I have gone to Viva Las Vegas Car Show for a number of years – it’s guaranteed to be a ball.  

The hair, for one thing, is always amazing.  

I was recently looking at the Viva store, and came across the slew of pomades – for doing vintage styles, these really are a must have.  I’ve used Murray’s for Ballroom updos, but I haven’t tried Suavecito…a brand which has gotten rave reviews.  

If you have ever tried a victory roll, you know you need some help and hold – it sounds like Suavecito is on the mark, offering a variety of holds depending on your needs.  The brand also has products such as Silkening Serum, Grooming Sprays, up and coming lipsticks…and even iPhone case sand key chains for the uber fans.

The Suavecita Pinterest page is such fun, peppered with old photos, vintage inspirations and general cuteness. 🙂

This last photo is precious – some of the kids at Viva will knock your socks off they are so adorable!