Autumn / Winter – Cushion Correction

You know how trends go…they generally hit the mainstream and go through countless innovations and iterations until they are exhausted.  Cushions are a format that many have taken to, though, and given the popularity of multi-use single products (whether with respect to format, such as palettes, duo splits etc; or formulation, such as concealer and primer, or moisturizer and foundation etc), it makes sense that someone would come out with a half and half cushion.

Physicians Formula Mineral Wear Cushion acts as a color corrector, and a primer in one – the color splits offered include a green and yellow (a traditional pairing) and a peach with lavender.  


Of the four, lavender is always the color I’d use the least – it works really well for brightening on sallow skin, but I actually LIKE the yellow undertones in my own.  Peach often comes in handy too, to brighten dark patches and circles (I guess it’s fair to say I wish there was a peach with yellow combination…)

As for yellow and green, yellow often can stand in place of green, because it does calm redness a bit, and definitely helps to brighten and even skintone.  Green is a shade you do have to use with a gentle hand because it can become too cooling and “show” more so than a yellow might.

In any case, I love the idea… These boast an SPF 20, which is always nice to have, and they are non-comedogenic (something I make a point to find on the label!)

Spring 2017 – Too Faced Peach

I’m one of those need-to-be-natural types, so anything that falls into that category works for me.  I don’t actually have the luxury of being incredibly girly-girl to begin with, given my propensity for all things Martial Arts and sporty.  But having been in the Fashion Business for many years, I appreciate those who can.

There’s a TON of hubbub about Two Faced’s Spring 2017 Peach Collection (launching November and December of this year – Merry Christmas?!)  Having seen multiple posts, I thought I’d share the one that had the most images (or at least ones no one else has) – from ChicProfile.

I’ll let you click the link above for more images – sometimes a surprise makes it more fun! 😉

Dandelion Dew

Nothing can wake you up faster that a flush on your cheeks – if you are fair-skinner like I am, that’s especially true!

I was excited to see Benefit’s new Dandelion Dew, a matte liquid blush in Dandelion’s signature soft pinky-peach hue.  Matte it may be, it claims to leave a lit-from-within “delicate gleam” – I like the idea that it can add that kind of youthful radiance withOUT shimmer (something I have very much outgrown over the years.)  

The formula is lightweight, bendable, and adds a glow to any skin tone.  I am eager to check it out in store…not that I need it, necessarily (but has that stopped any of us, really?)

MUFE HD Concealer

If any of you are big fans of Makeup Forever’s HD updated products, you will be thrilled to know the concealer is online at Sephora!

Per Sephora and MUFE:

This newbie features “an Anti-Dark Circle Complex with Radiance Booster” designed to “support collagen to refresh and awaken the undereye area. A long with filling and smoothing fine lines, its lightweight formula is infused with Pure Focus Pigments that reflect light to erase shadows, while the hylauronic spheres prevents moisture loss.”

The formula is, as with the other Ultra HD items, “designed for 4k technology. With 4k technology, the next generation of digital devices will display images with unbelievable detail, stunning clarity, and heightened color than existing HD technology. Completely invisible under the latest, ultra-magnified resolution, these innovative formulas look completely natural on camera—and to the naked eye.”

There are 10 shades in all:

Color Correct: neutralize dark circles with a peach shade: 
R20: Light 
R22: Light to Medium 
R30: Medium 
R32: Medium to Tan 
R40: Tan 

Conceal: brighten and awaken undereye area: 
Y21: Light 
Y23: Light to Medium 
Y31: Medium 
Y33: Medium to Tan 
Y41: Tan 


Winter – 2016 MAC Retro Matte

MAC lines up the launches like nobody’s business!  In January, (11th) 2016, the company will be launching Retro Matte Lipcolors.  Having been exposed to the Hot Rod arena for some years, I have a TON of friends this reminds me of – the scene is saturated with gorgeous pinup gals, and dapper dandies.  The Retro Matte Collection definitely has that vintage flavor (the ad image with pea green playing cards and oversized sunglass frames help!) 

Winter 2016 - MAC Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolour

Winter 2016 – MAC Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolour

Per MAC:

For those who prefer timeless glamour to all-out flash, matte reigns supreme. M∙A∙C has created an innovation on this classic texture with 15 robustly saturated shades of Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolour. Whether you choose the intense fire truck red of Fashion Legacy, the vivid fuchsia of Tailored to Tease or the tantalizing nude of Lady-Be-Good, all these lipcolours promise one thing: a big splash of colour in a liquid-suede finish that transforms lips instantly and lingers, impossible to forget.

The product will sell for $20.00 (USA) and will include the following colors:

  • Fashion Legacy Intense fire truck red
  • Feels So Grand Deep true red
  • High Drama Deep dark plum
  • Dance With Me Deep cranberry red
  • Lady-Be-Good Warm mid-tone nude
  • Tailored to Tease Bright fuchsia
  • Oh, Lady Deep wine
  • Recollection Intense bright violet
  • Quite the Standout Bright orange-red
  • To Matte with Love Bright raspberry
  • Personal Statement Shocking pink
  • Divine-Divine Light creamy pink
  • Mademoiselle Bright creamy coral
  • Back in Vogue Peachy nude
  • Rich & Restless Mid-tone pinky salmon
Winter 2016 - MAC Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolour

Winter 2016 – MAC Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolour

Winter 2016 - MAC Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolour

Winter 2016 – MAC Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolour

The colors look bright in the photo, and it does indicated “saturated,” so I’m curious to see swatches.  Loving the nude, peachy tones!

Winter 2016 - MAC Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolour

Winter 2016 – MAC Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolour

Summer 2016 – Just Peachy

Jerrod Blandino of Too Faced posted a newbie sneak peak recently!  And, while he isn’t “confirming those split shade photos,” he IS confirming that Summer 2016 will be positively peachy!

Too Faced Melted Chocolate – Update

Thanks to @beautywithmilfoxjust who posted additional photos of these uber-deliciously named Too Faced Melted Chocolate lippies…

I definitely think  they look much more wearable and fabulous ON the lips!  The swatches on the arm are lovely (and I always want to see for comparison and review) but…they don’t seem quite as easy to pull off (whereas many other products would.)  Chocolate Cherry, for one…?  It seems very heavy on the arm, while on it’s positively divine!  

The Metallic Frozen Hot Chocolate is amazing also – I feel like it has that natural lip undertone with enough sheen to plump your pout withOUT having to highlight the cupid’s bow! Double bang for the buck! 🙂

Baiser ‘n’ Blush

I came across these quite by accident on Urban’s…and I have to say, I think they are precious! 

I remember hearing my mum say “Bunny, you’re purple!” during many training sessions growing up (competitive figure skating, primarily…at least for this example!) It was actually a positive thing – I wasn’t purple in the sense I was going to go down for the count…but I’d always get a deeply magenta flush, somehow sheer, on my cheeks.  “Like blooming roses,” it was said…

When NOT active, however – rare, but it occurs! – the flush fades a bit and my natural pallor finds itself in need of a cheek pinch…OR a fun little pot of color!

These creme blushes from Baiser ARE a bit on the steep side – so I’m not necessarily sure one can’t find something of the ilk at a lower price point.  But I love what they are all the same.

With vitamins A, E, F, and shea butter, these sheer peach and pink tints moisturize the skin as they perk you up.  Either of them will give a natural, I’m-jumping-about color…which is nice if you are just reading and want to look like you just came in from the outdoor rink!

How Sweet It Is

Tarte has a new, adorable lil’ set available on Ulta, the Sweet It Is Lip Tint in Sweet, and a matching Delux Amazonian 12 Hour Clay Blush in the same hue.

I love peachy pinks because they seem to work well on so many skin tones…so I can’t wait to see this in person!  Tarte goes by “golden pink” for this Sweet shade, but either way, I bet it is “complexion enhancing” in a beautifully natural way.

I saw some swatches of Glisten Cheek Stain from Isabella Muse (love her!), which I had also been exited about…but it seems to have a bit too much shimmer for a freshly-glowing-but-non-sparkly look…so I was a bit bummed about that.  

The up-close on Sweet doesn’t seem to be as shimmery, though…which I am hoping remains true ON.  The Lip Tint may prove to glisten a bit more than the Blush, but overall, LOVE the hue. ❤ 

Tarte Fall 2015

A few newbies have cropped up on the Tarte website for Fall!  

The ones that look especially delightful include the following (though there are more products, as in the photos below and the link above!):

As an owner of black-to-berry, color-changing gloss, I LOVE LipSurgence Skintuitive Lip Tint in Energy Noir.  Excited to see this, and the Lip Gloss in person!

Glisten, which appears to be a shimmering peachy-pink, has been added to the Cheek Stain and Power Pigment roster – the stains are really sheer and glowy, and this coloring would work on a lot of skin tones.

Lights, Camera, Lashes, Closeup Lash Liner is a “tightlineing twist-up” with “triple-black pigment” – talk about making impact! photo photo

The Sculptor offers the same sculpting color of the stick they first came out with, but it has been updated (which makes a whole lot more sense, not to mention has a better chance of competing in the marketplace) with a Double-Ended Highlighter.  Anything that can achieve multiple looks or effects in one package is a positive!

The Energy Noir Palette also looks pretty gorgeous – “muddier” shades often look amazing on the skin, and these seem to fit the dustier bill, with plums and taupe-y neutrals. photo photo photo photo