Tarte Limited Edition Vegan Pearly Girl

Wait…what?  I’d never have expected a teeth whitener from cosmetic company Tarte, let alone (necessarily) a vegan one.  But I guess it’s, er, an extension of lip gloss…?  A smile IS the best accessory. . .

Whatever the reason, they are offering a limited edition “Pearly Girl” pen whitener  for those of you who might be interested.  The ingredients are particularly novel, though of course they have subtracted some of those lesser desirable ones:

Ingredients: Water/Aqua/Eau, glycerin, PEG-400, hydrogen peroxide, sodium hydroxide, disodium EDTA, potassium nitrate, mentha pulegium, sodium saccharin.

formulated without parabens, formulated without mineral oil, formulated without  phthalates, formulated without sodium lauryl sulfates, formulated without gluten

Still, I feel like if I wanted a whitener myself, I’d hit up Crest or Colgate.  Not for nothing, but they’ve been in that game a lot longer – even if the ingredients are the same (or close), Tarte doesn’t strike me (personally) as my go to for pearly whites.

That said, if it works, and it’s convenient to snag at the time…more power to you.

Word Of The Day – Éclat (YSL, Is That You?!)

I smiled when I read the word of the day because the first thing that came to mind was YSL.  

Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 1.36.44 PM

Merriam-Webster image

The Company’s Touche Éclat launched in 1992 – I was still in middle school so it was just off my radar.  When I got to college a few years later, however, Sephora stores started cropping up near campus – the store was a whole other realm of retail because it provided a one-stop-shopping experience for all things color (cosmetics, makeup etc) and skincare without having to deal with a full on department store. Ah, the brilliance.  Having been a performing athlete most of my Life I was used to a perpetual search for glitz and glitter (one I daresay took much more effort before the likes of Sephora.)

Back then I was far more obviously-Goth, but there was something about shimmer (the dancer and figure skater in me?) that always pulled me in.  Yes, glitter and badassery – in my own Geminian mind, they worked perfectly well in tandem.  I was regularly told I looked “intimidating” and I blended so well at a Type O show that no one would have been the wiser, but yes…my closet housed an absolutely arsenal of products.

Glowing, radiant, glimmering…all worked for me at that age – I was completely unabashed and frankly got a ton of girls hooked on the glitter.  It became a trend among the class, even with the sorority girls (with whom I shared little else in common.)  The other must-have?  Products that could fake “awake.”  Yep, countless sleepless nights writing papers, finishing homework, wolfing down a third dinner…some mornings we all needed some help (my undereye bags the most!)

Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 1.38.41 PM

YSL image

At 18 it seems like sleeplessness doesn’t show… Or maybe it’s that we think it “shouldn’t”?  I can’t speak for anyone else but – while not nearly as pronounced as it can be at 38 – it showed!  Enter YSL’s cult Touche Éclat. ❤  (They’ve since followed suit with a ton more shades and a variety of “Neutralizers” (as below.)

Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 1.39.08 PM

YSL image

I remember some years later working in executive retail management.  My hours were horrendous, the pay was incredibly low, and the work was exhausting!  I’d get home dead tired, and wake up feeling a shade worse than that…but I recall one of the ladies on my staff saying “you always look so bright and awake!”  With a laugh (to balance my “OMG, are you serious?!” thought process) I told her it was thanks to YSL.  “Just let me believe it -you look beautiful,” she replied. Talk about a compliment (more for the product than myself!)

So it was tried and true for me as much as all the cult followers out there, I guess! They’ve expanded in to color corrective versions also, which I have to say is hugely intelligent based on the of-the-moment trends!  I haven’t used those myself, but some days I think it would be a wise purchase… My bed, the devil on one shoulder, the pen, the angel on the other?

X ❤



Hmmm…one of the more interesting looking items I’ve seen lately.  SUPER active I may be, I baby the heck out of my lashes (yes, I moisturize them too! 😉 ) I’m therefore always curious when I see things designed for fluttering fringe…

The product, however, isn’t anything particularly futuristic or anything, despite its unusual first appearance.  What is it then?  It’s the world’s first “airtight” mascara.  Why is that so special, you ask?  Evidently it is quicker drying than most mascaras on the market, and housed in a twist-pen-type applicator.  (Doesn’t feel crazy novel, but I haven’t seen reviews as yet.)

Cosmopak 1derLASH

Cosmopak 1derLASH

Per Cosmetics Business:

The revolutionary patented airtight mascara twist pen incorporates a super light, luscious formula in an airtight, simple twist pen. The micro flex applicator can be made in any colour, while the super flexi applicators separate and coat lashes without causing irritation.

We provide a full service, customisable production offering a variety of colours in a light, fast drying texture. This formula is perfect for layering and building density on the lashes as well as providing lash growth if you opt to include peptides. To use, simply twist the base to deliver the mascara to the patented comb giving separation and definition to lashes using a new 180° sweep application.

The airtight design increases the shelf life, helping the 1derLASH Pen to last and perform longer. Independent testing has proven this design reduces presence of bacteria inside the 1derLASH Pen in comparison to standard mascaras. The design does not allow the brush to dry out under normal storage conditions and helps it to stay moist.

I dunno… IF mascara is your #1 must have, this might be worth a check out.  There are so many great formulas out there, I’m not sure I’m convinced this will sway the masses, save for dramatic results…or substantial increase in shelf life.  I don’t feel really wowed…