Vintage Witchcraft

Might I just say, these are divine. On every level. ❤

Vintage Halloween Fun

Unique Vintage’s Halloween Collection is absolutely adorable on every level…and totally my speed, as 50s fabulousness is concerned. ❤ 


The bat and web sweaters might be my favorite but when Hallows is involved, it’s awfully hard to choose…



V Day

I don’t do Valentine’s Day.  I think the only time I sent Valentines out was when I was in lower school (so that’s third grade and below), frankly under duress. There was candy involved, though, so I would generally get what remained – nice incentive at that age!

I just don’t think anyone should feel obligated to do something nice, let alone nice AND sappy, just because the calendar says so – therein lies my distaste for what it’s become.

Funnily enough, though, a Facebook memory popped up of this (incredibly rare form!) photo.  It was taken many moons ago, rather in defiance of the 14th, and very much with a mocking tone.  

I do have a lot of friends in pin-up and vintage automotive photography so it was equally a (positive, in this case, however) nod to them.


I guess we all have skeletons, right?  With red heart-shaped glasses and red lipstick, in my case!

Le Keux Halloween Pin-Up Kit

Well, now…Halloween HAPPENS to be my favorite day…  And I ADORE all things pin-up.  

This fabulous little makeup set doesn’t have a ton of products, but it can certainly get you started on the look (and it’s just a fun idea!) 😀  Black cat eyes and ruby red lips are staples for any retro-glam kitten! 

Le Keux’s Halloween Kit includes:

  • Black Cadillac Eye Liner
  • Whistle Bait True Red Lip Color
  • Applicator brushes

HRST Books does have other cosmetic items, and hair products, which you could also snag…including a few wonderful books and dvds to assist with actually doing the makeup and hair.


Autumnal Cat Eyes

For any of you who loves winged eyeliner, or retro…or vintage pinup…or fabulousness…!  

Bobby Pin Blog always has wonderful posts, and I LOVED this one.  She shows a few cat eye looks using Fall shades in combination – often we just see black, or one tone, but this shows how lovely it can be to mix!

I have read her posts for a while, having been in the Hot Rod arena for work (LOTS of Rockabilly, Psychobilly, and vintage gorgeousness!)

So if you are interested, check it out! 🙂