Martial Arts Tips – The 5 Rules Of Fighting

 This image crossed my path the other day and though there’s never an end to “tips,” especially in this arena, these are five solid goodies to start. They might apply to a professional fighter, but they also make sense in a self-defense scenario.


When you get “offline” (for example, at a 45% angle), you are forcing your opponent to slow down. As he redirects to refocus his energy on you, his strikes become weaker, and a window of opportunity opens during which you can retreat to a safe direction, strike back if still under threat, etc.

Moving straight back can also have you backed into something (or on the ground!) pretty quick.  A stagger is a stronger base from which to work, keeping you on your feet….where you need to stay.



Keep moving! A stationary target is a lot easier to catch and strike. Movement also makes it easier to catch your opponent by surprise – a strike from a stand-still telegraphs your intentions much faster than if you are dodging about.



Along with number one… When the opponent has to shift his focus, he also has to shift his weight, balance, and strength, giving you the upper hand.



You never know what a person’s background is, or necessarily their style of fighting. In the heat of the moment, it’s hard to observe, but try to pick up on what he is…and isn’t…doing…as well as what he has in his arsenal. A knife fight when you aren’t armed means you’ve got a bold opponent fighting you (think: lunging slashes and stabs, unafraid of being cut in return.) If you happen to have a knife also, his movements are going to become a lot shorter, hesitant, and self-protective.

Stand your ground as much as you are able, maintaining that you are not a victim or someone to be pushed around.  The more calm a person can be (and it is a challenge, assuredly) the more nerve you will evoke in the other person. Chip away at the opponent’s self-confidence and he’s going to be a lot easier to get away from, or submit (obviously depending on the circumstance.)



If you are fighter by sport or profession, STUDY…and study hard. Observe what you can before hand.  If you have no ability to do so, test him to see which strikes he’s resorting to, or whether he wants to stay standing vs get you to the ground, whether he baits you, prefers kicks to punches, and which kinds…  When you understand what you are working with, you know where the weaknesses are.  

If in a self-defense scenario, you aren’t going to have time on your side. Do your best to note the person’s movement, as it is guaranteed to be either: their natural movement (and going to occur again), or their preferred movement (and going to occur again.) Being aware of the other person’s overall body movement can also keep us focused, giving us less time to panic.


Obviously, there are a slew of techniques and tips and methodologies out there…but these are good tidbits to keep in mind.



Martial Arts Humor – How To Catch A Ninja

They don’t teach you this in Ninjutsu.  I feel like – though – it’s common sense to be mindful of bubble wrap… The stuff can really render your skills null and void.

I feel like I’m constantly telling the kids to “watch your neighbor!” or “where’s that Ninja awareness?!”  COMMON SENSE when you are learning the Art of the most stealthy stalkers in history.  You would *think.*

I mean you could be quieter than silence itself, but your sleeping Samu opponent – who may have preemptively been to Mailboxes or the UPS store – might already have you one-upped.


(C) Sunny Street Max Garcia

Watch your step, Ninja Master…lest your popping footfall announce you before you strike.

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Martial Arts – Beneath The Surface

This Gif says it all so well…

Still waters run deep, they say.

Don’t trust the surface…

You NEVER know who you are dealing with.  What their training is. How strong they are.  What their (mental) stability is like…

Be mindful.

Be aware.

Be the predator that doesn’t show himself unless he needs to.


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Jiu-Jitsu Humor – White Belt

I can say this because I am new to the Art…!  Despite a lifetime of training in sports, and many years of other Martial Arts…I still leave with a sore neck!  *LOL*

Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 3.36.16 PM

What I LOVE about Jiu-Jitsu is that it is about technique.  It is about being strategic and learning how to maneuver even when you are outweighed and outsized – as a 142 lb woman (5’6″), I want to know EXACTLY what I need to do, without completely exhausting myself, to maintain control, and submit, or get free.

Even with a background in movement, as you learn to fight on the ground, you may find yourself using too much energy and gassing yourself out.  While it may be instinct to fight back, it is a surefire way to tire yourself out, leaving you vulnerable to well-executed counter attacks, or the sheer brute strength of an opponent.

As my awesome instructor says, “just chill.  Wait for your window of opportunity and take it…but until then relax and let your opponent exhaust himself.”

Perfect advice from where I’m rolling! 😉