Halloween Shoppe…Meow!

It’s that time of year! ūüėÄ

No matter the enormity of the selections out there for foundation – whether color, or formulation, mass market, or prestige – I only ever use Meow. ¬†I’m a cat lover, tis¬†true (the fact¬†may indeed¬†be responsible for me finding the Company¬†many years ago). . .but I stick with Meow not because I love the names (marketing can sway a lady easily – you know who you are!) ¬†

No, they are my must-have because they straight up deliver. ¬†Their mineral foundations contain VERY little – something that tends to be like an elusive butterfly these days. ¬†An ingredient list that’s short, to the point, and pronounceable?! ¬†SIGN ME UP!

The formulas last too – as an athlete and Martial Artist it’s fair to say I’ve put these to the test. ¬†Often.¬†And not just any old paces – full on Jiu-Jitsu, ballroom competitions, leg day, HIIT on occasion…those minerals work hard!

With all that activity, why wear any at all? Wouldn’t my pores be clogged?! ¬†I happily – and emphatically – say “NOPE!”

These minerals are¬†skin-loving – it’s almost like doubling up (let’s be honest, with me, quadrupling up!) on skincare.¬† My skin manages to¬†breathe and stay even with the added benefit – thanks to zinc¬†oxide and titanium oxide – of natural sun defense, and¬†protection from daily aggressors. ¬†These aren’t full of fancy pants ingredients but they don’t have to be¬†– they give me an extra layer of armor, so to speak, over all of my lotions and potions (with which I am equally as discerning!)¬†¬†It’s nice not to have to peel back a label¬†just to read the rest of the ingredient list.

That aside, the color selection is ASTOUNDING РWELL beyond what most mass or prestige companies will ever offer.  Meow accounts for countless undertones (86 shades with coordinating concealers Рread that number again!) I know! What?!?! 

Another¬†major point?¬†The products are non-comedogenic – for someone who’s¬†active, that goes a long way.

Did I mention you also get a TON of minerals¬†for your money (the larger containers are enormous! – don’t count on finding the same generosity at a Sephora or Ulta!)¬†

Anyway…to my Hallows point!

…Meow is currently offering Halloween Foundations – a nice departure from greasy, pore-clogging face paints of old – so definitely check them¬†out if you have sensitive skin. . .or you don’t want to coat yourself in something ultra-unnatural!

The colors are designed to be opaque, and layerable, so you can achieve whatever level of zombified or goulish that you are aiming for…without clogging your beautiful peau. I mean what’s the point of haunting around if you’re dreading post-Halloween breakouts!? Talk about freaky!