of those lip balm types.  I don’t like heavy color, and I LOVE flavor!  (I’m basically a kid in a 38 + year-old form. 😉 ) 

Revlon has a bunch of items coming out (some already seen in-store) – Nouveaucheap shares a selection of images on her blog, so allow me to share for those of you interested in newness.

I’m not sure if these are really pigmented or what (my favorite “type” is always PH, self-adjusting…like Dior or the new BabyLips from Maybelline.)  Still, they’re named with flavors so I hope they are delicious!

Spring / Summer 2016 – Revlon Insta-Fix Update

I posted about these duos already, but here’s an update with swatches from BudgetBeauty Blog if you are interested in seeing how they look on the skin, and hearing some comments about wear!

More photos in her post! 

Spring / Summer 2016 – Revlon Insta-Fix

I have to laugh… “Insta-fix.”  Wouldn’t THAT be nice!?  *LOL*

I haven’t actually seen this Photoready Duo elsewhere, so many thanks to BudgetBeautyBlog for sharing the spot.  I prefer to see things in advance of them coming out because then I have time to determine whether I really need it…or just that I love the idea (and my savings) more. 😉

Check out her link above for a photo-heavy post! 

Spring 2016 – Revlon (Update)

I posted about some of the new, up-and-coming Revlon Spring products, but I just saw a great update from BudgetBeautyBlog, who was able to get her paws on it! 😀

She liked the texture and feel of the foundation, though the concealer wasn’t as pigmented as she would have liked (which means if you want medium to full coverage, you probably will find that as well.)  

That said, her overall verdict was that she wouldn’t continue with it because it had a way of clinging to dry patches.  With the end of Autumn and Winter upon us, that doesn’t bode so well.  Maybe for warmer weather or oilier skin?

She did like that it had long wear, though, which is always a plus for anyone! 



Spring 2016 – Revlon (Various)

Apparently there are new Revlon goodies at Bed, Bath & Beyond (I haven’t seen them myself, though I was just in one, but Miss. BudgetBeautyBlog has!)  If you have a Harmon attached to your BBB, you may get lucky…because at Harmon, you will ALWAYS find new product launches in advance of full roll outs.

The first item is a Foundation and Concealer 2-in-1 pairing, in one compact, from the Colorstay category.  Anything that’s easy to use on the go and promises longer wear is A-ok by me!

The second “item” is more like a collection – a full Mascara Bar to be exact.  We’ve seen the Ultimate All-In-One from a variety of bloggers already, but there are indeed an additional four new formulas:

  • Ultra Volume
  • Super Length
  • Volume + Length Magnified
  • Dramatic Definition

Take a look at the link above for trials and comments! 🙂 

Revlon Love Is On

I think it has been a long time since Revlon has launched a major fragrance – I vaguely remember a few when I was in my later teens, I think!  Love Is On is a mix of Italian berry and sweet lemon, which the Company concludes is “loved by women, irresistible to men” (in the sense that the key notes can be unisex.)  You can see more details here.



Interestingly, the bottle does sort of look like a lip profile, but of course also the heart…separate halves, joined together.  



Along with the fragrance debut, there are two Love Series sets – one for the face, and one for lips.  The face kit will include a primer, a blush, and an eye brightener.  The lip kit includes two lipsticks, two lip liners, and two glosses.

Fall 2015 – Revlon Ultra HD Matte Liquid

Coming this November, eight shades of Revlon Ultra HD Matte Liquid Lip Colors!  Many thanks to Milly Almodovar Thompson, Senior Beauty Editor at Cosmo for Latinas, for sharing the swatches and product images!

The colors are absolutely beautiful a rich array of vibrant pinks and reds, with a coral and nude-pink in there as well.  They look relatively glossy here, though…but I am sure we will be seeing more swatches in the future (which I am guess WILL be matte!) 

Fall fun! 🙂