Fashion Industry Shows – Autumn / Winter 2016 / 17

One of the most enjoyable aspects of my job in Fashion (though truly, there were many!) was attending various trend shows and seminars – we worked with a fabulous group of leather, synthetic, fabric, and print vendors…and met many new ones along the way.  

Much of the time they came to us in the office, pulling a slew of gravid suitcases in tow, stuffed to the seams with the newest materials and leathers.  But a few times a year, the Shows rolled around, giving us an opportunity to skip into NYC and browse hundreds of vendors we may not have seen otherwise – serious inspiration!

Some of the invitations are cropping up so in the event you are in the business and haven’t had an opportunity to attend, you didn’t get any literature as yet, or you are in NYC and have the time, some of these might be up your alley! 

PRMIERE VISION NEW YORK – July 21 – 22, at Pier 92.

  • This year will feature over 300 exhibitors, showing the latest and greatest in prints, fabrics, textile designs and accessories.  You will see everything from hand-done to digital to screened designs, as well as one of a kind vintage pieces.   
  • There is a PV app, as it turns out (that would have been nice to have back in the day!) so you can stay up to date.  
  • The Trend Forecast for Autumn / Winter 2016 /17 includes “The Protective Shield Of Minimalism,” “Unique Roots,” and “Digital Surrealism” as the predominant themes. Times for July are not yet listed, though typically each day is filled with presentations.  Keep in mind, they are not always the same each day. 
  • Other tools include the Fabric Forum, Color Wall, and Color Card.  
  • They may additionally run a Spring / Summer 2016 Highlights Seminar, though not sure of timing.

LINEAPELLE NEW YORK – July 21 – 22, Metropolitan Pavillion, 125th W. 18th Street

  • Lineapelle showcases all things up and coming in leather, textiles and synthetics.  
  • The key Industries in attendance are Footwear, Handbags, Leathergoods and Leatherwear…but if you work with leather at all, it may be for you.  The textures, colors, hands, patterns…it’s amazing!  Many qualities are offered, so you can work with vendors to find the materials that will best suit your production needs (that said, it’s always hard to see the most expensive, drop-dead gorgeous skins and know you can’t necessarily use them!
  • The Trendbook usually comes in the goody bags, and presentations are offered at 11 am and 2 pm on the 21st, and at 11 am on the 22nd. 

NYC Jaunt

For whatever reason I felt like I hadn’t been to the City (New York City, that is!) in a while, and it was time I went in.  

I used to haunt the streets of Soho and, quite conversely, the Upper East Side, back in my Fashion days – most people thought the sound of shopping for work was a blast…but they often forgot the part about being correct when it came to the trends (which we were spending a fortune on!)!  Being “on trend” was really the whole point – we needed to see what was in-store and being asked for on the floor…and we needed to bring some of it home to decipher!  

All that aside, the people watching gave us a whole lot of insight as well – what you see in the street, you know is working.

I didn’t, however, go in to analyze trends, or to stare at the feet of passersby – I just went in to take a long walk, on a beautiful day, and snoop around the stores (I’m more ninja-like, or so I prefer to believe! 😉 I slink in and out of shops without really engaging much – the traffic down there is always jamming so you learn to maneuver through the crowds.  That said, I was wearing my white snake cowboy boots…which did not go unnoticed.


I ran into Ricky’s NYC when I got down there – it’s probably a 6 or so mile round trip that I do, and takes about 50 minutes to get from Grand Central to Soho on foot.  Ricky’s is literally a MECCA for any hairstylist, makeup artist, product junkie, OR product snob.  They have EVERYTHING.  From hard-to-find products, to accessories, to tools of the trade…it’s all accounted for in spades.  One of my favorite stores for performance makeup, and worth checking out if you perform at all.



After running around for a while, I needed to grab a snack – Dean & Deluca is DIVINE, so in I went.  I couldn’t really take photos because there were a lot of staff around (and no one really likes that)…but the tomatoes and peppers look stellar! 😀 


I grabbed a fruit salad, because that always works in a pinch for me!  I ended up waiting to have it on the train, and by then I was so hungry I added to my colorful nutrients, a Health Warrior Chia bar – I’m not sure it would be for people who love snickers, but honestly, I thought it was great.  The chocolate peanut butter is by no means overwhelming, as far as those flavors go…but they’re there.  I was reminded of a Doctor Radio segment in pediatrics this week and thought “yeah…I can totally picture loving this as a kid!”  It definitely aired on the “heath-food-person” side, but it was sweet and delish.




Screen Shot 2015-05-23 at 9.51.02 PM


Philipp Plein’s Badassery

I was walking to the Upper East Side in New York the other day and I literally stopped dead in front of Philipp Plein.  Why?  BADASSERY!  

I’m not sure if I saw the spike-studded men’s kicks first, or the studded leather jacket (I *think* the latter, but then the shoes were bright red) with the UBER-glam skull shirt (um, WANT IT!) but it was a have-to-take-a-snapshot moment.  I love spiked studs, and I love when they are en masse – it’s so London Punk, and you just don’t see it that much in mainstream anymore.  (Did we ever?!)  I believe the jacket on the left is the same as the Runway bomber, which appears to be more blacked-out.  It could be the light reflecting off the metal lapel plaque and studs…  But if not, sprayed tonal, or dark gunmetal would rock just as much (if not more!)

Philipp Plein NYC

Philipp Plein NYC

The kicks are pretty rad, and lean kind of hip-hop-ish.  No?  I can see a music artist sporting these with Dolce slacks or something at an event.  (Or maybe Plein pants.  Probably more kosher to say!)  They have a throw-back-to-80s feel to them a bit, and I can’t help but think of Michael Jackson (far as I’m concerned, that’s a compliment.  Please, don’t shoot me down. I’m a DANCER! 😉 ) 

But what REALLY stopped me in my tracks was the GINORMOUS black crystal skull in the front of the store.  The maintenance man literally stepped aside, opening the door (this was early morning before hours!) because he could SEE that the thing lit me up!  *LOL* 😀 I want that for my apartment, dang it! 

Philipp Plein NYC

Philipp Plein NYC

Plein puts skulls on all sorts of pieces, and appears to have a penchant for placing them prominently on the back.  I don’t think the “glitz” diminishes the coolness factor at all, either.  I personally think it adds extra sass and edginess – not for wall flowers for sure.

Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 10.45.07 PM


Philipp Plein

Philipp Plein

Iiiii LIKE IT, Philipp, if I dooo say sooo myself! ❤

A/W 2015/16 RTW – Luisa Beccaria

I was browsing through the Autumn Winter 2015 / 2016 Shows and I stopped at Luisa Beccaria...  GORGEOUS!  

(My background involved scoping out the Shows, deciphering and gathering the trends…figuring out which colors, textures and “concepts” were the most “valid” in terms of what we could translate into our own products.  I LOVED that job.  Loved it.  While my own style is very specific, I enjoyed being able to apply my “eye” to the massive scope of Designers out there – my taste is exceptionally broad, and I never felt the need to taint the waters with my personal opinion.  Our customers’ preferences were first and foremost on my mind!)   

Luisa Beccaria A/W 2015

The NYC Shows are never quite as sassy or “involved” as the others, but they definitely gave us a head start on what colors on this side of the oceans were looking like, as well as the patterns and styles we would be seeing more of.  London Shows always have some “quirk” to them, which makes for a bunch of fun…and Milan and Paris are sure to inspire!  

All of these images are from – they (!) always do a lovely job and, having frequented the site OFTEN back in the day, I also have to add…I love how they changed it up (I find the Shows are presented in a much more user-friendly way. Thanks, guys! 🙂 ) 

Luisa Beccaria A/W 2015

Luisa’s Show was decidedly sophisticated…  Beautifully, beautifully done.  Many of the girls were wearing lovely French berets…some solids, but a few with a feathered-like swirl pattern, and others with a menswear mini check.

Luisa Beccaria A/W 2015

The tailoring and lines were not at all over complicated, and absolutely eye-catching.  The color palette was deliciously refineddeep navies, rich indigo, sheer ivoryscrimshaw ivoryMoss greens, dashes of periwinkle and warm smoke, as well as pea greens, iris blues and a mix of taupe-to-mushroom-to-mauve shades worked in perfect harmony with this Collection.

Prints and embroidery, along with the satin and sheer finishes, were distinctly cultivated, all contributing to making each piece stand out by adding just enough without distracting from the lovely silhouettes.

Honestly…loved everything from the gowns to separates, to hosiery and footwear.  The colors and textures were just gorgeous.  Well done, Luisa.

Snowing ‘n’ Cold…but Life’s PEACHY!

I ran into NYC today to see a friend I haven’t seen in AGES…and, of course, it started snowing ten minutes before I left for the train.  

I LOVE the snow.  I love ALL weather.  (I’m not super comfy in 85+, I’ll admit it, but…I value each Season anyway.) 

For whatever reason THIS snow was the kind of rain-like, sticky stuff – I swear there were hooks on the ends of every flake arm because my solid black coat was SOLID WHITE by the time I walked about three blocks!  I rarely wear white so I dashed in a store for an umbrella.  But…to no avail… Those sticky, hook-ends were floating under and UP, right into the space between my scarf and my neck (I’m convinced on purposeconniving little buggers!)

Who knows WHAT I was thinking, but I thought I could manage in my black leather winklepickers – an awesome eBay UK find.  REALLY?  Poor things will need to be buffed after the salted, calcium-covered sidewalk marching.  


Slick move.

Winklepickers buried!

But, as I sat on the train staring at my boots (in anticipation of their snowy demise!) I DID have a chance to admire my red glitter ombre nails. 🙂  I aaaalways do glitter but I felt like red for fun.

Red ombre nails

The fedora was another snow day must have – it’s awfully cute and not quite as “cas” (pronounced with a similar end sound to the “dge” in “badge,” for example.  Or, even better, as you might say the abbreviation for Sagittarius… “Sag.“)  I wear all sorts of caps to the gym but it was a dressier…albeit snowier…occasion! 

Snow day fedora

The joy of it all, though, aside from seeing a friend, was that I stepped into the H&M by Grand Central…and it was fully into Spring swing.  I saw a great cropped tee that said “PEACHY” on it…and I thought…

“Yeah…it is, actually…  Doesn’t matter if it’s snowing and cold, it’s downright PEACHY right here!”