Halloween Wings

I love, love, L ❤ VE @lovetofoster‘s page and completely found them by accident (through some other gothic or witch-like page, naturally – it was the wing’ed black beauty I came across first!)

I mean…if winged (black) cats existed, I’d fight tooth and nail to be the guardian – I’m not sure much is cuter (except of course our black cats…and their older siblings…and every other cat on the planet, especially the huge ones…and the black ones. . .)

Anyway, love this page, and love the Halloween inspired images they’ve added lately.  Even better are the wonderful people behind the scenes…because those who rescue and foster have beautiful hearts. ❤

Cat Humor – From MCASPETS (Guilt Trip!)

Another precious ad for rescue and adoption from MCASPETS in Texas (randomly found this on Facebook and love the fun and humor they use to gain support and exposure for these wonderful animals.)

Cat Humor – From MCASPETS (Kitty Addams)

I love the nod to Wednesday Addams with this adorable rescue and adoption ad posted by MCASPETS on Facebook! ❤ 

I’m not familiar with the organization, but love that they are using humor and fun to help gain exposure for these precious animals. 🙂 Spread the word!!


This is one of the cutest ads I’ve ever seen…

Fortunately, many of my friends are guardians to rescued animals, and further promote adopting animals in need of a good home.  Our two boys were also rescued and I feel honored they are a part of our life – one never knows where they might have gone.

Thankful for the beautiful hearts in the world…


2 AM Witching Hour

Despite that this refers to only one day of the year (whereas I experience this around 2 am EVERY morning) I think this meme is adorable…


Without fail, by 2 in the morning I’ve been jumped on and mewed at. By both of our black cats. “MOM, I’m HUNGRYYYY!” would be a fair translation.  If not that, it’s Keku saying “you DO know breakfast is coming up, right?  I mean, I just want to make sure your don’t forget or anything…”

By 4 or 5 am they’ve been pushed to their limits so the second round of waking me up usually results in silencing the little ninjas…

Dinner With The Boys

My Jungle Cats never fit the “can-I’have-that-piece-of-fish” feline stereotype (so much so that I pondered if the whole thing was a made up gross generalization.)  I have to say it made dining at home a lot easier.  Unless of course I was eating meat.

These days I feel like I’m always ready to pull the water bottle trigger, lest one of the boys abscond with my dinner (I’m looking at you, Musashi!) 


But. . . 


I’d not change it for the world.  


My boys and my hubby (and a few shrimp so I don’t get hangry!) are all I need.


I’ll take having to guard my food as par for the “love-my-boys” course. 

Just Hanging Out

When I had to let my two melanistic F1 Jungle Cats go many years ago, I was so devastated that I refused to have cats at all – my heart was broken and I just didn’t want to go through it again.  All or nothing.

But when faced with a debilitatingly painful situation in my life, a close friend gently suggested I think about it…  Bearing time alone – or any time at all – hurt so much that I was nearly unable to function.

One of the boys, a rescue, was taken into a home, and then brought back to the foster because the new family thought – because of his fur color – that he was “bad luck.” He was one of the sweetest kittens any of us had met and I decided – if he liked me too – that he would travel back home to live with me.  For good.  Black cats and I have a habit of working out. ❤


As fate would have it, a second all-black, bob-tailed rescue would show up…and the two of them got on famously.

The rest was history, and now we have two beautiful, jet black boys, Keku and Musashi.


I remember nearly every day how lonely I felt back then…and how lonely I’d feel now without them.  Even when I get mewed to death an hour before dinner time, I’d be crushed not having them in my life.  

No matter what I’m doing, they’re there just hanging out, with sweet spirits and ridiculously silly antics to assuage any bad day.


Black Cats And Love Of Bats

My love of Halloween is evident. . .right down to only ever owning melanistic felines.  Of course, that might be attributed to my witchiness and goth lean but all the same.

I am certain that my seemingly innocent boys go on all sorts of adventures when I’m sleeping, or away…  It runs in the family, you know, vampiness…


1 day to go!

Animal Humor – Pet Food

I’m fortunate…(or maybe not so fortunate, as I might have a bite taken out of me one of thees days!)…to have two little boys who aren’t nearly as picky as felines are made out to be.  Still, we all have our tendencies, right? 

In our home we teeter between:




I find myself responding to the vehement mews with “oh, I knoowwww!  I’m a TERRIBLE mum, aren’t I?!  Starving you for DAYS like that?!” (They eat twice a day, keep in mind, but I’m convinced they forget what happened only hours earlier.)

My F1 Chausie Jungle Cats weren’t so bad either – I could leave the food out and they would only eat as much as they needed.  Amazingly easy, both of them.

But cats are generally more particular than their canine brethren, so this fun little cartoon gave me a laugh. 🙂

Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 5.03.28 PM


For more of my kitties, click here! 🙂 

Maybelline Winter Delight Baby Lips

Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 9.42.28 AMI don’t really wear lipstick… I’m a balm kind of girl!  When Maybelline’s Baby Lips came out, I snatched up a few in cherry…and I have been buying them since.

Some of you may have seen that a few new Autumn / Winter editions, included in Maybelline’s “Winter Delight” Collection have been spotted – some in the UK, at Superdrug, and in the USA, at a Bed, Bath & Beyond.  

When I read “Sugar Cookie” and “Sweet Apple” I got a little jealous.  There is also a “Hot Cocoa” (omg, yum!) at Superdrug apparently as an exclusive, and a “Mint Candy.”

There also appear to be some Dr. Rescue nail products, but I haven’t found better info yet!

I recently moved and there isn’t a Bed, Bath & Beyond + Harmon nearby (insert disgruntled look!) so it isn’t as likely I will find them here.  But..that won’t stop me from snooping!!!  😉


  • GREAT post and swatches from BudgetBeautyBlog. Note that some of the names are different – I will go with hers!  
  • Also, the nail products are overseas, so if you are in the UK, you are more familiar than I am!  Thank you to Lou for filling me in! 🙂