Redken One United

Redken One United joins the vast influx of multi-benefit products out there – over the last year I have seen so many, my head is spinning.  Having been in performance sports most of my Life, though, most of us welcome the thought of addressing damage and concerns with one product.

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This one managed to amass a list of purported benefits larger than any other I have seen to date…so if it lives up to them, bravo.  A lot of us are on the go, and shaving time off of “getting ready” or “routine maintenance,” as it were…is always a wonderful thing.  That said, I only need about five minutes to “pull myself together.”  That doesn’t mean I look stellar, but presentable, yes. 🙂 

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The ingredient list isn’t horribly long (though don’t expect to be able to pronounce everything at first glance!) Water, coconut oil, and dimethicones are at the forefront (coconut oil is amazing on it’s own for a variety of reasons, though start with a small amount and add if needed!)  Lactic acid has cropped up in more shampoos and conditioners these days (L’Oreal Professional and mass market lines have used it a while now.)

I always review what’s in products because of potential allergens…but also because I really don’t want that much “stuff” in my hair or on my skin.  Still, something that tackles an honest plethora of problems at once…maybe I’d be willing to let the list be longer. 😉

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