McCormick Spices Up Breakfast

I’m so happy to see this!  I don’t deviate a whole ton in my nutrition – I can’t say I get bored, thankfully, but having a variety of spices really helps me avoid that trap to begin with.  I typically use whatever savory seasoning I feel like in the morning, and generally prefer that to sweet.  That said, it is always nice to have more…and new…options!

Enter McCormick’s “Good Morning” breakfast enhancers! These newbies focus specifically on breakfast and are designed to add a flavor boost to your yogurt, oatmeal, smoothies, slow-cooker breakfasts…or whatever else you might desire.  

I personally LOVE spice blends and dry seasonings because they tend to be a lot less caloric, giving me the opportunity to eat more of the protein, for example, instead of bulking up on empty condiment calories and less food.

Even more exciting…there are purportedly 18 items in the lineup, scheduled to hit stores later this year.  BOOM!




Nutrition Humor – Cookies

You know, I kind of always felt this way as a kid but I never really verbalized it. . . 

Screen Shot 2016-07-09 at 8.52.54 AM

Every once in a blue moon a cinnamony, oatmeal chocolate chip cookie would also masquerade as an oatmeal raisin.  Honesty really seems to be a problem with these sweets!  It frankly annoyed me just as much because sometimes I didn’t eat one, dismissing them at first glance as a non-chocolate item.  

Not only did I judge a cookie by its cover, but I also felt slightly betrayed.  I suppose were I to yell “don’t look at me like you have chocolate chips in there, when you know perfectly well you’re fruity!” I’s have gotten some wayward glances.  But I KNOW other people have the same issue.  The picture above proves it.

Ah.  Redeemed.

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