Pre-Workout Laugh

I used to take a pre-workout AAKG (Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate) supplement when I was training for a 300 mile charity bike ride two summers ago – I definitely needed something because I am NOT an endurance athlete.  It seemed to help, but I didn’t really want to take anything long term.  

At the moment I only sip Scivation Xtend (Orange Dream) before, after, and during workouts, which seems to work well for me. (If anyone has a comparable animo supplement without the dyes, I’m all for it.  Pills don’t really have the same concentration, or team players…but the powders often have dyes and sweetener.  Still on the search but anyway…)

That said, when I saw these GymFloww100 posts, I was pretty much on the floor.  The AAKG *seemed* to give the feeling of more energy…like a mini turbo boost…but who really knows (at least as far as my particular supplement goes.)  As is no surprise, many other pre-workout supps stack the caffeine…so the effect can be lie jitters on speed. 😯

Or maybe something psychedelic..?  

I made the grave mistake of taking an Ambien one night to help with sleep before a big interview (AFTER a trip, so…jet lag on top of it!…)  NOT a good idea.  I kind of felt like John Lennon.  

Or maybe like this: 3 scoops of pre supp.


This snippet was pretty funny too – I think the AC/DC only adds to the hilarity (I can totally picture putting something awesome on the pod and *thinking* I can rock out and unrack crazy weight. *LOL*)  

Screen Shot 2015-04-10 at 9.57.54 PM

GymFlow100 FB Video still