Halloween – ‘Tis The Season. . .!

To be crreeeeeppyyy….!

You have to love the fun packaging that comes out at this time of year (or if you don’t, I will on your behalf because I’m all for monsters and silliness.)  


I definitely see it more with the unhealthy options, but whatever.  I mean…the baby spinach doesn’t have a witch on a broom on the package (though personally I think they should explore that marketing tack – what about kids thinking it’s cool!?)

I’ve not even heard of these (Herr’s!?) but I can safely say that this is EXACTLY the kind of thing I’d have gone “mooOooommm, can we get THESEEEeee!?  Wings and Webs!?!  TOTALLY made for creepy kids like I was.


As for the Oreos, Nabisco is always doing something rad.  I’d have been ALL over these. . .  They aren’t any different that regular Oreos as far as the taste, but thanks to the seasonal marketing, the orange center, and the jack o-lantern face…I’d eat them just because.  Way to go, Nabisco packaging people.


Then there are these… I don’t know if they’re even legit (though it appears that way.)  Dang.


@theghostinyoumusic photo

It doesn’t stop with the packaging, though – there’s all sorts of fun, Halloween-ie, Autumnal flavors that crop up too, come September.  Take these Pumpkin Spice bars

Rockgirlmaxim84 on Instagram has a PLETHORA of holiday-inspired, limited edition finds (I think it’s absolutely fascinating how many she comes across, and / or tracks down!)  It’s like Caramel, Apple and Pumpkin Spice central…!




I’m so in my element once that 10th month rolls around…  I’m a Spring baby with and Autumnal heart, what can I say…

Sugar Pill Pumpkin Spice

I couldn’t help but share…in the spirit of yes-it’s-still-Autumn! (I personally feel like Halloween deserves to be taken down before it is outmanned in the aisles by Christmas!  And what about THANKSGIVING!?  Doesn’t that come first!?  *hands on hips*)

So maybe that’s why I feel the urge to pass along this coppery-bronze, pumpkiny yumminess! 

Per Sugar Pill, you can “forget about the flavored lattes, waffles and donuts. Pumpkin Spice metallic eyeshadow is all the fall spirit you’ll need to get the party started, without the stomachache!”

The color is “A very limited edition shade of rustic copper foil with warm golden flecks in a super saturated, rich and creamy formula that applies like butter (vegan butter, of course.)”

This shade would look amazing on a range of eye colors – While traditionally coppery hues make green and hazel pop, it would be warm and gorgeous with brown eyes, and pair super well with blue…