Love My Little Man

It never ceases to amaze me how much we miss the animals we’ve bonded with in life, no matter the time that passes… I was blessed to have this (big) little guy’s trust and love and I will forever be thankful.

Fitting that he transitioned on the Autumn Equinox – he brought a double rainbow and a fiery sky to let me know he was okay. . .

33 Icons in 100 Years

I loved Launchpad’s Hair Through History: Iconic Hairstyles of the Past 100 Years article.  Having been in Fashion for many moons, I was always interested in not just the attire, but the full “look” of the moment(s) depending on the time, and place, in history.  Images can conjure so much about a past we can never intimately know – I find that captivating.

Launcpad begins its journey with the Gibson Girl‘s fresh and floofy style in the 1910s…somehow unfussy but all together ladylike.

Gibson Girl - Image: Rudolf Eickemeyer via Wikimedia Commons , and Launchpad

1910s, Gibson Girl – Image: Rudolf Eickemeyer via Wikimedia Commons , and Launchpad

Then there’s Ringlets and Dapper Dandy Hats (wait…do hats count?!  I feel like we’ve been duped with this one!), followed by the snappy, flirtatious Bob, and Short-n-Slicked of the 20s.

The 1930s, on Page 4, includes Pin Curls, Finger Waves and THE Clark Gable…

I feel like we have some complex creations in modern times – as a former competitive Ballroom dancer, I can FULLY attest to the sculpting whetherwithall that the uber-talented hairstylists had to have – but…

I feel like daily hairstyles were much harder back in the day, requiring a uniquely complex set of skills (our current-day “equipment” wasn’t nearly as evolved!)  Or you might just consider the sheer time-consuming nature of the back-in-the-day beauty routines…  

1930s, Finger Waves - Image: Studio via Wikimedia Commons, and Launchpad

1930s, Finger Waves – Image: Studio via Wikimedia Commons, and Launchpad

Now a 1940s trend, Victory Rolls, is still very much alive and well at many of the car shows I attend.  Viva Las Vegas, for one, is perfect stomping grounds for these curvaceous, Corinthian curls… In addition, Classic Curls and THE Frank Sinatra are featured among these 33 icons, for this specific time period.

1940s, Victory Rolls - Image: Grisha Goluboff via Wikimedia Commons, and Launchpad

1940s, Victory Rolls – Image: Grisha Goluboff via Wikimedia Commons, and Launchpad

Launchpad accounts for Bombshell Curls, Bouffants, “The Elvis,” Afros…and Uniex, getting us through the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s…  Naturally, Feathered Hair is among the ranks!

1970s, Feathered Hair - Image: ABC Television via Wikimedia Commons

1970s, Feathered Hair – Image: ABC Television via Wikimedia Commons

The article additionally covers some fun (er…entertaining) “trends,” such as:

Perms (I am, rather unhappily, recalling a period in my own history within which I marched to this horrid drum!  Judge not, it was under duress!)

Mullets (Er…I’m still not sure what we were doing in the 80s)…  No, but seriously…can anyone help me out here?  Where DID 80s fashion trends matriculate from?  I mean, I feel like there is some extraterrestrial SOMEwhere in total hysterics…  

YES, you MADE THE HISTORY BOOKS!  Are you proud of yourself!?!  Luring the humans into this utterly bizarre and SILLY period in fashion history!  


Gawd.  When I find YOUR planet, I’m bringing my rolled socks, neon bangles and carrot-top pleated pants!  I’ll show you!

1980s, Mullets - Image: Bongarts via Getty Images

1980s, Mullets – Image: Bongarts via Getty Images

And Jherri Curls (which I can’t say anything about because the photo is Michael Jackson, and the man’s talent is probably on any dancer’s radar.)

1990s Punk, I can take.  I mean, who doesn’t LOVE a badass mohawk!?

The “Rachel”…as in Jennifer Aniston’s “Friends” cut, along with Curtained Hair, made the cut.

So did the Hi-Top Fade

1990s, Hi-Top Fade - Image: Al Pereira via Getty Images

1990s, Hi-Top Fade – Image: Al Pereira via Getty Images

Thanks to Pop Stars of the 2000s, we get Beachy Waves, Stick Straight, Crimped (I feel like that’s 80s!) and Frosted Tips (geezuz.  Wasn’t that an earlier trend too?)

Finally, in 2010, we’ve got Rainbow dyed…because why not?

2010, Rainbow - Image: Instagram user @xostylistxo

2010, Rainbow – Image: Instagram user @xostylistxo

Ombre and Bayalage, which honestly is pretty gorgeous…

2010s, Ombré/Balayage

2010s, Ombré/Balayage

And Vintage with a Twist, which really you will see across the board because everything…pretty much…is a revamp of an earlier invention!  

There are plenty more photos, one per trend, and I’m sure if you google any one of these you will come back with a SLEW of imagery!  Fascinating, really…

But seriously…

W.T.H. were we doing in the 80s…?

NAIL IT! Snapshots – Marble and Gradient

Nail It! Mag always has something amazing going on… The effects that people can create are utterly astounding!  I’d be nervous to even try, lest I redecorate the apartment a la an Easter egg!

(Incidentally, I spotted Minions and shark tutorials just now… You really never know!)

With its Rainbow-Bright-esque moniker, the Unicorn Gradient had to be ebullient, do you think?  It’s eye-catching, to be sure, when you hit the sun gleaming!  I adore glitter (you can just go ahead and let me *think* it belies my age!)  I’m never this much fun with mine, though, but I’d love to see it done!  

Remarkably, it takes on three polishes to achieve (you might like an assortment of the OPI Tints, but you can hypothetically just use three to create the glitter, plus three colors) – yes indeed, that childhood color wheel rears its fancy-pants head again!

  • China Glaze in Glistening Snow
  • OPI Sheer Tints
  • Glisten & Glow HK Girl Top Coat

And then there’s the several-steps up from the “can do easily,” with the Marbling technique.  The Behind The Scenes with @Sloteazzy is pretty impressive!

It looks a lot like art class…!

Or maybe a tie-dye tee camp project on a mini scale…?

All I can say is…WOW.  (Not sure how I’d handle the growing out but…uh-mazing!)

D&G’s Rainbow Lace

I not only love that Dolce & Gabbana’s is doing Taormina lace…which can be everything from haute, to edge to elegant, to sexy rock ‘n’ roll…but that they are offering so many gorgeous (and WEARABLE!) shades!  

They could go with an evening gown, but then who wants to compete?!  

If you are feeling edgy, wear them with light-colored denim and a tee (rock royalty?!)

More professional?  Pair them with tapered khaki pants for the office

Or toss them on with an all-black, evening-out ensemble to jazz things up with a jolt of vibrant color. 

These lovely ladies are bedecked with large-scale brooches, sporting “bright bezels” – “they’re so happy!” as my mother would say.  

Decadent, absolutely.  

Show-stopping, 100%.  

And SO much fun. 😀

I find the colors to be right on point – perfect, representative shades of each color group. The array of nudes – from deeper, to pink-hued, to cream – is stunning, and will work on a variety of skin tones.  Black is a must-have, of course (you can choose from a variety of heel heights, by the way, adding to Dolce’s points!)

There’s also a true, blue-based red that’s divine, fiery orange, watery teal and powder blue… All just beautiful.

Emerald and cobalt are also accounted for, as well as a golden yellow, bright red, peach, and regal purple.  

The colors, to me, are what really make this line perfection – I don’t ordinarily wear color on my feet, but these are such statement shoes that stepping out (no pun – honestly! – intended) is absolutely warranted.  

My Iridescent Guess

I remember the year that iridescent was ALL the rage.  I mean, it was out in full force on the runways, gleaming with unabashed trickery!  Smoke and mirrors, in the best way possible! 🙂

I loved some of the lighter versions – there was something almost angelic about those ivories and pastels…  We had a nude, if I recall correctly…and nude with iridescence is SPECTACULAR!

Annnyway.… I remember when we made these, and I was thrilled to get my own pair!  The fun of these lustrous, polychromatic leathers…in patent, naturally, for extra “glow“…is that they go with SO much more.  I always feel a bit awkward donning black shoes with a color – not to say they don’t “go” but I just feel like they draw the eye too much.  I happen to wear black primarily but I also love jewel tones…


These prismatic pumps will go with anything teal, purple, black or even deep blue…and that is why I absolutely adore them!  Versatility is a dream! 😀 The split, slim metallic and covered heel is super sassy too, and works perfectly with the pointed toe.  These look gorgeous on, also, not just sitting there (incidentally, some only look good ON!)


So, way to go, us (back in the day!)  I’m so happy we made these, and thrilled I snagged a set myself.  I don’t wear heels much but there are occasions on which I am desperate for something easy, classy, sexy and sublime.  These DEFINITELY fit the bill!